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Dating a vegan woman


Eastern European Vegan Dating

Would you consider vegan dating, even if you are a carnivore, but she is so pretty it hurts? Oh my, it’s a tough situation going on, but can you really resist Slavic girls, fit and always so sexy? The better situation would be if you are a successful vegan yourself, so you don’t even need to change or adjust your diet in order to live together happily. Let’s find out more about those vegetarian singles!


Some information about Slavic veganism 

Eastern European girls are usually not that much curious about veganism. Some people think it’s a sick fetish and a cocky way to show your affiliation with our ecosystem. But times change, and more and more people turn to a healthier lifestyle, with a confident step into the future and a bowl of fruits. Russian and Ukrainian are usually not that aggressive and insistent when it comes to talking about their lifestyles. It is only a matter of a preference, so Slavic girls won’t nag you day and night about gluten-free products. See, a Western civilization built a cult, based on what’s healthy and what’s not. Eastern European people will be easier on you with this, not trying to step into your life and change it all the way around.
Also, vegan is not related to religion or outlook, although the girl can be really progressive. They don’t run around with fur and leather use banners. On the contrary, Slavic vegans aren’t always aware there is a deeper meaning to veganism. It’s usually a health preference, bonded with a desire to stay fit and sexy. A Russian female won’t unite with like-minded people and make a big deal of her nutritional choices. She just wants to be happy and that’s it!

Eastern European Vegan Dating Advice

“My name is Nastya, I am a Russian nurse, who happens to be a vegan. My friend Anna is a Ukrainian nurse, she’s vegan as well, so we tend to read about the way nutrition influences our live, and sure, it results in the way we speak and percept things. Graduating from Medical college, we picked up some crucial things that helped us reshape our outlook. So, based on the collective experience and knowledge, this is how to hit it off with a usual Russian or Ukrainian vegan girl.
Anna says she hates it when people apply stupid filters in their heads that make vegan girls look ridiculous. You just come up with some stupid cliché misconception that bothers us from the beginning and definitely make vegans angry. That is why vegans come across as stuck up and descending people because nobody understands the concept and everyone starts assuming. No, we are not eating grass and yes, we aren’t supposed to eat dairy products. Somebody just doesn’t like it; others are lactose intolerant. And yes, it is rude to offer us meat and say that we are skinny, we don’t starve ourselves, we just don’t like meat that much. No, our sexual drive is not worse and our energy is not lower. In fact, we have so much power and strength, we feel amazing. Once you will read all of it and be tolerant, you are welcome to be our boyfriends. And if you already are vegans, then there is no problem at all!”

Meet your Slavic vegan!

Dating a vegan woman starts with an acquaintance. But how do you make one if you don’t know any Slavic vegans yet? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options you can go with. Other than going to vegetarian websites, you can meet plenty of girls in real life. They are usually sitting at vegan bars, vegan cafes or restaurants. If you are in a big Eastern European city, those places are very popular and lots of young beautiful ladies go there. Actually, almost all of the ladies in there are young and beautiful, it’s a win-win situation. But if you are a foreigner, you might have some trouble finding such a place. Since Ukraine and Russia can’t boast with Whole Foods supermarket chain, you can Google underground vegetarian places or simply go and search them on Trip Advisor. 

Why romancecompass is the healthiest place you can find an Eastern European vegan?

Romance Compass isn’t exactly a vegetarian dating site. But it’s the best singles website, so with the tendency of our girls going healthy, there is high probability you will find one in a day. It’s really easy with a searching tool: just mention you are interested in vegan online dating. Write the required information in a bio. Say that you are interested in this specific kind of dating, and explain why you want your partner to share your views. Be direct and laconic. Avoid stretching out with loud speeches about environment if you are not an environmentalist and just want to boast. Remember to be respectful if a girl doesn’t share your viewpoint on furs or global warming.
So, today we unraveled the mystery of beautiful Slavic vegans. They all have a preference, but not a strong and cutthroat position, it is usually a mild preference other than viewpoint or an outlook. Russians and Ukrainians are simple about their nutrition so that you should respect the choice of your lady anyway and always be polite to her. Good luck!