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Behind blue eyes

She devotes herself entirely to her soulmate and relationship. She often has the features of a stalker, but in reality, she's overly devoted to her partner. If you decide to steal her heart, be kind enough to be with her till the end. Conquering her is as challenging as climbing Everest, but prepare for a life-long triumph if you succeed. Because after that she'll be ready to spend her whole life with you. In this case, it's vital to have nerves of steel and a cold mind. If you look at this situation from one angle, then not everything is so good. But, if you learn to understand and accept her, then until the end of your days, you'll thank God for the day when you met the blue-eyed girl.

Your relatives and even the most skeptical best friend will like this sweetheart. Her advantages don't end there; a girl with crystal blue eyes will be curious about your hobbies and lifestyle, and she can say everything you want to hear. Women with blue eyes will adjust to your beloved standards. But be careful: your life can turn into uncontrolled chaos if you betray her. So who is that blue-eyed girl — an angel or a demon? Let's figure it out.

The history of a blue eye color

According to the Human Genetics journal, the first mutations most likely originated in the northwestern part of the Black Sea region that witnessed a massive agricultural migration during the Neolithic period to the northern part of Europe (about 6-10 thousand years ago). The conclusion follows from the premise that the Slavs became the descendants of the first blue-eyed people. By choosing an Eastern European wife, you partner with an individual with deep historical roots.

girls with blue eyes

A blue-eyed girl: more gripping facts

Many theories and legends about the crystal blue eyes couldn't have come out of the blue. We have the soundest points for you:

  • Since scientists believe that blue eyes appeared due to a genetic mutation, it turns out that only one person is a forebear of people with this physical feature. Good job, daddy! Or Mommy? It doesn't matter. Just imagine that up to 10% of the world's dwellers have one general ancestor. As a result, all blue-eyed people are distant relatives.
  • Human eyes don't contain as much melanin pigment as adults have at birth. Because of this, many babies are born with crystal blue eyes, but their eye color changes as the organs develop in early childhood. So don't worry if your child's eyes reverse from blue to green or brown.
  • The owners of blue eyes are more than others can be professionals in sports, where an exact calculation is integral rather than a striking force. They are gurus in bowling and baseball.
  • An examination by Dr. Inna Belfer, a geneticist at the University of Pittsburgh, has proven that women with blue eyes have an easier time giving birth. The scientist also found that light-eyed women are less likely to develop anxiety or depression after having a baby than dark-eyed women thanking less melanin.
  • The University of Delaware published an article offering that brown-eyed parents can have a blue-eyed child, just as two blue-eyed parents can have a brown-eyed baby. It's like a genetic casino. Eye color depends on several different genes. Please don't rush to look for your sweetheart’s lover in this case! The primary wrongdoer here isn't her but genetics.
  • This funny fact complements the earlier thesis. It’s associated with men and their picks in dating and relationships. According to a study published in the Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology journal, blue-eyed men find blue-eyed girls more attractive than women with any other eye color.
  • It's more of a myth, but it seems to be true. People with blue eyes are more tolerant of alcohol. Nature blessed them with resistance to intoxication, and they can't get drunk quickly, so don't even try to drink more than a blue-eyed at the party.

Girls with blue eyes and red flags

Unfortunately, women with crystal blue eyes have some drawbacks. That list resembles a chain reaction triggered by red flags:

  • A blue-eyed woman is emotionally dependent on her mate. She is extremely jealous, which will not make a man comfortable.
  • Due to extreme jealousy, blue-eyed girls can feel blue for a long time.
  • Because of the above, beauties with blue eyes are more prone to diseases, especially concerning eyes (low melanin level).

These ladies most often visit an oncologist and also suffer from diabetes. Also, they may suffer from vitiligo when the skin loses pigmentation, forming white patches that appear randomly on the body, including the face. The cause of vitiligo isn’t well-researched, but many scientists think it is an autoimmune illness. Generally, any stress or toxic thinking never leads to anything healthy.

Women with blue eyes: what attracts men

As we know from history, females with crystal blue eyes have long been icons of sexuality and magnificence. It's tough enough to imagine an American man who didn't have the hots for Marilyn Monroe in the middle of the last century. Yeah, it was Norma Jean who became a brilliant example of the sexual revolution, whose blue eyes made millions fall in love with them. 

So what are the things that drive men crazy?

A reality of sexuality

No matter how strong a man is, he sometimes wants to be number two, at least in bed. Here, our cuties come to the fore, who like no one else, know how to excite. Hot blue-eyed Slavic women are synonymous with a healthy sex life, where no male will be left dissatisfied.

A kind of mind

The eyes are a window to the soul, so it's no surprise that a blue-eyed girl is such a good egg. If she's in a harmonious relationship with her dear, an incredible atmosphere of love and care will be around them. Are you looking for a female who will meet you after work with a hot hug and your favorite dinner? Meet blue-eyed Ukrainian brides on our dating website.

She cares

The fact that completes the previous thought is that blue-eyed ladies care for the people around them. Extroverts may venture into the jungle to volunteer in forests damaged by fires and windthrows. Introverts will choose to make good housekeepers and take care of household chores. In both cases, they have a black belt in caregiving.

A gentlewoman

Girls with crystal blue eyes radiate kindness and tenderness. Therefore, many men want to have blue-eyed girls. However, these ladies remain faithful only to their lovers. Blue-eyed sweethearts choose traditional relationships, with a wife being the neck of a husband’s head. That's why in the era of toxic feminism, many guys are looking for good old-fashioned relationships that are comfortable for both.

Famous blue-eyed girls

It's one of the causes why blue-eyed girls are ahead of the curve. There are many celebrities among blue-eyed females. It's not surprising that this fact occurs since people with this eye color can be sturdy personalities and born leaders. Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, and the gorgeous Megan Fox are among such. Each blue-eyed girl can become a rock star or a movie idol because they are born with extraordinary abilities. It's nothing but an act of God.

By the way, a lot of celebrities have written songs about these girls. Just recall “Blue Eyes” by Elton John, “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who or Limp Bizkit, “Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye” by The Black Crowes, REM’s “Pale Blue Eyes,” Eric Clapton's “Blue Eyes Blue,” and “Blue Eyes Cry in the Rain” by Willie Nelson.

A woman with blue eyes: harmony with the storm

In conclusion, a blue-eyed girl is a highly emotional individual with a personal vision of a perfect relationship. She can play a role of an ideal housewife and, in fact, a femme fatale in a Hollywood blockbuster. “Harmony with the storm” — this phrase is most suitable for her. A blue-eyed girl makes a balance: a calm and a cyclone simultaneously. She's like a compass, where her partner determines a direction of an arrow. It's fantastic since a blue-eyed chick is easy to adjust for yourself. On the other hand, this’s risky since you can break up her personality with one wrong move.

But don’t give up: as mentioned earlier, there’re many Slavs among women with blue eyes who are fast to find a common language with you. Get closer to your happiness today; use dating websites to find blue-eyed real Russian brides. They respect you and your time, and you meet those more than once in a blue moon.