What Kind Of Sex Do Russian Women Like?

Despite the fact that feminism is parading the streets and is actually doing it in quantum leaps, a Russian lady still enjoys being the object of your interests in bed. Russian women in sex should be the highest priority for you. Sexy Russian women are not interested in leading your sexual life. Some of them do, of course, but the vast majority does not enjoy being a sexual aggressor in bed. Well, it is obvious that sex with Russian women is as diverse as Russian women themselves. It is usually much easier to come up with what you hate or dislike than with what you are crazy about. So let’s consider what men should avoid in sex a Russian woman.

YOU ARE BEING SILENT ALL THE TIME.  You know, a man falls in love with his eyes, and a woman through her ears. This means she wants to hear some sweet words though these ears. Or at least some groaning, which will show her your passion

YOU ARE SHOUTING LOUDLY. Of all the Russian women surveyed, only one complained about it. Besides, she seemed really concerned. Rapid expression of feelings is fine, although keep in mind that you are not at the stadium

YOU ARE UNDRESSING TOO FAST. Above all things, Russian women do not like being in awkward situations. And if you are with a Russian woman in bed and she is still in a fur coat and boots, while you have nothing but a condom, both of you look awkward

YOU ARE LEAVING THE LIGHT ON. Too much light makes the bedroom look like sargery room. Furthermore, Russian women in sex cannot fully focus on the process and will be checking if she looks sexy enough all the time

YOU ARE NOT TAKING SHOWER BEFORE SEX. Ernest Hemingway said that a man should smell like a man. But most women strongly disagree with the statement. If you are looking for Russian women for sex, you should keep it in mind. They certainly do not expect that you will smell fresh violets, but the smell of a dirty man’s body will never turn them on, as well.

YOU ARE GOING TO A SHOWER RIGHT AFTER THE SEX. Women are like cats. Cats love rubbing on a beloved person in order to leave their smell. And when you hurry to part with this smell in a marked manner, women feel resentful.

YOU ARE TURNING AWAY AND FALL ASLEEP IMMEDIATELY. The ultimate insult. Perhaps this is the worst thing you can do. Even if the day before you had delivered the babies of a dozen of cows, had written your thesis and set a new world record in the one hundred meters - it does not justify you. From the point of view of your Russian woman, you have to cuddle her gently after the sex. Otherwise, why do you make love at all?!

YOU KEEP LOOKING INTO HER EYES WHILE DOING CUNNILINGUS. Maybe you did not notice, but you look like a cunning fascist hiding behind the parapet. In any case, you should at least pretend that you are extremely keen on this process.

YOU DO NOT SHAVE. Bear is a rare phenomenon among sexy Russian women. This means we will never understand what suffering an innocent two-day bristle make them experience. Try rubbing the nose on the chin of your comrade. You will not like it, for sure.

YOU ARE KIDDING DURING THE SEX. Laughter is sex worst enemy. Having fun and gagging in bed is absolutely contraindicated. Do not make your mate feel resentful.

YOU DO NOT HAVE MORNING SEX. For many Russian women, having sex with a beloved person in the morning is like skimming the cream off. Luckily, most men are willing to share this pleasure with ladies.

YOU ARE TELLING HER WHAT TO DO. You are not an officer, and she is not a platoon of recruits. Therefore, “Get down!”, “Attention!” and “Around!” commands sound silly in bed with a Russian woman.

YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT SAFE SEX. Perhaps men have to accept the fact that condoms are a must for them. Russian women are waiting for men to buy them in advance, carry in their pockets and put it unless you Russian girl is willing to put the condom on with her mouth.

YOU ARE BITING HER NIPPLES. Keep in mind that biting nipples may be really painful for women. So be careful and do not confuse screaming with passion and screaming with pain.

YOU ARE CRUMPLING HER BRESTS. Her breasts do not look like a joypad, so why crumpling them all the time? They are not a melon, so there is no need to probe their ripeness. They are not wet clothes, to squeeze them so hard. The breasts of Russian ladies are gentle as the ladies themselves, so they require a careful attitude.

YOUR KISS IS TOO AGGRESSIVE. The vast majority of Russian women do not enjoy when you actively push your tongue into her mouth and use it as if you had bottle brush instead of the tongue.

YOU MAKE THE BEDROOM LOOK LIKE THE THEATRE. Russian women love the sincerity. Or at least pretend that they do. Make every effort to ensure that it is HER, who makes you feel intrigued, and not the entourage or the situation itself.

YOU USE THE WRONG WORDS. OF course, there is a great number of gentle Russian women who believe the bad language is a turn on during sex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, be attentive and do not overact. Do not use such words as testicles, cunnilingus, tooshie or fanny, smush or something.

Do Russian women like sex? Yes, they love it, especially when you good at it and know their secret desires.

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