10 Signs You're Dating a Psychopath


  1. What’s It Like Dating a Psychopath?
  2. Why Are Psychopaths So Attractive?
  3. 10 Signs You Are Dating a Psychopath

Statistically, about 1% of the general population are psychopaths. There’s little likelihood that you meet this person in your life, but you need to be aware of the main signs of a psychopath. This information will help you avoid destructive relationships which can ruin your life. Well, are you dating a psychopath? The overriding purpose of this expert review is to guide you through the main facts you should know about emotional psychopaths. Besides, you’ll understand how to spot a psychopath and break up harmful relationships.

are you dating a psychopath

What’s It Like Dating a Psychopath?

In very deed, not all psychopaths are serial killers. You shouldn’t be afraid of them. Mostly they don’t differ from you. You can work with them or even make friends. You can meet them anywhere, for example, in the nearest cafe, in the shop or in the public transport, but you aren’t concerned at all about them until you date this person.

In sober fact, psychopaths look like you, but they have one important difference - they are shamelessly mendacious. They can hurt you with absolutely no sense of guilt. When you meet them first, you won’t even notice that. They are extremely charming and do their best to hit the taste of the public.

Until you are sucked in these harmful relationships, you should look at the key signs you're dating a psychopath. Mayhap, this information will protect you from them.

Firstly, let’s cover the basics. A little bit of theory will help you understand some terms. Keep in mind that psychopaths are used to interacting with others through manipulation. Their goal is to use others to get different benefits for themselves. There are a few symptoms of this condition:

  • callousness
  • lying
  • lack of empathy
  • arrogance
  • impulsivity
  • aggression

In all likelihood, you have already met them before. Just have a look at your colleagues. Is there anyone who is always complaining? He/she doesn’t like the job, weather, laptop, software, absolutely anything! This person wants to turn people against each other or even can divide your team. Simply put, this person likes making you unhappy.

If you look at personal relationships, you will see that mostly these people are unhappy. To persuade yourself, use this keyword “dating a psychopath stories,” and you’ll find an awful lot of absolutely different stories, proving that it is much better to avoid them.

dating a psychopath womanWhy Are Psychopaths So Attractive?

The main distinctive features of all psychopaths are charm and intelligence. When you meet them for the first time in your life, you feel like you talk to a highly intelligent person who wants to help you. Keep in mind that they have no sense of guilt. They use their charisma to make you feel like they care about you. Simply put, they use charm to manipulate you. Dating a psychopath is dangerous for you because you are just a participant of their mind games. In very deed, they think through the rules of their games in advance. They choose a victim and think out a number of details before the very meeting. You will be enchanted by their smile and won’t even notice anything.

Having read our definition, you might think that the terms like “psychopath” and “sociopath” are the same. However, you are mistaken. So, what is the difference between psychopath and sociopath? Keep in mind that sociopathy is less severe than psychopathy. Besides, they are less organized in their behavior. They usually maintain their emotional control even when the situation is horrifying. Sociopaths are less likely to commit a crime or harm someone. The aloof manner of behavior is their main characteristic feature.

Some studies have proven that intelligence and charm help psychopaths achieve their goals. Seems like attractiveness is their main tool, allowing them to hurt others.

10 Signs You Are Dating a Psychopath

It doesn’t matter whether you are dating a psychopath man or dating a psychopath woman. You should try to avoid these unhealthy relationships. We have examined this topic in detail and decided to provide you with the key signs, allowing to identify psychopaths.

1. They Idealize You

When you meet them for the first time in your life, you won’t even notice that something goes wrong. Keep in mind that psychopaths are used to idealizing their partners. Moreover, they pretend to be the same as you are. When you talk, you’ll see that you have common hobbies, interests, hopes and even dreams. They try to show that they are fascinated with you! If you make friends on Facebook or other social networking sites, you’ll see that your partner won’t leave you unscathed. You’ll be receiving an awful lot of different messages and comments from them on a rolling basis.

2. They Are Used to Preying on Your Feelings

When you meet them first, they seem to be so innocent! In all likelihood, they will inform you of the previous relationships. You’ll find out everything about their ex-wives or ex-husbands. Though it is better to avoid covering this topic on a first date, it is not about psychopaths. They will be glad to talk about their exes! You’ll notice that they are too emotional people who like drama. However, they will tell you that they hate drama, but they lie. They simply cannot do without dramatic relationships, and they are ready to do anything to draw your attention to them!

3. They Are Used to Moving on Quickly

One of the main traits of a psychopath is flattery. Keep in mind that you’ll hear an awful lot of compliments. They will immediately tell you that you are amazing, witty, beautiful and intelligent. You will be in the center of attention on the first date. Seems like psychopaths don’t notice any shortcomings. You’ll see that they are too good at the schmooze. Their overriding purpose is to get you hooked on, and flattery is the main tool allowing to achieve this goal.

4. They Don’t Like When You Try to Disprove Their Stories

If you ask yourself, “Am I dating a psychopath?” and can’t understand how to get to the truth, you need to pay attention to this sign. You have just heard a fabricated story from your partner. You don’t trust them. You don’t believe them. However, when you try to prove that all their facts are fabricated, a psychopath starts blaming you. They ignore evidence and seems like they don’t notice truth or don’t want to do this.

Besides, in any situation, they will make you guilty. Therefore, you should be ready that disproving their stories is impossible. They are always right!

5. They suffer from different illnesses

They adore pity and love as well as when people care about them. Therefore, you should be ready to give up everything and cure your psychopath even at night. However, we highly encourage you to monitor what they are talking about. You should be ready that you’ll hear the stories how they beat cancer or broke their leg. All these stories are fake. If you feel like this person lies, you should double check this information. Call hospitals or get in touch with the doctors. Psychopaths are used to manipulating their victims, and illnesses or injuries are the main tools to achieve that goal!

6. They Are Used to Provoking Jealousy

This is one of the main tools, allowing them to keep you. Firstly, they do their best to draw your attention to them. Seems like you are the only person in the world, and they are head over heels in love with you. As soon as you start displaying attention, they start showing that they are indifferent to you. Simply put, a psychopath again starts building relationships with their exes and don't answer your messages. They can even avoid seeing you! They want to make you doubt whether they love you or not. This is just a foremost level of their mind game.

7. Good Sex

This is one of the key characteristic features of psychopaths. They are good lovers until they find another victim. Everyone who has the experience of dating a narcissistic psychopath will confess that they had great sex with them. how to spot a psychopathTheir goal is to please you. However, as soon as you are hooked, you will beg them for sex, but they will start searching for another victim. Sometimes, it seems like they play a game with you. You will be at the center of attention until you are inaccessible. When you fall in love, they will start ignoring you.

8. Silent Treatment

After a few days or even weeks of love bombing, psychopaths can disappear. This is just a form of silent treatment. They don’t answer your calls or messages. Pay attention to this signal. It means that your partner has already started searching for another victim!

At a glance, it seems to be strange, especially after the “idealization” phase. As soon as you give up and start dating them, they will disappear.

9. You Feel Insane

Initially, these relationships are unhealthy. Your natural compassion will transform into overwhelming anxiety. You feel like you cry more often than it was before. Every morning you feel that you aren’t happy. You feel like you are different right now, for example, more exhausted, empty and completely shocked. They have hooked you, you have fallen in love, and over time, you feel like they start playing on your heartstrings.

You shouldn’t depend on your partner. If you feel that these relationships make you unhappy, or you realize that you don’t want to get up every morning, you must get over dating that person. This is the best solution, which can save you from psychopaths!

10. They Won’t Leave You Alone

Although your partner doesn’t pay attention to you anymore, they won’t leave you alone. Simply put, they won’t allow you to move further. When they see you are trying to build up harmonic relationships with others, they will start bombarding you again. They will start making promises and doing their best to get you hooked once again!

Well, how to get over dating a psychopath? The answer is evident, you should cut them out of your life. Forget about them! Don’t answer their calls or messages! Don’t talk to them. It won’t be easy (especially if you are in love), but if your relationships are toxic, and you feel insane, you won’t be happy together!

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