Why is my girlfriend always tired: causes and effective ways to help

Table of contents:

  1. Possible reasons why your girlfriend is always tired
  2. Step by step: an excellent algorithm for healing from fatigue
  3. Will adrenaline help my girlfriend? Maybe dilute her boring life with alcohol, parties, and dangerous adventures?
  4. Can her tiredness be relieved by an intense, intimate life?
  5. Will the well-known anti-stress remedies, such as yoga, a leisurely walk, or a warm bath, help my loved one?
  6. My girlfriend loves animals and taking care of someone in general. Should I give her a fluffy pet?

Your love is beginning to enter the rut of a stable relationship. But when you like to talk for a long time, you've gotten to know each other as you are, and you've already developed some common traditions, it happens that your girlfriend is increasingly tired.

why is my girlfriend always tired

She doesn't seem unhappy with you, but her smile gradually disappears. More often, she doesn't feel like going out in the evening. In the beginning, things were different. You both were active and cheerful, but something had changed. So you started to wonder what had happened. 

A desire to help is a sign that you care about your woman. But first, you should identify the reason for your significant other's constant fatigue and only then decide how you can help her.

Possible reasons why your girlfriend is always tired

Here are some possible reasons for this situation that are worth considering:

  • A lot of stress. Perhaps she is having problems at work – she is being given stupid and meaningless technical tasks, yelled at by her department heads, or the report for the last month is not being written. On the other hand, she's likely irritated by a financial issue. Or has a bad relationship with one of her friends or relatives. Or perhaps war is going on in her country, and she volunteers like crazy or constantly reads the news and worries about her loved ones. In any case, long emotional experiences significantly impact the level of fatigue. Analyze whether she should reduce her workload or eliminate certain negative factors that constantly worsen her mood. 
  • Lack of sleep. If a woman doesn't sleep enough, i.e., about 8 hours a day, as advised by doctors-somnologists, it can affect her general condition. Even if she spends this time doing pleasant or very useful activities! Sleep is essential for a woman's health and mood. 
  • A sedentary lifestyle: sedentary work, lack of an exciting sports hobby – all this affects blood circulation, the amount of oxygen in the brain, and therefore the level of energy in the body and can cause fatigue.
  • Improper nutrition. There's a whole field for analyzing your loved one's habits: nutrient deficiencies, carbohydrates, sweets, or alcohol abuse. In any case, only a balanced diet provides all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Nothing out of the ordinary and unknown. You can't provide your loved one with the energy flow she needs, but you can help her feel better. The key is to realize that she needs to change something. In one phrase, this can be summarized as follows: the most effective way to work together on her health and establish a healthy lifestyle will be to work together.

Step by step: an excellent algorithm for healing from fatigue

Step 1. Keep her smiling: simple ways to encourage positive thinking in your partner

Please keep her in a positive mood. You probably already know what makes your sweetheart smile, so make sure her life is complete. Crocuses in a bouquet, cinnamon coffee in the morning, a specific favorite book, or an evening of jokes. Encourage her positive thoughts. It is worth dreaming together about a joint project that does not leave her indifferent. Whatever the reasons for your woman's condition, it is worth maintaining endorphin levels and using your sense of humor to the fullest. It will give the body the strength to overcome fatigue effects.

Step 2. Beyond tiredness: when fatigue becomes a clinical symptom

Could the girl's fatigue be a clinical symptom? Again, initiate her visit to a therapist: you can even make an appointment with a good specialist with her permission. Indeed, increased fatigue can signal a variety of diseases, especially if there are other symptoms of malaise in addition to it. So if the problem persists long, you should see a doctor. They will usually prescribe basic tests for vitamin deficiencies in the body. You'll be surprised how trivial a lack of magnesium, iron or hormone surges in the blood can make life worse!

Step 3. Encouraging your partner's healthy lifestyle

Sincerely support her in her desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. Reconsider your joint habits if you are used to pleasant but unhealthy activities. Try to adjust the so-called circadian rhythms – go to bed and wake up together simultaneously. Encourage your loved one to eat more nutritious foods. Instead, try to limit the consumption of unhealthy treats. Cooking together brings you closer together, so you'll come up with your recipes and won't feel like you've forcibly imposed a ban on delicious food. Invite your girlfriend to play sports or outdoor games that might interest her, i.e., initiate physical activity. If you go to the pool together every Saturday, then go to the movies, walk around the city, and cook pizza at home with lots of mozzarella, spinach, and rocket. This tradition will make you happy together. Be careful with this if you are not going to get married!

Will adrenaline help my girlfriend? Maybe dilute her boring life with alcohol, parties, and dangerous adventures?

If you think your loved one is bored because her life is too monotonous, you should ensure it. But in any case, destructive habits will not give her strength in the long run. Alcohol can temporarily help relieve stress, but it can potentially lead to addiction and other deeper health problems. In addition, parties and any adventures that guarantee trouble with the law can take more energy than they give. They are by no means ways to help a girl who is always tired.

why is my girlfriend always tired - causes and effective ways to help

It's better to focus on correcting your lifestyle and improving your mood and condition with the help of eating healthy, getting regular physical activity, and ensuring you get enough sleep. It will help you conserve energy and feel more productive and happy.

Can her tiredness be relieved by an intense, intimate life?

If your girlfriend is constantly tired, it can be challenging for her to have sex. It has nothing to do with fading feelings for you. It's just that if she feels exhausted, then sex is temporarily excluded from her values.

You should be patient and communicate with her about your sexual needs. It would be best if you were respectful of her needs. And, of course, if sex is the cause of her exhaustion, which is quite rare, you should seek professional help together. Family counselors will provide qualified help and advice.

Will the well-known anti-stress remedies, such as yoga, a leisurely walk, or a warm bath, help my loved one?

For example, a warm bubble bath, a leisurely walk after work, or yoga stretches can be helpful ways to help a girl who is always tired.

A bath full of warm water and colored foam can help relieve tension and stress. In addition, it helps relax muscles and improves sleep quality. However, staying in a warm bath for no longer than 20 minutes is crucial. Long staying in the hot water can cause heart problems.

A walk in the fresh air can improve mood, boost energy levels, and reduce fatigue. Go for a walk together! Check the weather outside – for example, whether you should take extra gloves for your girlfriend or an umbrella. If you're going for a long walk in the summer, carry water because replenishing your water balance is also beneficial and affects your energy.

There are many types of yoga. It is a helpful way to relieve tension and stress, focus and calm the mind. It also helps to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. However, it would be best if you did not choose power or dynamic types of yoga. Instead, you can start with simple stretching exercises and make them your daily routine. If you are a fan of this practice, acro-yoga, which includes many balance exercises in pairs, is a great fit. You will feel more trust in your partner.

why is my girlfriend always tired - possible reasons and solutions

However, the first tip is that it is essential to talk to the girl. It is worth discovering what will help her because no two people are alike. Be sincere. Ask her how you can support her in the fight against fatigue, as she wants.

My girlfriend loves animals and taking care of someone in general. Should I give her a fluffy pet?

A gift in the form of a pet is a very personalized thing. It is a great way to cheer your lady up and make her happy. But it's worth remembering that keeping an animal requires some effort and responsibility. Does your sweetheart have the strength for someone if she doesn't have it for herself? Does she have the financial capacity to feed and care for someone? Does she have any allergies or skin reactions to fur?

Dogs and cats are usually very attached to people and can become true friends. However, consider their size, maintenance requirements, and activity level. Hamsters, rabbits, and other rodents may also appeal to your woman because they don't require much space and are usually easy to keep. But they need daily care and cage cleaning. In any case, the animal should be provided with proper maintenance. 

Once you support your tired girlfriend, continue to do so with actions. Because male support is about deeds, not words, take on the solution of some of her feasible problems. Only then will she be able to rely on you as a protector and guarantor of her well-being – when she realizes she can slow down, stop controlling everything, and get some rest.

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