Proven methods for a great first date

Table of contents:

  1. Start dating right
  2. Good preparation - half the battle
  3. Show your best side
  4. Do not jump to conclusions
  5. Your date was unsuccessful
  6. Dating after 40: nuances to consider

When you already have experience with unsuccessful relationships, it is complicated to tune into a new one. Getting ready for another first date, we overload ourselves with fears and stereotypes without noticing how we destroy everything at the root, without even starting anything. In this article, we'll discuss how to avoid holding on to past experiences and make the first meeting unforgettable.

Proven methods for a great first date

Start dating right

Be honest with your dating friend

In the digital age, more and more dating is happening online. If yours took place exactly there, try to be sincere with the interlocutor. Do not embellish reality and send her processed photos. You are who you are, and there is no need to create a fictitious image. Otherwise, the woman will feel deceived; no matter how hard you try, communication will not work from the first minute.

Get rid of the weight of the past relationships

When meeting a new person, we often compare it to our past relationships. Remember, lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Even if your companion somehow resembles your ex, it means nothing. Try to start with a clean slate.

Take the relationship lightly

Only invent problems after they appear. Take the meeting lightly. If it fails, no one will pull you by the hand on a second date. It's just one day of your life and one acquaintance. And even if it disappoints you, there will be other meetings and other women. You will find your person sooner or later.

Find the reason for your uncertainty

It's normal to be nervous before a meeting. However, you need to understand the reasons to minimize unpleasant feelings. If you are a non-contact person in life, a bad experience in the past or childhood memories interfere with you, you should consult a psychologist. It is better to work through this once and forever. A new acquaintance is a unique opportunity to be happy. And sometimes we spoil everything ourselves, attaching old problems to the beginning of the relationship. If the root of your insecurity is your external self-dissatisfaction, go to the gym, and buy a new suit.     

Good preparation - half the battle

How to have a great first date: maximize your chance of successPlan the meeting: what you will wear, where you will go, and what you will talk about. Create a playlist and visualize the discussion because spontaneity is good if you plan it carefully.   

Choose the right place

Knowing a little about your date's preferences is a good idea. If you see the girl's friends, ask them. If not, then look at social networks. There you can find some photos that tell you what she likes to do. Maybe she plays sports, goes to exhibitions and theaters, or loves animals. If you cannot get the information, you have two choices: proven classic or creative. In the first case, go to a restaurant, cafe, or picnic; in the second, you must use your imagination. For example, organize a date on the roof of a high-rise building at sunset, go to some master class or arrange a hot air balloon flight. The time spent together should be unforgettable for both of you.

Be stylish

Present yourself in the best way. For example, before the meeting, it would be a good idea to visit a barbershop and buy a new suit. Remember that at the first meeting, people look closely and evaluate each other. So, as the saying goes, meet by clothes. She will notice the slightest sloppiness in your image, and it can spoil the overall impression of you.

Tune in with positive emotions

Smile and be positive. Think of a few stories to tell your companion or anecdotes, but they should not be vulgar. During the conversation, smile and show interest in the young lady. If she understands this is sincere, she can open up in front of you.

Show your best side

Well, you have prepared and chosen the right place; now it's time to talk about how to behave on the date.

Non-verbal signs

You can understand your partner without words, observing the movements of her body. So don't slouch, cross your arms, or look around the room. It gives away your lack of engagement with the conversation and your companion. Instead, leaning closer to her, touching her hand, and not forgetting to look into her eyes is better.

What you eat 

Of course, you can order what you want in the establishment. But if you ask for what the girl took, it will bring you a little closer together. Similar tastes subconsciously create mutual understanding and trust in each other.

The conversation should be equal

A promising sign that the meeting is going well is that both conversation partners talk for approximately the same amount of time. Ask the woman questions, let her talk, but remember to talk about yourself. If your dialogue is active, then you are interested in each other. Another point is that you should monitor your language: do not swear, avoid judgmental comments, and refrain from talking vulgarly.

Share memories, but don't delve into the past

Stay focused on something other than the past when you tell the lady stories. It should be something fun, not complaining about your ex-girlfriends and how you've had bad luck in life. Instead, talk about yourself briefly, always ending your monologue with a question to your date about her.

Be interested

Ask the young lady many questions, listen to her carefully, and never judge her in any way. If she decides to open up to you, it's not to hear what she was wrong about; support your woman. Don't overdo it, and it shouldn't be like an interrogation. In general, any person likes people to be interested in him. Even in the famous book "How to Win Friends and Influence People," the author discusses a case from his life. He met a man and stayed with him for a couple of hours. During this time, the author only asked questions of the interlocutor, telling nothing about himself. In the end, the new acquaintance noted that he had never met a better interlocutor than the author.

Tell the woman compliments

Every woman knows her strengths and weaknesses, but when getting to know a man, she fixates on the latter. "Will he like my figure?", "Will he notice the bump on my nose?" - these thoughts overpower and give the young lady insecurity. Please pay attention to her strengths, and compliment her. It will help her relax, and you immediately get points.

Do not jump to conclusions

how to have a great first dateBe prepared for the fact that the date may be unsuccessful. But don't feel bad. There will be another story you tell your friends.

What is the perfect date?

Everyone has his idea of it. It may seem that way if you are embarrassed and have no chance. Be brave and ask your partner out on another date. Maybe the woman liked you so much that she did not notice your shortcomings or pretended not to see them.

Is there perfect compatibility?

No, even if you are perfect for each other at first glance, your zodiac signs say there is no better couple, but this does not mean anything. Any astrologer or psychologist will tell you you can get a good result by working on the relationship. Do not rush to conclusions on the first date. If you like a woman, you should continue getting to know each other.

Your date was unsuccessful

Returning home, analyze why it happened.

Option 1

You both were bored; you had not found common themes for conversation and did not feel the closeness to a new acquaintance. If any of these things coincide, maybe it's not your person. Trust your intuition, and do not dwell on it. There will be other meetings.

Option 2

You are attracted to the young lady, but you are both so nervous that the meeting doesn't go well. Don't worry; call or text her again. Tell the girl you liked her, but your excitement prevented everyday communication. She'll agree to another meeting if she's interested in you. It will be easier to show yourself the second time.

Dating after 40: nuances to consider

Do not open your heart to your partner at once. If another relationship ends unsuccessfully, you should take your time with a new one. Instead, to avoid suffering again, get to know the man better before you open up to him.

The second point is that you are both adults with some life experience and baggage. You or your acquaintance have children, friends, and elderly parents who require attention. That's why the new acquaintance can't belong to you entirely. It would be best if you gave her freedom. If she postpones the date, citing circumstances, do not immediately think that this is because of you. She may have things to do. She will find time for a meeting if she is genuinely interested in you.

If you like a woman, don't try to be a good friend to her, flirt. Sometimes it's so hard to get out of the "friend zone" that it's no longer possible to build a relationship with a lady.

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