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  • Dating a Player: How to Handle It
    What is a player in dating? This type of man collects women, and their weaknesses allow him to feel his strength and power. Such men have a broken ego, and at the expense of these "little" girls, they cure their wounds. More often than not, players have grudges against the whole world.
  • 9 Dating Tips for Socially Awkward People
    Very few people feel brave and confident communicating with strangers, and even less are socially awkward. But it does not diminish the problem, as even an open and friendly person may feel symptoms of being socially awkward under certain circumstances. Most often, this problem arises from the fact that we do not have enough social skills, and it's quite understandable – such skills come with experience. The question “Am I socially awkward?” is a fixture in the life of those who feel shy in a new social environment or choke in front of strangers.
  • What to Do When You Feel Unwanted in a Relationship
    Often, people live as a family, have children, spend every day together, but the feeling of loneliness still haunts them. This is a common situation, in which both partners remain in the game but feel like they have already lost. Feeling unwanted and constantly increasing tension leads to separation. But could the situation have been saved?
  • What Are the Main Relationship Attachment Styles?
    Why do some people seem detached and withdrawn, while others are open, outgoing, and even a little intrusive? It's a matter of attachment styles. But what does this mean? What is your attachment style?
  • Benching in Dating: Is It the Same As Ghosting?
    Many men know this behavior of women: you have been dating for a while, you have good relations, and it all looks like love. And then she says something like: “I’m not ready for a serious relationship, let’s stay friends,” or “Let’s take a break,” or she simply disappears.
  • How Dateable Are You: Ultimate Guide and Quiz
    Each person has experienced a feeling of loneliness at least once, and this is quite normal. People are social beings by nature and need communication, which is why many are so diligently trying to find their soulmate. But is it necessary to look for a soul mate?
  • How to Become a Gentleman and Is It Still Relevant in 2020?
    You can hear about gentlemen here and there, and it is not about the last movie directed by Guy Ritchie. It is about men’s qualities, their attitude to women, and their behavior in society.
  • How to Overcome Doubts in a Relationship
    The beginning of a relationship is the hardest, albeit a very pleasant period. Why the hardest? The main reason is that both partners don’t really know each other and therefore have no idea how to behave with each other.
  • How to Be a Supportive Partner for a Woman
    Women are often overly emotional and can be very worried about different situations. Guys should know how to support them so as not to ruin a relationship. So, how to be supportive?
  • How to Find Out If Someone Is Cheating on Facebook
    You can hardly imagine your life without the Internet nowadays. For most people, social networks are the first thing they check waking up in the morning. It has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world.
  • Why Is Loyalty Important in a Relationship?
    Everyone dreams of selfless love, accompanied by sincere loyalty. Many are interested in what secret meaning the word itself carries. Many single women looking for single men know that relationships are based on it.
  • Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Serious With A Woman
    The problem arises not even in building serious relationships but in the very understanding of this phenomenon. It is essential to initially find out how your chosen one understands a serious relationship and whether your ideas about it coincide.
  • 10 Romantic Date Night Ideas To Jazz Up Your Personal Life
    Do you find yourself, binge-watching Flack, & See once too often? Did the relationship slide into the abyss of the boring and routine? Do you want to surprise your girlfriend with a creative memorable evening that titillates your senses? Is emotional charge wearing off exponentially?
  • How to End a Date the Right Way: Professional Advice
    Today we will find out how to end a date early, how to end a date well, should you be ending a date with a kiss, and so on.
  • How to Confirm a Date Without Sounding Desperate
    Confirming a date is implicitly giving your potential partner the choice to cancel or confirm what has been decided before. In other words, when you ask about whether everything will happen as planned, you show politeness and interest in the personal choices of another.
  • 12 Best Social Activities for Singles to Have Fun & Find Love
    While online dating is so much fun, meeting people in real life has its allure with totally different emotional flavor & intensity to it. For those who prefer to meet offline, we compiled a guide of 12 social activities for singles, that guarantee a steady flow of new acquaintances into your life.
  • 7 Most Popular Excuses Women Use to Get Out of Sex
    If your woman keeps coming up with new and new excuses every night just not to have sex, something might be wrong with your relationship. Here are what women usually say and how you should react to those pretexts.
  • Top 20 Relationship Deal Breakers
    When it comes to dating and building a healthy relationship, there are things you simply can't look past. Those things are relationship red flags and deal breakers.
  • Tips and Survival Advice for Dating During the Lockdown
    Those who in these hard times live together with their partners probably spend much more time together than those don't live with their partners. The second type suffers much more from this situation. Still, some people suffer even more, for example, those who are just in the middle of their honeymoon because this situation literally kills all the magic of the honeymoon phase.
  • Pros And Cons Of Dating & Marrying A Russian Woman
    Russian women are known the world over as good wives & devoted partners. The modern online dating scene allows for so many options with popular order mail brides destinations encompassing many Latin American & Asian countries.