Is Pisces suitable for a couple with Aries. What is their compatibility?

Both constellations are complete opposites regarding outlook, characters, and values. Still, at the same time, they can complement each other. Their belonging dictates this to different elements, which affects the characteristics of people born under these signs. A water element bearer has a contradictory nature and may have doubts when making an important decision. Moreover, he often changes his mood because of his sensuality and events in his life.

Pisces and Aries compatibility

There is an entirely different picture with the cardinal embodiment of Fire. Bull is a person with charisma; there is only the road ahead for him. Moreover, there is a contagious optimism inherent in him, with the help of which he can quickly adjust the entire universe under him. Water is tough to decide about because they often rush from extreme to extreme. They are looking for a stronger partner with disruptive abilities to hide behind his broad back and feel safe. And it will be very fortunate if the role of protector goes to the cheerful and resolute Bull.

Jupiter rules the water constellation, so people have a philosophical mindset and cognitive abilities. But it is also governed by Neptune, so such people are not exhausted in terms of imagination. The militant Mars rules the Bull, which gives these individuals the energy with which they tend to achieve their goals. Their connection can bear fruit if they focus on mutual understanding rather than putting their exclusivity first.

In the Pisces bed. How high is their sexual compatibility with Aries?

As for intimate life, it usually develops between representatives of opposite elements nicely. Their mutual desire for sex is diverse but honest. Suppose the sign of the water element prefers extended foreplay and a romantic atmosphere because of their innate sensuality. In that case, the Fire Bull can tire his partner with long runs in bed. Also, Fire greatly appreciates in sex his aquatic partner’s desire for experimentation. The representative of Mars will dominate the bedroom. Still, the ward of Neptune and Jupiter sees nothing wrong with that.

Friendship or enemies with Aries. How perfect is Pisces compatibility?

The emergence of a buddy relationship between Fire and Water can be controversial. It is all about their characters. The constellation of the water element prefers maintaining friendly relations with people with a calm nature and well-established values. But this is not about the Bull.

The tireless incarnation of Fire has an impulsive, even explosive character, so his aquatic partner may get tired of communicating with him. However, there is also the other side of the coin. Hesitant Water representatives can get excellent support on behalf of a confident ward of Mars, which will push them to new achievements.

Pisces and Aries compatibility percentage

Pisces and Aries compatibility percentage

Becoming soulmates for Pisces is difficult - will Aries manage to be a great couple?

These constellations can be enemies and friends, providing mutual support for each other. But their differences are far from an obstacle to their unity in various spheres of life. The honest and demanding Bull, full of vitality with a pronounced desire for dominance and total control, will fully accept the incarnation of Water with all its shortcomings.

Such behavior is precisely what the latter needs because they are attracted to the aggressive image of the fiery constellation, behind whose back they can feel safe. But the Bull also benefits from his partner’s indecisiveness: it makes him feel powerful and superior, satisfying his basic needs. Once these two halves are united, a beautiful union of two people who complement each other can arise.

In response to support, Water will give the Bull support and care. Usually, such a connection looks organic when under the Fire incarnation, there is a man. However, under the Water element, there must be a woman. In the opposite case, it will be an unsuccessful connection, although exceptions exist: a woman can also be a leader. The two mentioned elements take time to come to a mutual understanding. Still, at the same time, they can get a lot of other knowledge. For example, the Bull lacks restraint in emotions, consistency of thought, and mental equilibrium. But it would be desirable for the water element to learn stubbornness and absorb determination.

But still, this connection is very favorable. The partners will get everything they want: support, care, respect, and understanding. Both perfectly complement each other, and both incarnations have an affinity for creativity. They will always find topics to discuss, such as creating a new computer program that can turn the world upside down. The aquatic representative will always be lenient with the Bull’s punctures. Still, the other will always support the partner who lacks determination or courage. An essential feature of this union is the ability to listen.

In a relationship with Aries, potential problems are possible - will Pisces be able to cope with this?

The connection between the embodiments of contrasting elements will take time and effort. For example, independence, straightforwardness, and courage characterize Bulls; they are dynamic and admirable. But at the same time, their attentiveness leaves much to be desired, so often, they need to consider some important information. Also, these constellations are demanding and try to take the upper hand in conflict situations.

Despite its romantic nature, sensuality, and compassion, indifference and lack of discipline characterize the Water embodiment. Moreover, the partner can learn about this at the very last moment. Also, self-confidence is not the main feature of this constellation; sometimes, they are even capricious.

Establishing communication between the selfish Pisces and the fiery Aries?

Both elements have a strongly developed ego, and it obscures even logic. Neither of them will give in, and then there is tension between them, which can turn into a storm. During a quarrel, people will remember mutual grievances but also forget the cause of the dispute. Because of their selfishness, it will be impossible for them to extinguish the conflict.

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