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Russia is a wonderful country. There you can find picturesque nature, big cities, and rich history. But the most important asset of the state is its population. Russia is famous for women, namely their beauty. Local girls are in the top 5 most attractive in the world. The most beautiful Russians live in Moscow. The capital takes first place among the cities of the planet where the prettiest women are met. However, of course, you can meet no less beautiful girls in other cities as well.

Russian Singles: Your Perfect Choice

Romantic tours to Russian are very popular all over the world. Men are ready to do everything to find a Russian bride. There is the fact that Russian girls conquer the hearts of foreigners not only with their beauty but also with their spiritual qualities and attitude to family values.

Russians try to look elegant and beautiful. They wear dresses, fashion accessories, and high-heeled shoes. Any man will be happy to see such a woman with him. In Europe, most women value convenience, prefer sportswear, and high-quality but not always beautiful clothes.

Also, in Western countries, feminism is in trend. Women try to prove their equality with men, build a career, often forgetting about family values. Yes, Russians also work a lot, but they have the super ability to find time for everything: work, household chores, parenting, and relationships.

In addition, Russian women are very passionate. They try to emphasize their sexuality in every possible way and surprise their men in intimate life. A lot of impressions are guaranteed for both partners.

5 Important Facts About Russian Dating Websites

Today romantic dating in real life (in the subway, in parks, at concerts, etc.) is not popular. If you still doubt whether you should try your luck and register on any Russian dating site, then we responsibly declare: yes, you should!

1. Matchmaking

Do you want to find Russian women online and create a happy family with one of them? Modern Russian dating sites are for those who are serious about finding a partner and for people who value quality. Their goal is the search for a life partner. Romancecompass help in the search, selecting candidates according to the principle of matchmaking. This means that the site assumes the same responsibilities as marriage agencies. Thanks to the individual selection of profiles, the likelihood that you will meet a person for a reliable relationship increases.

2. High-quality service

Are you annoyed by advertising? There are no ads on high-quality Russian dating sites such as, and a convenient interface makes it easy to use. In addition, a good support service checks profiles for authenticity. Fake accounts or profiles with indecent content are immediately deleted, which protects you from contacts with these users.

3. Security and privacy

Are you looking for a partner but don’t want the whole Internet to know about it? Well, you should know that Romance compass provides its users with anonymity and a high degree of protection of personal data. So, it’s better to choose Russian dating women sites that guarantee the privacy and protect against spam and network fraud.

4. No bots and scammers

Visiting romance compass dot com, you will not meet bots and scammers. People who are willing to pay money, like you, are really serious. Thus, paid Russian dating sites are much safer. The user can be sure that a scammer doesn’t hide behind the profile of a pretty young lady. So, you can easily find Russian girls online, chat, and start dating.

5. Consulting and help

Since some resources charge a fee from users, it has a support service. The employee will listen to the users’ problems and provide them with all possible assistance because sometimes it is even appropriate and helps. Technical support will readily answer all questions regarding problems in the operation of the resource. Many dating sites can even provide not only technical but also basic psychological support to overcome any concerns such as fear of failure or any other problem. If there is a blog, a user can rely on several tips regarding the methods of dialogue or the ability to promptly and appropriately respond to some important signals.

What Makes Russian Women Stand Out Among Other Singles

It is impossible to overestimate the appearance of Russian girls as this depends not only on their genotype but also on the ability to take care of themselves, to dress, and so on. However, Russian brides are famous all over the world not only thanks to their incredible beauty.

1. It is always interesting with them

It’s interesting with women from Russia because they have different experiences, different views, and other methods of solving problems. They are smart, and you can talk about everything with them.

2. Russians have a certain simplicity, sincerity, and warmth

These words of sincerity and warmth should be marked in bold. They describe the most common distinguishing characteristics that Russians give men. This also includes ease of contact, ease of communication, and accessibility. In this context, accessibility is a positive quality, as opposed to stiffness, arrogance, and unfriendliness.

3. Internal strength and willingness to take risks

Western women are attached to their countries and society very much, so only a few are ready to move to another country. Russian women seem risky and courageous. This gives them additional charm in the eyes of men.

4. Ability to love

This is the main plus of the Russians in relationships with men. Russian women mostly marry for love, and, at the first difficulties, they will not complain to their relatives but will support their husbands.

5. Russian girls know how to maintain good relations in the family

Perfect order and comfort in the house is a common thing for Russian girls. They know how to cook, keep the house clean, and even share family expenses. And Russian recipes for unique dishes are passed from the older generation to the younger.

6. Everyday grooming

Men love with their eyes, and they have a clear stereotype about the beauty and grooming of Russian women. But the birth of children, troubles at work, any difficulties in life cannot be a reason to forget about their appearance. They try to monitor their weight and nutrition.

7. The emotionality of Russian girls

The next reason to marry a Russian girl is their hot nature as they are very emotional and passionate. Their character reflects the whole palette of female feelings: they are tender and loving, but they are also jealous, even though they can forgive, understand, and support.

8. Russian girls are very hardworking

Despite stereotypes, Russian women don’t seek wealth in a man. Russians are very hardworking. In addition, they are very smart and educated. Some of them find more than two jobs to provide for their children while remaining tender and loving wives. Even being tired at work, the Russian woman will not allow her husband to be bored.

9. Russian women respect parents and religion

As for family values, Russians respect and value their parents, without violating traditions. For example, the original Russian family tradition is the veneration of relatives, as well as constant care for elderly parents. It is worth noting that the Russian people are different from European ones where special institutions mainly take care of senior citizens. Also, it is customary to pass down jewelry, dishes, some things of distant relatives from generation to generation.

10. Russian women adhere to traditional gender roles

Russian ladies can be not only beautiful wives but also sincere friends and support throughout their lives. Since childhood, most of them dream of creating a family, comfort in the house, and having children. They adhere to traditional gender roles in relationships. And even though many women use every opportunity to get higher education and successful work, the family always remains the main priority for Russians.

Why Are Russian Brides So Family-Oriented?

The family is one of the most important life values ​​of a Russian woman. It is a family that lays down the fundamental qualities of girls and the first lessons of morality, thereby, ensuring the full formation of the personality, it forms the basic values, ideals, and moral standards from a very early age.  

Marriage is a partnership and every Russian woman dreams of finding a reliable partner. And marriage has nothing to do with the pursuit of money. Marriage is the pursuit of happiness. It is no secret to anyone that Western men lose their sleep due to attempts to win the hearts of pretty Russian ladies. Russian women like the attention of Western men, and, therefore, they are looking forward to meeting them in real life. Russian men believe that their women just want to find wealthy foreigners and leave their home country. The sad truth is that Russian wives are not happy with Russian men because of their bad habits, bad manners, and lifestyle. Russian ladies say that local men are taught to take love for granted. That is why many Russian men neither put them on a pedestal nor care about their girlfriends. These men are also prone to betrayal, on this basis, Russian women for marriage are looking for men in other countries. More importantly, Russian men don’t want to earn money to provide for their families. They sometimes don’t respect women and show rudeness. Women from Russian are looking for men without bad habits, such as alcohol addiction, who will be quite responsible, and take care of the family.

Family values ​​are the most important for Russian women. They want to smile, laugh, and create a happy family. Western men should be ready for marriage and want to start a family when dating Russian women. It is very important not to play games and be frank in expressing your feelings and plans for the future.

Russian women marry someone who loves them. In addition, a man has to be self-confident. In marriage, a Russian wife becomes more attentive and caring, and spends more and more time with children and rarely goes into conflict. She turns a blind eye to many negative moments in family life. No matter how restrained a Russian woman is, she is very flexible in family life. She analyzes her behavior and changes for the benefit of the family if she understands it is worth it.

What Do Russian Women Look for in a Man?

Probably, many guys would like to build harmonious relationships with Russian women, so they often ask themselves the question, "What qualities do Russian girls value in the strong half of humanity?" Women are very emotional and sensitive creatures, and usually, they have several qualities that they value in men. And most often, the female list of qualities for the future husband is much larger than the male one. A smart and good Russian woman will always choose the same man. But what exactly do Russian girls look for in men?

1. Fidelity

Any Russian woman will answer that she wants to find a man who would be distinguished by loyalty and devotion. It is very difficult for any woman, no matter how strong she may seem, to overcome betrayal. Russian girls want to be the one and only in the eyes of their chosen ones, therefore, treason for them is the destruction of their own self-esteem and a very serious crack in the relationship. If a Russian woman sees that a man is openly flirting with everyone, then she will decide that he is not unfaithful and will never build a relationship with him.

2. Strong character

They want men to have a holistic and strong character. With such a man, they can go not only to kiss under the moon but also to build a life and create a family. A concrete male character can help deal with external and internal storms. So, Russian women need exactly this. None of them need a weak, insecure, non-initiative boyfriend.

3. Russian women love grateful listeners

The main mistake of men is to try to start a conversation on those topics that seem feminine to them: clothes, cosmetics, shops, gossip. Firstly, it’s unlikely that you will turn out to be an interesting conversationalist (for this, Russian women have girlfriends). In addition, women are well aware of the lack of interest in the interlocutor: it is important for them to see the man’s eyes and feel that they talk with an interested person. So, don’t believe in stereotypes. Leave topics in which you don’t understand anything. But also don’t start a conversation about something that obviously will not cause a lady’s response. Start with general stories: talk about movies, music, favorite foods, exhibitions, and books. Thus, you will find an interesting topic for conversation, and communication will bring pleasure to both of you.

4. Maturity

The male craving for games and childishness can’t be eradicated, but everything should be in moderation. Many men don’t know how to grow up. And it’s time to learn how to be responsible for your actions, keep your word, get rid of financial irresponsibility, gain self-control, and tame your craving for negative habits. It’s time to achieve goals and move forward. It’s time to get out of the sandbox into the adult world!

5. Sense of humor

A man doesn’t have to constantly joke, tell funny stories, arrange pranks, and be a jovial joker and an entertainer. A sense of humor is a euphemism, a descriptive construct that carries a hidden meaning. When a lady talks about finding a man with a sense of humor, this means that she is looking for a gentleman with whom the continuation of relationships is possible. During jokes and pranks, a man shows interest in a woman. With her reaction to men’s jokes, with a laugh or smile, the lady makes it clear that she is ready to accept men’s courtship.

6. Attention

The key to strong reliable relationships between a man and a Russian woman is not only in trust but also in caring and spending time together. The girl, deprived of the attention of her partner, feels useless and forgotten. Basically, it is a matter of actions that demonstrate the importance of a loved one. Compliments, going to the cinema, traveling by car, just spending time together are good ways to show an ongoing interest in a partner.

7. Purposefulness

A man must know what he wants from life and in what way this can be achieved. And if he really has every opportunity to achieve his goals, then this is a huge plus in the eyes of Russian women. Men who are going with the flow rarely attract them. Men must clearly understand their actions, outline life goals, and also strictly approach them.

8. Ability to keep your word

Men, who do what they talk about, are a woman’s dream. And it’s already absolutely perfect. This is if a man doesn’t talk about anything but simply does it. Women like those gentlemen who don’t throw around words. Russian ladies are ready to completely trust such men.

9. Responsibility

The appearance and social status of a man don’t matter if he is not responsible for the actions and words and doesn’t know how to fulfill promises. All women appreciate this, especially if they are ready for a family. No Russian woman can trust a man if he is an irresponsible liar.

10. Kindness

Russian women are very fond of this moral quality. It is difficult to say whether it is possible to specifically develop a sense of kindness. But a well-known truth works here: kindness is known in actions. If you do good things for other people, you neither swear nor get into the conflict first, but help before you are asked, all this is perceived as good in a person. A good man makes a Russian woman feel calm and confident. He will be responsive and attentive to her and their future children. From the point of view of a woman, such qualities of a man as kindness and reliability are synonyms.

The Unparalleled Beauty of a Russian Lady

It has long been proven that Russians are the most attractive and pretty women in comparison with the rest. Most of the Russian representatives have a Slavic type of appearance. They have blonde hair and fair skin, gray, blue, or green eyes, as well as expressive facial features. Single Russian girls are well-built, and, for the most part, they have almost perfect bodies.

Russian women are also very feminine. At a subconscious level, they are perceived by men as the most suitable partners for creating families and giving birth to children. In Russia, you can meet very unique girls who can conquer you with just one look. Someone has a perfect body, someone has perfect facial features, but everyone can hook you, and make it as beautiful and effective as possible.

Due to historical ups and downs, the blood of different races flows in the veins of Russians. Since ancient times, Russian girls were distinguished by their attributes: embroidered shirts with patterns, floral wreaths, and red colors. Floral symbolism has always prevailed in Russian images and is copied with pleasure by famous fashion couturiers and movie divas. These girls always manage to remain feminine and vibrant. Therefore, they are out of competition at all times.

In Western countries, feminist sentiments are more dominant. Beautiful ladies, trying to achieve gender equality with the male sex, are often afraid to demonstrate their femininity. Russians are not afraid of this. Russian women, on the contrary, try to look good under any circumstances. Foreigners are often surprised by how much attention Russian women pay to their appearance. You can often hear from foreign men that Russian women are dressed as if they are waiting for a fashion party. Great importance is given to how the Russians adorn themselves, and this continues to surprise foreigners. Russians go to the sea, ski, and the store with makeup. And the fact that there are fewer men than women in Russian is an additional motivation for girls to look great! Many foreign residents say that girls from Russia stand out from the crowd in a foreign country. But the secret is that they always strive to look their best!

What Makes Russian Brides Perfect Marriage Material 

Many people suffer from loneliness in the USA and in Western European countries. There are many worthy men among them. This doesn't come as a surprise that they want to meet Russian brides, and the dating market is changing. Today to meet a single lady from another country can be done in a few clicks. But why do so many foreigners fall for women from Russia?

Russian ladies cherish traditions

It almost seems that wealth, economic growth, and prosperity do not automatically promise happiness. Although everything is in abundance and nothing is lacking, there is often a lack of personal happiness, a fulfilling life for two, as a couple or as a family. Men, in particular, are at a disadvantage here and cannot find a woman who meets their requirements and fulfills their dreams of happy family life in their countries. Many guys dream of a loving woman who will take care of their family and home, take on her role as a woman and mother, creating this harmonious life. These men are by no means old-fashioned. They just value traditions and mutual respect on equal footing with Russian women for marriage. Their values are not extraordinary, but many western women have already rejected them.

There is an abundance of them in Russia, and you can choose the woman to your taste

There is nothing left for the lonely men but look beyond the boundaries for female companions. Russia is the right place where many women cannot find a man who can offer them a safe and sound future. Foreigners, especially European men, have an outstanding reputation with Russian women. They are very popular because they are considered reliable and responsible.

The overseas gentlemen like pretty Russian ladies. The women from the East demonstrate exceptional beauty, but they are intellectually developed and have their interests and hobbies. The man enjoys their company and chooses among many variants. This is why dating sites like are so popular outside Russia. There you can find thousands of profiles of marvelous ladies who will amaze you with their unbelievable beauty. And at least one of them is guaranteed to make your perfect soulmate.

Russian wives are easy-going

Women from Russian do not hesitate to change their lifestyles and move to another country. You do not have to date for a few years before proposing to them or wait till they confirm your suggestion to fly to another country. Many of them, especially the ones over 30, are ready to leave their Motherland. They understand perfectly well what your intentions are. If you seriously want to marry them, they will not beat around the bush. If the feeling of love and mutual trust arises between you, the way to the altar won't be long. Many couples who have already dared to take this last step are fortunate.

If the relationship with a Russian woman becomes suddenly intense, you should get to know her family. If you immerse yourself in the Russian culture, which differs quite a bit from the Western European one, you will win her trust and move to another stage.

Their beauty makes them dream women

It should not be forgotten that the Russian woman stands out from other women thanks to her well-groomed appearance. Single Russian girls are very attractive. This does not leave men indifferent. Due to Russia's geographical location, there are so many different types of women that there is something for every taste. The palette of Russian beauties ranges from dark, almost exotic beauties to the snow queen with deep blue eyes and a classic doll face. The mixture of ethnic groups is revealed in the uniqueness of the appearance of Russian women. It seems as if the best qualities and attributes of certain nationalities have united to create these ladies. And they are perfectly aware of their most significant power. So, they pay a lot of attention to how they look. It starts from childhood and doesn't end even in old age. Russian wives always look stunning.

The education of Russians

100% of Russian women have completed secondary education, 40% have vocational or college education, and 45% have university degrees. In many cases, they will be as qualified as you are, if not more. You will never get bored with them because they have a broad knowledge of many subjects. While in many European countries or in the USA, people do not even study foreign literature or history, they pay a lot of attention to such subjects in Russia. She is likely not only to know the culture and history of her own country but tell you facts about your state that you did not know. She can keep up with any conversation and show brilliant attainments in different fields.

Their loyal mentality

Russian women grow up in a socio-cultural and historical environment with fundamental values ​​similar to those of Western countries. Whether you are from France, Belgium, Switzerland, or Quebec, you will not be shocked. And the background of their traditions dictates them to be loyal and faithful wives. They take care of the family and respect their husbands. The divorce rate in Russian is lower than in Europe. They depend more on their husbands than Westerners and will fight more to save their couple in times of difficulties. You will be able to see for yourself all their qualities when you meet them during the trips to this country or while talking to Russian women online on the romancecompass site.

Meeting and Marrying a Russian Woman: How to Make It Right

To marry a Russian lady, you should best go to Russia or try to meet the representatives of this country online. There are many opportunities to get to know these women on web dating agencies like romancecompass. These online resources strive to create the user base of attractive and high-class women from Russia and arrange their communication with foreigners. You can visit a dating site with a large selection of different types of women available for applicants from all over the world.

On such services, the meeting process is secured by the agency. The site matches you to the best partners and helps during the communication. This is probably the best way to meet Russian girls online when you are at any point in the world. To avoid the mistakes and get to know the Russian beauty properly, you should know the next few tips.

There are often language barriers that can be solved by experienced translators

However, it doesn't hurt to learn a few phrases in the Russian language to show apparent interest in the woman and her background. She will be amazed if you show such dedication, and this will add you points. Your openness to a foreign culture certainly reaps sympathy and a fabulous first impression. You should know that Russian women are very proud of their country and are happy when other people give respect to the history and culture of their Motherland.

The first impression of the Russian woman

Russian women have a lot of modesty in love and are very romantic. They have a lot of love to give. Man must be reassuring because, above all, Russian dating women have a protective image of love. They are better in the art of loving than in the art of working because, for them, it is the man who must provide for the needs of the family. The Slavic woman tries to be as beautiful as possible. In the morning, when she wakes up, she locks herself in the bathroom so that you won't see her without makeup. A Russian woman is faithful. If this corresponds to your perfect image of a wife, then you should marry a Russian!

How to marry a Russian

These women are pretty straightforward, and you will not need to use hints or hidden questions to find out what she thinks of you. When you start dating, you will understand what this means because Russian females are not the ones to stay silent when something irritates them. If she wants flowers, go to the restaurant, or try out a new activity with you — she will let you know. Then your part of the deal is to make everything possible to make this happen. They are the ones who give the first initiative but do not proceed further as it is your responsibility.

Even after the few months of communication, you can ask her directly whether she would like to become your wife. If your relationships have been developing stably, and you feel that you suit each other, she will surely agree. This is when you start preparing for the wedding. Be ready that wedding is the biggest event in life for the Russians. The celebrations will be pompous, and you must invite all the relatives. Of course, the wedding will take place in Russia, so the costs can be lower than you expect. The prices in Russia are not as high, but you will pay for the event according to the traditions.

Impressing a Russian Woman: Tips and Advice

When a European guy or a man from the USA asks a Russian girl out on a date, their expectations can differ. The cultures of courtship and "relationships before relationships" in different countries are very different. European women as a whole are much more eager to emphasize their independence and equal rights with men, and of course, this leaves a significant imprint on interpersonal communication. So what does a Russian girl expect from a date? What should a foreigner understand to impress her?

1. Russians love nice gestures and beautiful courtship

They are used to the fact that a man tries to impress a girl. Gorgeous bouquets, restaurants, and gifts that are not always affordable for a boyfriend — all this remains a tradition of Russian people, which no one is going to refuse. It may be utterly incomprehensible to a European why you should impress a girl and show yourself from the right side. But during the courtship, it will be even a plus to embellish your negative sides a little. The girl must see the perfect prince in you, "the one," then she will definitely fall for you. And this doesn't mean pretending to be the millionaire with a bottomless wallet. Show your best personal attributes to win the heart of a Russian. 

2. Wait for a man to pay the bill

Most Russian men still pay a restaurant bill for a woman, even if it's just a girlfriend or colleague. Of course, the girls are already used to such care and have difficulty accepting the tradition of splitting the bill in half. A European and an American, on the contrary, can be offended and make a scandal if a guy offers to pay the bill on first dates. But this is not the case with Russians. She will be offended exactly by the opposite thing. If you offer her to split the bill, be sure that she will not call you back. Not paying for the girl you want to marry means seeing her for the last time. Because this will look ridiculous, however, a man shouldn't consider that once he has paid the bill, then after dinner, there will be a romantic continuation. At the initial stages of the courtship, you will have to give way more than receive. You should win the heart of a Russian because these women are really proud.

3. Russian men are real gentlemen

Opening the car door, helping take off her coat, and taking heavy bags is the usual behavior of a Russian man. Russian women do not even imagine that things can happen somehow differently. By the way, such information will surprise a European very much. Many foreigners live in complete confidence that gentlemen are far in the past. But in Russia, you must help the girl and be her physical support twenty-four-seven.

4. A man should take the first steps

A Russian girl will rarely call first after the first date. The initiative of hugs, kisses, and especially sex, should come only from a man. Russian ladies are very worried about carrying their status and "honor," ​​while Europeans can calmly offer a partner even to get married. The female from Russia can strongly hint you on something, for example, by telling you how much she would like to go to the cinema. Such hints are almost literal, and it is not hard to understand them. If you hear something like this, it means you should take the initiative further. A Russian lady inspires. She doesn't do everything herself.

5. Russian girls consider sex offers on a first date as an insult

Continuing the theme of honor, these ladies will, in most cases, not agree to have sex with a man they barely know. Such an offer will make them think that they have given you the wrong signs, or maybe their outfits are too provocative for the first meeting. For most Russian girls, such a proposal is a sign of utter disrespect. For a foreigner, it's just an opportunity to continue a wonderful evening of acquaintance, and it does not mean at all that he thought something bad about a girl. Even if you, as a man, plan to have a serious relationship after such spontaneous sex. The attitude towards sex is much calmer in Russian, and you should be careful with this topic.

6. Many Russian girls are late

Russian women are often late for a meeting or a date. A European may not understand why his companion is 10-15 minutes late. However, the reasons for this can be very different; for example, she was stuck in a traffic jam or stayed at work late. You should never be mad at her for this. In most cases, you should tell her the time, which is 10 minutes before the hour when you will come. Because if she suddenly can't decide what shoes fit the dress, you will both come in time.

Things to Be Ready for When Marrying a Russian Woman

Every Russian dating site will tell you that family comes first for Russian women. But the influence of emancipation is also visible in Russia, thought to a different extent. A Russian woman likes to work and does a lot. Most likely, she is well-educated and has big ambitions. The thing is, she can combine everything she wants and find the middle ground, the so-called work-life balance. You should be ready that not every Russian woman dreams of having three children. This is what you should discuss with the girl.

Russian wives are also not crying at the stove. They are powerful women who appreciate and love both domestic and work life. Success in their job is essential to them, but they do not lose their feminine charm, which often benefits them and increases their attractiveness. This extreme inner fierce of them wins the hearts of foreigners and makes them wonder how Russian women can manage to do that.

The last aspect you should be ready for is her family. In case the girl you fall in love with comes from a strict and traditional family, you will need the approval of her parents to marry her. And winning the trust of her relatives can take months. So, you can meet on the romance-compass and then come to Russia for the live meeting with her parents.

Do Russian Wives Look As Great in Real Life?

The secret of the beauty of Russian women is not limited to one point. Many parameters create this legendary beauty to Russian women in front of European, American, and Asian women.

  • Genes: Russian women are less prone to early aging of the skin. This is because this population is not very exposed to the sun. The photoaging in these people is slow and gradual.
  • The climate: The winter and summer temperatures of the Eastern region (Russia, Belarussia, Ukraine) make the skin of the population of the East more flexible and elastic. 
  • The mixing of populations: Because of the wars, Russia's population has mixed-bloods, and it bears fruit to stronger and more charming men and women.
  • The culture of femininity: Russian learn to maintain their beauty and their body in perfect shape from childhood. Later, when they grow up, they use the opportunity to multiply their beauty even more.

The Russian woman is a model all over the world for those who love beauty. They are fortunate to be endowed with remarkable nature. Beautiful and slender, many of them are the muses of fashion catwalks! The Russian woman is as beautiful in blonde as in brunette. There are blondes with blue or sparkling green eyes with luscious forms and brunettes with green eyes with a fiery temperament. Russia is a vast country, and Russian women are like their country — high and fierce. The average height is 1 meter 70 cm. They are also known for having the longest legs in the world. The record is owned by Svetlana Pankratova, with 1 meter 30 of leg length. Russian women are naturally skinny but not deprived of curves where it is needed. Such proportions make them feminine but slender.

The clothing of the Russian woman is another topic for discussion. Russian women are very flirtatious women. They want to look more beautiful than the others. A real beauty contest happens on the streets of Moscow or Saint Petersburg every day. French men who come to visit Russia twist their necks, watching these wonders. Russian women are as beautiful in bright colors as they are in neutral tones. They like to stand out as much as to appear discreet and inaccessible women. When it comes to their beautiful legs, they generally enjoy wearing high heels. This adds more impression of grandeur and elegance to the Russian woman. These ladies wear jewelry because, since ancient times, it has been associated with wealth and good taste. This is also one of the best gifts for a Russian woman. If you want to impress her, buy a set of jewelry made of gold. The silver pieces are generally worn by the youth, while the stunning ladies prefer massive pieces with precious stones.

Do Not Hesitate to Find Your Russian Love!

It is vital to the Russian wife to live in safety with a man she can rely on, and who takes care of her and their children. It is not easy for a woman to give up her home and move to a foreign country to start a new life there. Therefore, the Russian woman who seeks marriage to a Western European man will carefully check every detail. She will have to know whether the chosen one can meet her expectations and fulfill her needs. Therefore, the future husband of a Russian woman should prove worthy so as not to fall out of favor.

In summary, the Russian woman is:

  • A mysterious and discreet woman;
  • An elegant and proud woman holding her head high;
  • A woman who can be calm but also dynamic;
  • A faithful woman;
  • A woman who has a big heart;
  • A fragile woman who must be reassured;
  • A woman who has taste and style.

Everyone who knows how to be a gentleman can win the heart of a Russian woman. Now you have learned enough information to seduce any Russian and make her your wife. Furthermore, the beautiful ladies from Russia appreciate decision-making men who take their lives into their own hands and correspond to their own fiery temperament. In such a relationship or marriage, you will never be bored because sincere love and compelling character are well-balanced. To win the heart of an elegant, smart, and kind Russian woman is even more comfortable with dating agencies like, so do not hesitate to take your chance.