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Dating European models

Choose to date a European girl? Consider this first! 

According to Stanford's sociologist's research, online dating is a growing trend for Americans because it's convenient — you can immediately select the options you are interested in. And incredibly excellent are fantastic when you want to meet someone from the other side of the globe. In this article, we will share the characteristic features useful to you if you decide to have an online romance with a European girl.

White, Christian, High-Educated —  General European girl profile overview:

So if you're considering dating a European lady and want to know her better before your first date begins, here are some facts. Most European girls are white, Christian, well-educated, and familiar with English — at least most can communicate easily. And here similarities are over as Europe countries, despite their geographical proximity, have many differences between West and East.

Essential facts about Western European Women

Western European women unconsciously carry all the values and stereotypes of their continent — as they value independence and contemporary views of the modern generations, and they are especially vulnerable to issues of gender equality.

Things you should know about a Western European woman


European cosmopolitanism often leads to a mixture of cultures and ethnicity in couples, becoming a common shared value. Europeans not only easily accept a partner's culture but will not overload you with traditions, duties, and traditional rituals and habits.

European models dating

Open Minded and Liberated

European family is respecting for its members, shows pride and acceptance of their life choices, and ignores the prejudices of society. That is why they usually may seem too liberated and feel freer with sex issues.


The key value of relations in Western Europe is independence and equality, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. So If someone in a couple insists more strongly on traditionalism, there is a risk of breaking up, as this has already become a personal space and freedom question.

General facts about Eastern Europe girls

Unlike liberal Western European women, Eastern girls are more likely to be brought up in the values of orthodox Christianity and look more favorably on the model of traditional marriage. And even though, with the end of the Soviet era, liberal values are increasingly infiltrating the Eastern European space, a somewhat different atmosphere still reigns here.

Things you should know about Eastern European girl


The overwhelming majority of Eastern European countries are Slavic. Of course, this is a variegated ethnic group, and there are significant differences in temperaments between the southern and northern Slavic. Still, many common values remain unchanged, such as family values and more traditional gender stereotypes.

Family oriented

The traditional family is of great importance in Eastern countries. Therefore, Slavic girls more often put family first than a career. The surrounding society in countries like Poland and Ukraine still precepts females as the central archetype role of a wife and mother, and they take this role naturally. Still, you should not consider them closed and fixated solely on marriage. Hot Ukrainian brides know how to have fun and have a wide range of interests, and you definitely will not be bored in her company.


The point is not that Slavic girls are naturally good but that an impeccable appearance is a personal value for them. Therefore, beautiful Russian women spend a lot of time caring for themselves and look gorgeous even in casual style.

Dating with European females. Summary:

  • Despite the geographical proximity, the difference in mentality between Western and Eastern Europe is enormous.
  • Suppose you decide to date a girl from Western Europe. In that case, you may be fascinated by her diplomacy and freedom, but be careful with masculinity — she can take it for violating personal boundaries and liberties. Also, be prepared for the fact that she can put a career in the first place, or any other personal achievement and relationships can already be in second place.
  • If you have chosen an Eastern European girl as your soulmate, then not only a charming beauty will be with you, but also a loving wife — Slavic brides taking love seriously and selflessly.