What Kind Of Sex Do Russian Women Like?

Despite the fact that feminism is parading the streets and is actually doing it in quantum leaps, a Russian lady still enjoys being the object of your interests in bed. Russian women in sex should be the highest priority for you. Sexy Russian women are not interested in leading in your sexual life. Some of them do, of course, but the vast majority do not enjoy being the sexual aggressor in bed. Well, it is obvious that sex with Russian women is as diverse as Russian women themselves. It is usually much easier to come up with what you hate or dislike than with what you are crazy about. So let’s consider what men should avoid in sex with Russian women and what they should do.

Russian girls having sex

This is a very difficult question for most men. Very often one can only guess. Women, by their nature, often cannot even answer the question for themselves. When looking at polls, sexy Russian women prefer gentle sex with an endless stream of caressing. It is absolutely understandable. Women get aroused and excited considerably slower than men. Therefore, you must take your time with foreplay.

Before all that, however, a woman needs extra attention in the form of a beautiful date, a bouquet of flowers, a small gift. An excellent addition to stimulating her arousal levels would be a home cooked meal, cooked by her man for her, even if it is not very well done.

Women like knights who do things for her. They want things done for her, even if they border with stupidity! "He slept near my door, how could I not forgive him?" Such outrageous actions cause the beautiful sex to feel delighted and prone to forgiving.

If you expect Russian women having sex with you, perseverance in a man is very welcome. There are legends about the women's "no", in the majority, this is a veiled "yes", but the woman does not want to be an easy prey, because it's much nicer for her to belong to the "winner." Therefore, a woman needs to be persuaded, and to do so a man must be firm and persevering.

Many Russian women want diversity in sex, but are embarrassed to admit it. Very many women like and want anal and oral sex or sex in extreme conditions. Men can only wonder what exactly she wants, which is why he must take the lead and push her to fulfill her desires.

Do not be greedy with your kisses, women cannot live without them. They are even ready to replace them with sexual intercourse. For women, kisses are even more intimate than oral sex. It is impossible in any case to skip this part of the prelude. Kissing a woman is an art. Her ears, the neck, and the woman's whole body craves for kisses.

What do Russian women like in bed: tips to spice up your relationships

When you are young, this issue seems not to disturb you and the sexual life is full of diversity and excitement but if you marry or live with a regular partner, you realize that there is something wrong with an intimate life, and it no longer brings the same pleasure. It is sad when a husband or wife spends a long time sitting at a computer in another room, forcing the other half to fall asleep in a cold bed. We all want our sex to be bright, emotional and bring us maximum pleasure. We have dreams, fantasies, desires that we would like to realize, but very often it happens that we do not know how to say this to a partner. What are Russian girl sex preferences and how to spice up your intimate life with her?

Russian girls having sexSex does not begin in bed. If a couple lives together for many years, it develops peculiar anchors-habits, in particular concerning sexual life: from “put on red underwear” to children brought to her grandmother — original tips to a partner that “today is the day”. It kills spontaneity. Tease each other, walk away from love on schedule. Most sexologists agree that sex begins long before bed. If you hesitate to dress defiantly and begin to seduce, invent new ways to give your partner a green light.

Start writing SMS of erotic content to her, like “I am burning and waiting for our evening at home”. Put little notes to her in the pockets of outerwear, shoes, and bags. Taking the initiative is beneficial because women are not used to being active all the time, especially if the wife refuses sex it means she lacks diversity or creativity from you, referring to headache and «that time of the month». Then you should not be surprised that no one is in a hurry to satisfy your desire.

Diversifying sex with hot Russian women is easy, the main thing - do not forget that you are a sexy and attractive man: sometimes dangerous, then affectionate and gentle. Play with a partner, make her imagination draw new and obscene pictures.

Talk to each other about your desires. No one can read minds. Your partner will be grateful to you if you tell her what you want. Can't find the words? Feeling shy? Write a note. Give a link to the video that turns you on. Do not be silent about what you want. It is normal to talk about sex in everyday life, not just about your hidden desires and fantasies but as a part of a daily routine, when you go to work, see friends or in a queue. Discuss what your evening will look like, buy red wine or go to a quiet dark park, explain what you want and listen to your partner so that your desires are satisfied. Sex with Russian women never gets boring if you listen and, what is important, hear and understand each other.

Change location. Everyone wants to play and sexy Russian women too, but the main thing in this business is to create a relaxing atmosphere and exciting atmosphere to realize all your sexual fantasies.

When sex on your bed gets already boring but it is still too scary and uncomfortable on the street, there are places created specifically to diversify sex, but at the same time have fun, not a fine or injury. For example, a hotel for role-playing games, in Europe and China such establishments have already become common practice and are in demand among couples of different ages.

Sex in unusual places can get, of course, risky and spicy if you wish. Here you don’t even need to spend money. Right now, take a map of your city and walk your eyes through interesting locations: roofs of houses, toilets of night clubs (not only will you spend the night dancing but doing something even more interesting), parks, beaches, hundreds of more options. Just be prepared for the fact that you will have to face fines for violating the public peace. If you are afraid of this, then at least get out of the bed in your own house. Tried at least once in the shower? We hope so, and if not, then you are more like a virgin than a mature man. Use all the rooms, all possible places, as an option - a balcony. In short, turn on the brain: in sex, it is also needed.

Feel free to try something new. Sex-furniture, shock devices, fixation devices - all these adult toys will bring maximum excitement and desire to play into your sex. Vibrators are a must too. Perhaps you cum too quickly and simply do not have time to make a girl reach an orgasm. If such a situation is your reality, smart people have found a solution – a vibrator. This is a good and effective assistant to bring the girl into ecstasy. You can use it to “finish the job”, or just to rest. In the end, the use of a vibrator will add variety to sex - do not hesitate.

Role-playing games. This is a real "pill" of adultery, routine and boredom. Opportunity to be completely different for a while, to try on completely different roles, standards of behavior and communication. The modest becomes the impudent domino, and the imperious chief - a modest slave at the queen's feet.

Couples who practice role-playing games, rarely break up. They do not need to look for someone on the side, they can be bright and different for each other. Try to spice up your sex in this way, it's worth it! What are Russian women like in bed? They are willing to take on various roles and do everything to please you!

You can secretly meet in a hotel. Or “doctor-patient”: a doctor listens with an endoscope to a naked woman, and she can sexy moan and beg him to get inside. Almost all men have such fantasies. And women often secretly dream to charm the doctor with their bodies. To enhance the effect, buy a medical gown, etc.

Another option is a prostitute and her client. Turning into a "call girl", your partner should not just wear clothes that she goes to the movies in, but buy the appropriate outfit. And you must pay real money to your wife! What good is this game? Many men fantasize about a prostitute, but ... On the one hand, we want her, young and slim, to come and serve. On the other hand, having sex with a woman who does it with everyone who has money is not very interesting for us in general ... There couples in which after such “prostitute-client” games the wife gets money and goes to sleep to a girlfriend’s house or a hotel. And the man has a full feeling that a call girl came to him to never meet again.

Sexual fantasies. If a partner doubts which way to choose for a perfect intimate evening, you can discuss this issue with the second half. Very often, the embodiment of sexual fantasies introduces a new spark into a long marital relationship. It is, practically, the best way to add new colors to your sexual life, isn’t it a dream come true to finally have your deepest secrets revealed and be implemented into life? And why have you been waiting for so long if all that time you had a person that could help you with this?

How to understand that a Russian woman wants you

You have already met a beautiful woman, and you may have already had a romantic dinner together, but it’s difficult to understand when it is appropriate to have sex with Russian women. In order not to make mistakes, you must clearly know when she is ready for pleasures. Sometimes a Russian woman may hint a man that she is ready for intimacy with him, but he simply doesn't catch these hints. So, pay attention to the following signs. Maybe she is trying to signal you about her sexual interest.

  • She talks about sex

Communication on intimate topics brings together as much as possible and also indicates the liberation of partners if they easily make such a conversation. So, what are Russian women like in bed? Best of all, if the girl herself begins to talk about her secret fantasies, preferences in bed and the existing sexual experience. The reason for the start of such conversations may be a discussion of bed scenes seen in movies or TV shows. A woman’s openness during conversations on intimate topics is a symbol of her interest in a man. The absence of any embarrassment indicates that she sees in her companion a future sexual partner.

  • She flirts

If sexy Russian women themselves make flirty jokes, then you should understand their hints. Coquetry in behavior and the mention of sexual intercourse even in a joking manner clearly indicate the boundaries between the interlocutors, or rather, their almost complete absence. In this case, you can proceed with more active actions and try to implement the previously said ones. But some girls choose this manner of communicating with almost everyone they know. If you know this fact, then everything said in the dialogue can mean absolutely nothing. In this case, pay attention to visual signals

  • She touches you and not against hugs

Each guy had moments that he was ready to hug and kiss a beauty, but she took her hand away or turned her head. Of course, this is a sign of unpreparedness for physical contact. Perhaps a little time has passed since you have met. But when she is not at all opposed, responding to affection and hugs, she can gradually continue to act further. But very carefully. Excessive activity, strength, and passion so far are useless. This may be not pleasant since most girls negatively relate to the too rapid development of events.

  • Her eyes shine

How to find out that hot Russian women want you? A woman’s eyes will tell. If she expanded them a little and stares at the man intently, not taking her eyes off, then this is one of the signs of sexual attraction on the part of the girl. Another sign can be called similar in meaning, but it manifests itself exactly the opposite: the woman diligently tries not to meet the guy’s eyes. But at the same time, he periodically casts intense gazes at him if he, in her opinion, doesn’t see her at that moment.

  • She has a blush on cheeks

And her voice becomes lower, she gives monosyllabic answers, her breathing is more rapid, and she wants to breathe deeply. Licking dry lips, trying to open the window and breathing, saying that it’s hot are all signs of sexual arousal in women and it is important not to miss your chance. It is necessary to treat your loved one gently and tenderly and proceed to the main action. If preliminary caresses start in this “hot” period, then no one warrants about the further consequences – Russian girl sex will be really hot!

  • She touches herself

Frequent touches can be considered as obvious signs. Many erogenous zones in women are located on the neck and back of the head. Playing with hair, she stimulates these erogenous zones, and this is another sign that the girl wants to make love right now. In fact, it is not so simple to notice all the signs described above. But if the girl doesn’t move away from your caresses, allows you to touch her erogenous zones, then she enjoys it and is ready to move on. You must always take the situation into your own hands, act confidently, and move on to foreplay.

What are some things you should not be doing?

YOU ARE BEING SILENT ALL THE TIME. You know, a man falls in love with his eyes, and a woman through her ears. This means she wants to hear some sweet words through these ears. Or at least some groaning, which will show her your passion.

YOU ARE SHOUTING LOUDLY. Of all the Russian women surveyed, only one complained about it. Besides, she seemed really concerned. Rapid expression of feelings is fine, although keep in mind that you are not at the stadium.

YOU ARE UNDRESSING TOO FAST. Above all things, Russian women do not like being in awkward situations. And if you are with a Russian woman in bed and she is still in a fur coat and boots, while you have nothing but a condom, both of you look awkward.

YOU ARE LEAVING THE LIGHTS ON. Too much light makes the bedroom look like a surgery room. Furthermore, Russian women in sex cannot fully focus on the process and will be checking if she looks sexy enough all the time.

sexy Russian womenYOU ARE NOT TAKING A SHOWER BEFORE SEX. Ernest Hemingway said that a man should smell like a man. But most women strongly disagree with the statement. If you are looking for Russian women for sex, you should keep it in mind. They certainly do not expect that you will smell fresh violets, but the smell of a dirty man’s body will never turn them on, as well.

YOU ARE GOING TO THE SHOWER RIGHT AFTER THE SEX. Women are like cats. Cats love rubbing on a beloved person in order to leave their smell. And when you hurry to part with this smell in a marked manner, women feel resentful.

YOU TURN AWAY AND FALL ASLEEP IMMEDIATELY. The ultimate insult. Perhaps this is the worst thing you can do. Even if the day before you had delivered the babies of a dozen cows, had written your thesis and set a new world record in the one hundred meters - it does not justify you. From the point of view of your Russian woman, you have to cuddle her gently after the sex. Otherwise, why do you make love at all?!

YOU KEEP LOOKING INTO HER EYES WHILE DOING CUNNILINGUS. Maybe you did not notice, but you look like a cunning fascist hiding behind the parapet. In any case, you should at least pretend that you are extremely keen on this process.

YOU DO NOT SHAVE. Bear is a rare phenomenon among sexy Russian women. This means we will never understand what suffering an innocent two-day bristle make them experience. Try rubbing the nose on the chin of your comrade. You will not like it, for sure.

YOU JOKE DURING SEX. Laughter is sex worst enemy. Having fun and gagging in bed is absolutely contraindicated. Do not make your mate feel resentful. When Russian girls are having sex, they want to be in the moment, not laughing at some joke.

YOU DO NOT HAVE MORNING SEX. For many Russian women, having sex with a beloved person in the morning is like skimming the cream off. Luckily, most men are willing to share this pleasure with ladies.

YOU ARE TELLING HER WHAT TO DO. You are not an officer, and she is not a platoon of recruits. Therefore, “Get down!”, “Attention!” and “Around!” commands sound silly in bed with a Russian woman.

YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT SAFE SEX. Perhaps men have to accept the fact that condoms are a must for them. Russian women are waiting for men to buy them in advance, carry in their pockets and put it on yourself unless the Russian girl is willing to put the condom on with her mouth.

YOU ARE BITING HER NIPPLES. Keep in mind that biting nipples may be really painful for women. So be careful and do not confuse screaming with passion and screaming with pain.

YOU ARE CRUMPLING HER BRESTS. Her breasts do not look like a joypad, so why crumpling them all the time? They are not a melon, so there is no need to probe their ripeness. They are not wet clothes, to squeeze them so hard. The breasts of Russian ladies are gentle as the ladies themselves, so they require a caring approach.

YOUR KISS IS TOO AGGRESSIVE. When having sex with Russian women, do not expect them to enjoy when you actively push your tongue into her mouth and use it as if you had bottle brush instead of the tongue.

YOU MAKE THE BEDROOM LOOK LIKE A THEATRE. Russian women love the sincerity. Or at least pretend that they do. Make every effort to ensure that it is HER, who makes you feel intrigued, and not the entourage or the situation itself.

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