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Arab brides in interethnic relationships

The flow of immigrants from the Middle East to the United States remains unrelenting, mainly due to the endless wars going on in the region. Only during the last wave, starting approximately from the 1960s and ending in the 2010s, more than 700.000 Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptians, and Iraqis received American citizenship. Such a quantity almost eleven times increased the number of people crossing the US border during the second wave of the 1920s — 1960s.

Interestingly, the Arab American population increased by 30% in the last decade of the XXth century. Altogether, three waves of Arab immigration have contributed to at least 1.2% of the overall country population. Nowadays, Lebanese are leading in the number of families settling in each state except for New Jersey, with the largest Egyptian community there.

Although personal, inspecting interracial dating and interethnic romantic relationships among Arab American women is necessary. This will help achieve a deeper understanding of the differences in family relationships in both worlds correspondingly. The pressure for a single woman to find a partner in accordance with parental orders creates two separate identities within her. 

Discovering both identities of a Muslim woman will help avoid misrepresenting her actions in the future. Third-generation Arab Americans are naturally more open to the idea of interethnic marriage, while second or first-generation immigrants keep their young women more restricted. They're opposed to the idea because they fear losing their cultural heritage.

Conflicts in interracial dating of Arab women — residents of America

Cultural differences and the following communication patterns in interethnic dating may bring problems to intercultural couples propelling varying family ideologies. In addition, they might suffer from contradicting ideas of what the marriage union could stand for, including issues of raising kids. Any marriage based on a conflicting ideology won't be effective in the long run.

arabian bridesIt's crucial to learn how mixed couples negotiate relevant family issues and the way they contribute to behavioral patterns emanating from their relational and cultural identities. Looking within the communicative process allows recognizing the type of relationships between couples and the behavioral changes they may employ. When disagreements emerge, interethnic couples must find ways to set aside national identities, at least temporarily.

When having children, you’ll have to cope with more distinctive identities, which are more diverse compared to your possible posterity from the marriage with young Slavic women. Children, however, may form a strong bridge between the two cultures if you, of course, don’t decide to leave those exclusively individual. Kids won’t necessarily help smooth out conflicts and make you more tolerant of each other, but any cross-cultural flames could be extinguished, so the damage is mitigated only in a loving and caring environment.

Considering the ways of handling conflicts, you should keep in mind the traditional cultural norms of your Arab wife. Typically, a whole set of cultural and religious values, beliefs, and practices have shaped her identity. Sometimes it's better to avoid complex subjects in order to develop commitments and maintain mutual support.

Open communication is the only possible way for couples to preserve their relationship. The posterity of second- and third-generation immigrants possess more flexibility in resolving problems openly. You're lucky if your future wife with the Middle Eastern ancestry is actually more American than you thought.

Your future Arab wife in the —Āontext of Middle-Eastern parenthood and dating. "Romeo and Juliet" effect

Due to the large number of Arabs residing in the United States, your chances of interethnic dating a gorgeous Middle Eastern lady are much higher. However, not meeting the standards established by her parents will cause rejection from her family and community members. For most, the usual mating game is forbidden unless they are prone to some Western influences on dating and see you as a good "marriage material."

"Romeo and Juliet" effect is when your beloved Scheherazade's intentions to marry you receive disapproval from parents, hence increasing her love for you. Studies show that most Arab parents, regardless of religious preferences, want their sweethearts to marry within their ethnic circle. Marriage permission is similar to that of Western society, though, except for the ethnicity of a partner.

Although an Arab lady might be a Christian, like many Ukrainian or Russian women you knew, your Christianity won't change all cultural peculiarities bringing only discrepancies. If her faith won't reflect yours, converting to the other’s religion becomes apparent. Surprisingly, interethnic relationships not only introduce the above-mentioned two identities of her own but her partner’s identities, too.

Generally, your intentions toward that Muslim woman you liked should have been tasting nothing but milk and honey. For you, initiating romantic relationships with a woman with an unaccustomed cultural background and behavioral patterns is a lovely adventure. For her, accepting you outside of her usual circle is too risky and could become a drama even if you had received her parents’ approval.

A widespread norm predisposes a couple to declare their engagement status. In order for a romantic relationship to be taken seriously, such a severe norm of the most paternalistic society obligates a couple to be engaged before marriage. Typically, the tantamount engagement is in American culture, too, but with significantly fewer options for the two of you to break up in this phase.

Mainstream American culture and its influence on Arab girls

As mentioned above, the vast majority of Christian and Muslim women — the descendants of Arab immigrants — are resistant to interracial dating and expect to marry within their native culture. It's reckoned that Christian Arab singles are generally more Westernized and flexible in filling the cultural gaps. Such disposition is only possible due to milder religious constraints based on common premises. 

It makes your future with an Arab wife more attainable regarding cultural differences eliminating faith matters. Nonetheless, her conformity to native values will deviate from dominant societal regulations in the country of residence. The pressure a young woman would have to endure before parting with the right guy is enormous. 

Being a woman first, a humble human being of a sensitive nature, your Nefertiti would conceal your romantic relationship from her royal family. This is how it goes if your peasant descent messes up her regal hierarchy. The solution is living separately, building up your kingdom with your queen ruling it.

U.S. culture has been dominating the planet for decades, and a Muslim woman entering into a romantic relationship with an American guy like you would have to constrain if not sacrifice her national identity — a subject of your thorough research. Obviously, as a long-time permanent resident, she’s guaranteed to have five major freedoms the First Amendment protects (speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government). The sixth freedom is her sixth sense to feel a father of her child in the shine of your eyes.
Your singular cultural identity may be nominal as you're probably a descendant of the first British or German colonizers who settled down in the harbors of the Hudson River. It’s startling to realize that you haven't gone far from your Middle Eastern spouse with her two (or more) cultural identities. As a result, turbulent homogeneity may be the most evident pattern of your regular life. 

No Arab women are willing to cut off the ties with the family in trying to adhere to the new culture. Unfortunately, the pressure on women is more significant than on Arab men. This is all primarily because archaic ethics forbids premarital sex under any circumstance. 

There are double standards in dating that tend to secure innocence suppressing female sexuality in favor of marriage prospects. Women, unlike men, are more susceptible to withholding any sexual activity before a wedding. Your complete involvement in the idea of familiarizing your broad with the American sex culture should be solely based on her own volition.

Arab woman in a relationship with a non-Middle Easterner in a polyethnic society. Peculiarities of online dating

The true “self” either of a Christian or Muslim woman of Middle Eastern origin comprises two major components. These are American society and its standards and Arab ethnicity with its familial principles. As soon as you start seeing each other, she might go nuts trying to build a flourishing democracy back home. Her identity as a free human might obscure the eternal need for paternal worshiping, which, however, may cause you trouble, as such an aphrodisiac could be detrimental to a young, healthy spirit.

Presuming that Middle Eastern women struggle with dating due to rigid rules, unveiling her plan for you is challenging. Your bride's behavioral patterns are based on two confronting identities: fulfilling the role of an American woman being inwardly very Arab. This contradicts private (at your place) and public (in a parents’ house) images. 

Depending on what she expects from relationships, an Arab woman will be prudent with what goes public and what must remain confidential. 

She’ll learn how to distinguish the familial self from the individualized self:

  • Her familial self is maintained by reflecting on life, obedience to customary duties, and awareness. 
  • Her individualized self is a separated essence with self-provided outer boundaries adapted to insecure or recently organized social circles. 

Muslim women are familiar with the abundance of online dating opportunities and easily get involved in initiating a relationship. You'll be flattered to discover the way your broad represents her identities online compared to verbal representation. 

The never known concept of privacy has accidentally become crucial for Arab women who have grown up with strict affair rules prevailing over individual freedom. Online dating has allowed them to avoid physical contact from the beginning, precluding any pervasive intentions of any kind. Umpteen and uncontrolled online endeavors, however, tend to reduce commitments, which is unhealthy for both parties.

Online video chat on a dating site without serious intentions regarding marriage has become new normality for many Muslim women. In a larger perspective, finding a couple in the West is yet a number one prerogative for most. Interestingly, ladies tend to conceal their ethnicity when aspiring to possess equal rights for conquering a respectable gentleman like you.

Individual identities of Arabian brides in the context of traditional family

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, in view of current intercultural dating, Middle Eastern women discover a minimum of two social identities when moving out of their homelands. 

Their secular and private positions can be dramatically different abroad, when under the influence of the more open society, a single woman may experience the lack of a habitual paternalistic impulse. Within her private world, an affair with a foreigner is a premise to withhold twists and turns until marriage. Conversely, her external world is the identity she spreads to her family members.

Traditionally, it's forbidden for Arabian families to reveal individual identities, implicitly imposing an obligation on a woman to keep her own life private. Living with respect to family members is fundamental for the Middle East, but maintaining relationships in private can be a challenge for a young lady. Your future wife's identity depends on the behavioral patterns of the kin she's grasped. 

Arabian American women possess akin dating principles, but perceiving the nature of the mating game is more stressful. This is largely due to a prevailing number of single men, which increases their chances and preserves reputational losses. Reputational means are paramount for an Arabian lady. 

Regardless of a woman's cultural background, her sexual interactions should be kept out of publicity. However, be careful with her over-idealized femininity or even virginity, which together may constitute an unattainable model type. Claims that Arabian cultural identities are more female gender-wise in comparison to that of a guy aren't groundless.

Cultural individuality of Arabian women  in the Middle Eastern dating tradition

An Arab woman withstanding paternalistic dating norms might be perceived as promiscuous despite the number of casual dates, if any, she has had. But, as soon as she falls in love with a reliable guy like you, chances are she’ll damage her carefully honored and cherished innocent public look. If she comes from an Arabian American family, securing her purity begins with the first-generation immigrants. 

Arabian women choosing American dating norms somewhat undermine typical stereotypes. The thing is that a woman's reputation echoes a good family name. If she personally cares less about being spotted in public with you, she won't indulge herself in neglecting the reputation of her parents. 

Before you propose to your Muslim woman, ensure that she's weighted all risks of her involvement with an individual of different ethnicity. No matter how harmonious your relationships might be, some all-encompassing contradictions will emerge sooner or later. Moreover, the family's subjective and societal norms conflict with one another. 

A single Arab woman must find a purpose for her cultural individuality before she makes a decision whether to remain obedient to Middle Eastern dating customs or follow contemporary matchmaking ideas. If you're lucky enough to substitute your fiance's family members to take on the burden of responsibility, you should point the way to establish her identity. Overcategorizing a woman may lead to redundant objectification or the opposite — a strong belief in perpetual virginity, which is anachronic.

But for the most part, if your broad feels more American, not disparaging her own ethnicity, this in no way means that she is associating herself with drinking or other hobbies of marginalized minorities, as a sober Muslim world perceives it. You’ll have to debunk the negative connotation of “American” despite the generally positive projection of your homeland on a newcomer's mind. What's also relevant is your validation to extrapolate from her culture what you find necessary into the foundation principles of your family unit. 

Your number one priority is her comfortable living without misperception of your Western lifestyle, with its hectic and sometimes harsh routine. Allowing her to choose her own place neither beyond nor within you but rather by your shoulder helps you both reiterate your commitment and support to each other. A tiny shift toward her individuality helps sort out cultural gaps and realize how she should build her independent stance avoiding incompatibility or repugnancy in your charming co-existence. 

Interethnic couples must fully comprehend that among primary qualities, there’re one or two particulars. Unlike young Slavic girls, single Arabian women must bridge the communication gap between the two (or more) versatile cultures, making it a work of art. These intricacies are intrinsic to building a healthy family environment, hastening socialization, and overall cultural adaptation process.

Conclusion: reasons or motives of interethnic relationship in the context of Arabian dating

In theory, an Arab woman’s considerations concerning a male's socioeconomic status must be attached to mutual attraction to make a more apparent motive for entering interethnic relationships. Still, the motivation theory of interracial dating assumes that both a man and a woman find racial distinctions not just attractive but largely provoking to start dating. Despite the physical attraction, it would be wise to elaborate on common views on marriage, preferably grounded on common sense.

Naturally, discrepant ideas of perfect relationships may evolve into the upbringing and subordinate parental issues. Your arguments concerning child raising matters based on a fragile foundation of distinct and not properly premeditated genealogy. As a couple, you must find common ground to accept the ethnic and relational identities of one another for your offspring.

Discovering the origins of their relationships and how to work on negative stereotypes and pursue them effectively — this's what interracial couples will have to accomplish. Communicational turbulence should be regarded within the scope of interpersonal communication and left behind the brackets if not thoroughly resolved. Studies prove that some couples integrate easily into an everyday cultural routine, while others choose to keep their identities consistently unique.

The pivotal part is that cultural differences are rarely an unsolvable problem, forcing each party to disapprove of any affirmative action. Nevertheless, intercultural marriage is a hybrid of a minimum of four identities that must successfully correlate with the time as partners are getting closer, and their profound mutual feeling thus greatly expands their universe. Such an interaction may be within a larger family reinforced with a child, within an ethnic community, either your’s or your spouse's, or a matter of general socialization. 

In particular, scientific results have revealed that cultural distinction is never an issue for ethnic discrimination if two people love each other. But, of course, in case the love of her life is a non-Middle Eastern guy, an Arab woman is in her right to be afraid of a paternal negative reaction, if not worse. That's why your very possible mission as a distinguished gentleman is to investigate your beloved one's inward and outward identities.

You must ensure your findings will reveal and sort out not only her external (social) identity but also her internal (private). The list of external endeavors comprises interactions with family, friends, and members of an ethnic community. An Arab woman's personal life is totally within the boundaries set up by traditional liabilities.

While homogenous and intercultural marriages similarly face parenting difficulties, the latter additionally claim rejection issues related to family members or people of a close circle. Unfortunately, such isolation is typical for single girls who marry outside of their ethnic and religious domain, compromising a few generations of the entire kin. A Muslim woman, however, may conceal such a relationship if she's positive the authoritarian, paternalistic community won't accept it.

Interestingly, their privacy is now an indispensable part of their essence, especially for ladies — American residents. But even in the Middle East, in most regions, females' rights to free speech and affection have become affordable with the establishment of the online dating industry. Online matches allowed them to avoid physical interaction from the start, leaving enough time to consider other options.

Since bilateral HD video chat features emerged, online communication has become more intimate and hence efficient. Finding a gorgeous single lady with Middle Easter roots is a piece of cake nowadays. Reliable dating network for singles, with thousands of profiles of stunning Arab women from one side and serious gentlemen from the other — the most thornless path for both parties.