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Russian Brides

Sometimes, in order to find your love, you just need to look around. Sometimes, you need to travel the world to meet your fate. Thanks to dating sites, you can meet women from different abroad without leaving your apartment. Who knows where your perfect match lives. What does the notion “perfect match” mean to you? If you immediately conjure up a pretty by nature woman who attracts you both physically and intellectually, who is integral and well-educated, who shares your values and constantly inspires you, chances are you’ll find one here because this is the description of an average Russian woman. It can’t be claimed that they are immaculate, since there is nothing and nobody perfect in this world. They have their merits and flaws, but they make good long-term partners, that’s for sure.
10 Pros and Cons of Russian Woman
Women are contradictory creatures, each of them has her good and dark sides. Only the loving heart of a man can turn a blind eye to insignificant women’s weaknesses. What advantages do Russian women have over other women? What are their shortcomings?
1. The desire to look stunning. It’s Russian women’s nature to want to look their best all the time. Perhaps, the reason for this is a severe competition for men’s attention. Foreigners often wonder why Russian women wear high heels and dresses even if the weather conditions require a warmer outfit. The answer is simple – these women care about how they look. You can be sure that your Russian girlfriend will please your eye with her impeccable looks.
2. No feminist views. Well, Russian women know their own worth and they want to have the equal rights with men. Their feminist ideas are limited particularly to this requirement. There is still patriarchal mentality in Russian society. Men are considered to be the leaders, both in business and families. And women are okay with that. They like to feel fragile and protected by the strong partner.
3. Traditional family values. There is a tendency in the developed western countries towards a career-oriented way of life. Women are more focused on their careers and don’t think they must get married as quickly as possible and have babies. Russian women want to fulfill themselves in their professional lives, but they always choose in favor of their families.
4. Loyalty and self-sacrifice. If a Russian woman loves a man, she loves him with all her heart and endlessly. This is that blind love foreigners can’t conceive. Only a mysterious Russian soul can love somebody that much. Her love pushes the Russian woman to self-sacrifice – the readiness to put her man’s or her kids’ interests above her own.
5. Support and inspiration. Russian women have that natural wisdom that allows them to behave like mature individuals in any situation. This is very much appreciated by men. Every Russian woman has enough inner strength and patience to provide emotional support to her loved one. She can find the right words to cheer him up; she also knows when he needs her silent support.
6. The ability to create coziness. This is a very important skill that Russian women possess. They make their houses homes so that their husbands and children feel totally comfortable. They take care of the interior of their houses, they cook for their families, they give their attention to the nearest and dearest. All this facilitates the atmosphere within their families.
7. Multiple skills and talents. Actually, it’s a huge advantage, but not every man would want his woman to be better than him. Russian women are beautiful, stylish, intelligent, spiritual, witty, brave – if you want a compatible partner, then a Russian girlfriend is the best choice.
8. Envious friends. Russian women turn men’s heads, it’s the fact. If you get married with a Russian girl, your friends may envy you, and you may become jealous. Though there is no reason for it, because if she chose you, she’ll be with you until the end of time.
9. Language barrier. Building a relationship with a woman who doesn’t speak your language can be quite challenging. However, some couples start a relationship without knowing each other’s languages and even without speaking some common language. They speak the language of love, gazes, and touches. Those Russian women who consider international dating have a pretty good command of English, so relax.
10. More responsibilities. You’re supposed to be a leader in your relationship. You are her man, her support, and her provider. Your task is to make her happy in return for her loyalty, love, and inspiration.
How to Date a Russian Girl
At the stage of dating, your main aim should be to impress your Russian date, get to know her better, and conquer her heart. Once the aim is set, get down to its fulfillment.
It’s important to start slowly. By rushing things you’ll get nowhere. At the same time, you should clearly state your intentions in an unobtrusive way. Flirting is meant precisely for this. When you contact a Russian woman on the dating site for the first time, write a dialog-provoking message. Send a compliment or a question concerning her profile info. If a conversation starts and goes on, then she’s interested in you. Make your first chat short. Get in touch later. Continue getting to know each other better by asking the right questions, such as about her job/studies, her dreams and plans, travel experiences, her native town, etc. Avoid sex-related topics in order not to come across as pleasure-seeker. Your questions will let her know you’re genuinely interested in her. Your compliments and flirtatious banter will show your romantic interest. After several chats, have a video chat to see each other face to face. If there is chemistry, meet in real life.
When you date in real life, use all of your charms to make a good impression on your Russian girlfriend. Demonstrate your good manners, act like a gentleman. Dress up, since Russian women like men with a good sense of style. Bring flowers for her when you go out. Take her to romantic places. Pay for dinner. Let her get to know you good enough so that she can totally trust you. When mutual trust is established, she’ll let down her guard, and you’ll see her true nature. Don’t force the events. If you are aimed at a serious relationship, patience must be your best friend. Russian women are quite reserved at the beginning of a relationship. Your task is to make her feel comfortable in your company. Make her laugh, show your respect, be a gentleman. This is the right way to winning her heart.
Marrying a Russian Girl
How to get a Russian wife? Marry a Russian woman. It’s that simple. If you feel that your Russian girlfriend is your soul mate and it’s reciprocal, propose to her. Being a husband of a Russian woman has a lot of benefits.
You get not only a spouse. Tying the knot with a Russian woman, you get a wife, a lover, and the best friend. She will be by your side through thick and thin, provide support and endless love.
You’ll never be hungry. Forget about such attributes of bachelor’s life as empty fridge and dirty apartment. Russians usually eat at home, and your Russian spouse will not let you starve. Be ready to get acquainted with Russian cuisine to the fullest.
You’ll want to come home after a working day. It’s wonderful how a woman can create coziness around her. Man’s home is his castle or cave where he can hide from the life storms. Your wise Russian wife will create this relaxing atmosphere in your house.
What Russian Girls Seek in Love Relationships?
There is one solid reason why people start love relationships and it’s very simple – to be happy together. Happiness is a collective notion. Every person has their own understanding of it. For Russian women, it includes such things as mutual love, trust, honesty, respect, support, romance, attention. Trust and love lay the foundation for a harmonious relationship. Romance, attention, and respect maintain it and keep the spark of love burning. When all these components are present in a particular relationship, then the couple can be called happy.
Are They Good Wives?
You never know until you try. If you fall in love with a Russian woman, your feeling is reciprocal, and you can’t imagine your future without her, marry her. You won’t regret it. Russian girls make perfect long-term partners. The secret is in their family-oriented attitude. When a woman gets the status of a wife and then of a mother, she totally devotes herself to her family. She skillfully combines her roles of a passionate lover, loyal friend, tender spouse, and caring mother. She can fulfill herself only with the right man, so be that man for your dream woman.