How to kiss your girlfriend romantically: essential life hacks

Table of contents:

  1. What is necessary for a romantic kiss?
  2. Types of romantic kisses
  3. How to know it's time for action
  4. How to choose a moment to demonstrate love
  5. Ideal places

A kiss is a way to show your partner your feelings. Negligence is unacceptable! Girls prefer to be in a romantic setting to remember this moment. The use of expert advice will guarantee a vivid impression.

how to kiss your girlfriend romantically and keep the sparks flying

It is worth noting that the first smooch is often romantic in itself. You do not know each other too well, so everyone is hesitant. The moment's trepidation is fueled by the partners' gentle and tender actions. The first kiss will be part of your story. It is worth thoroughly preparing for this event.

Preparation lies in the little things. You do not want to spoil the intimate moment with your awkward remark? Your determination will allow you to carry out your plans. The girl waits for you to find the right moment for the first time, so you should not ask for permission. Close communication will undoubtedly lead to the touching of your lips. Make this moment beautiful and romantic!

What is necessary for a romantic kiss?

The atmosphere plays an important role. A romantic setting lets you relax and enjoy an evening in pleasant company. In addition, the right mood contributes to a relaxed atmosphere, which benefits the result of the date.

Relationships that are in the bud require further development. To this end, men use smooch. Girls do not like it when a young man asks permission. It spoils the impression of the meeting and makes the intimate moment awkward.

It is worth hugging the girl to determine if she agrees to close contact. The partner's aloofness indicates that she is not ready for kissing. You should not engage in a game of fire. Otherwise, the next step to rapprochement will be the smooch.

Your hands create a romantic setting. A pleasant evening in a restaurant and a walk in the open air will make the right mood. Use a cab ride to test a woman's consent to rapprochement. Please open the door, hold her hand, and hug her during the ride. Don't notice a negative attitude? Kiss her as you say goodbye.

Following simple rules will make it possible to gain her trust and become part of her life. But it is still too early for decisive actions. The romantic mood will quickly fade; it is worth making a rash move. If you have decided to kiss a girl, do not put it off until later.

Types of romantic kisses

The opinion that the contact of the lips is a kiss is deceptive. In reality, there are many more ways for close contact. Each of them is unique and attractive in its path. Therefore, you should explore the options that exist and diversify your relationship.

1: Eskimo smooch

The intimacy of a kiss is determined not by the method but by the closeness between partners. The practice of the Eskimos shows that kissing your beloved is possible without using the lips. What is needed for this? Only to come so close that your noses touched. It is a romantic way to declare your love without saying a word. In addition, this way you can create a good mood. Even though it looks childish, a girl will find such a move cute. However, before you "kiss" with your noses, you should still warn your partner about it.

2: Smooch of passion

The French kiss is famous all over the world. Every couple has tried at least once to kiss this way. However, the result depends on the amount of practice. So practice with your other half and hone your skills, getting even closer to your partner.

In addition to being romantic, this type of smackdown will allow you to rekindle your passion. Since partners must use their tongues, it has a reputation for erotic "confrontation." Don't rush into such experiments. This type of kissing is not suitable for a couple who has recently met.

3: Spider-Man style

Remember the moment when the main character kisses Mary Jane while suspended? Many people found that smackdown not only unexpected but also romantic. So relax: you don't have to wait until it rains to use the reception in real life. You can do it lying on the couch or in your bed.

The " upside down" state will make it possible to carry out the idea. This way, the partners' eyes fall on the neck of the other half. You will feel your lover's breath, which is a romantic moment. Take care that you feel comfortable lying down and kissing. Comfort makes a big difference in the outcome.

4: Smooch in the neck

According to research by scientists, the neck is an erotic zone. It's worth exploring this area later in communication and relationships. Gentle touches of the lips allow you to rekindle your desire and demonstrate your feelings for your partner. You can move on to this kiss after using the last option.

Choosing a sensitive part of the neck will allow for a pleasant experience. The smackdown usually affects not the channel itself but the area near the collarbone. It is a sensitive part of a woman's body. Light touches to the delicate skin will allow you to intrigue the girl and move on to more intimate actions.

5: Smooch on one lip

This method of kissing is the complete opposite of the French way. Partners use only one lip. It is an excellent choice for those couples who are tired of the apparent options and want to try something new. The simplicity of the kiss makes it sexy, gentle, and intimate.

How to know it's time for action

Fear of kissing is common for both guys and girls. However, in the first case, you should forget about your worries. Why is it necessary? Fear of action is easy to feel because awkwardness seems to hang in the air. A few tips will help rid yourself of unnecessary worries.

how to kiss your girlfriend romantically the ultimate guide for men

You can determine if a girl is ready for a kiss through her actions. Light flirting and readiness to move to the next level are defined in several ways. For example, girls play with their hair and intuitively bare their necks. Since it is an intimate area, it is possible to consider these actions as a hint of a kiss.

The next moment can also be taken as consent. The girl does not take her eyes off you and establishes eye contact. This way, she shows interest in her partner and attracts his attention. Have you noticed that she keeps her eyes on your lips? It's time to take action!

The tactile contact is no less critical. Women are often not ready to let anyone get close to them. Since the girl herself comes into contact with you, you can make sure that she is interested. The closer she is, the easier to guess the moment for a kiss.

The above rules may only sometimes work. Long hair gets in the way of girls, and a bare neck is a consequence of restoring personal comfort. Touching without the other signs described does not carry useful information. Observe the actions of your mate. Then analyze what you see.

How to choose a moment to demonstrate love

Finding comfortable opportunities makes kissing less romantic, and you can be sure. It gives the impression that a scientist is exploring an exciting field. This feeling ruins romance, and kissing a girl romantically becomes impossible. You want the opposite result.

Several secrets allow you to avoid unpleasant situations. First, you need to understand whether the girl agrees with your actions. Do you feel detachment? You need to discuss this point. Then, find a reason and decide the next step: to each other or in different directions.

The next thing that deserves attention is a comfortable position. You and the girl should feel safe and comfortable. Make sure you are satisfied. You need somewhere to hurry. Feeling uncomfortable affects the sensation and the aftertaste of the kiss matters.

make your girlfriend swoon: learn how to kiss romantically

Don't ask permission if the dating phase has been completed. Instead, listen to how you feel. Do you notice any discomfort? Discuss the issue. It is the only way to find a common language and continue communicating on a positive note.

Ideal places

Choosing a place to show your romantic nature plays an important role. At the first stage of acquaintance, you should stop at those places where it is quiet. In addition, being surrounded by strangers, a sense of awkwardness takes over. Show caution.

A romantic kiss in a relationship does not require such a careful approach to the choice of location. A restaurant, cafe, or concert of your favorite band will be great options for expressing your love. Surroundings will no longer cause anxiety because you are already close enough and do not notice anything around you.

Walks in the park and rides are great for romantic kisses. The intimacy of two lovers while the Ferris wheel is spinning looks like a shot from a romantic movie. The stars are closer to you than ever, and the atmosphere motivates privacy.

The gradual development of the relationship leads you to find new ways to kiss. You have several inventive options and the choice of locations increases. It is worth remembering comfortable conditions for you and your significant other to get the desired result.

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