Top 10 Cute Games to Play on a Date

Why do we need to play games with a girl on a date? This is because people are not always in a good mood. And in order for a date to take place in a positive atmosphere, it is important to entertain each other. Romantic games are not a competition, not a way to show yourself and your abilities and virtues. These games are aimed at developing strong, conscious and healthy relationships, your ability to listen, feel and understand your partner. And it is better when both are positive and relaxed.

But this is a rarity for many seducers and ordinary guys. They have fears, doubts, and distrust. Since childhood, we have been accustomed to the fact that we need to avoid strangers or, at least, to begin communication carefully. Therefore, often the communication goes to a good level only by the middle of a date. But playing on a date helps people relax. It decreases emotional intense from the very first minute. Well, of course, it will form a favorable first impression. And don’t forget that these games are created for an exciting pastime! Now, we will offer you the easiest games with a girl on a date.

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1. The “I am” Game

In this game, you need to clearly see each other and say “I am…” in turn. The one, who laughs first, needs to come up with a word that can be said with the words “I am”, for example, “I am a leprechaun” or “I am a bird”, etc. That is, any word that comes to your mind. It is necessary to add the word every time a person laughs. At first, it may seem that this is not a fun game, but it is not so. At the end of the game, in some cases, there may be a whole sentence.

2. Stickers on the Forehead

This is one of the most interesting games to play on a date. What is its essence? Everyone takes a small piece of paper and writes the word on it. But before that, you should choose what topic the word will be on, for example, the topic “fruits” and the word “orange”. You need to write so that a partner doesn’t see it. After that, each player has the right to ask three questions to which another player can answer only “yes” or “no”. The essence of the game is to guess the word that is written on the piece of paper faster than an opponent.

Or here is one more option of this kind of game. This fun game is familiar to many. One comes up with a word and tries to explain it with the help of gestures while maintaining complete silence. The second lover is intensely thinking and trying to guess which word is being explained to him or her. The task is complicated by the phrase guessing. As a result, the game turns out to be very funny for a couple in love and for those who are around them. These are quite fun date games to play together.

3. Flurry of Questions

The first date is the opportunity to get to know each other better. So, it’s best to play a game of questions where everyone asks a question and an answer must be truthful. Who needs a lie on a first date? We advise you to come up with questions right now. Maybe you already know that asking a girl a few questions in a row leads to the formation of the image of a boring guy or a prosecutor. games for couplesHowever, when it comes to an interesting game, these questions may help you. The essence of the game lies in the fact that each of you should ask a certain number of questions (from 15 to 25), and on the basis of answers, draw some conclusion about a person. The difficulty is that answers can only be only “yes” or “no”. And this, in turn, precludes the possibility of asking some difficult questions. The winner is the one who can make a fuller image of a partner. Be sure to play dating games with a girl!

4. Spy

This is a great game, which a girl will join with pleasure. Each of us likes to feel like a subtle psychologist who, like a spy, can literally create a complete picture of the life of a stranger in 1-2 minutes. This is what you will do. The essence of the game lies in the fact that each of you makes a psychological portrait of a stranger and tries to conclude what kind of life he/she lives, what he has, etc. Use this game on a date and be sure that it will bring more positive emotions than going to a movie or an amusement park (however, you can continue a date in these places). By the way, you can play this game in another, more interesting way: you will make a psychological portrait not about strangers, but about each other. Of course, the more accurate your conclusions are, the more favorable you will be able to show yourself.

However, if it seems to you that you don’t know how to build your conclusions about someone, then this is not a reason to refuse this game. You can make mistakes because the main thing is not the accuracy of your assumptions, but the emotional outburst itself, which can lead you to a relationship.

5. Questions

This game is aimed at improving mutual understanding with your loved one. The essence of the game is as follows: everyone answers some questions, expressing impressions, sensations, presentations, and then tries to imagine how a partner would answer. All the answers (both yours and the supposed answers of a partner) can be written on a sheet of paper. Then everyone reads own answer and how he or she thinks a partner would answer. Then a partner reads own version and tells own guesses about your answer. And you can exchange sheets of paper and discuss the answers. The meaning of the game is not to find out who knows whom better but to get closer, try to get involved in the perception of a relationship of a partner, and at the same time, convey your vision. Conditions and rules of the game: don’t blame a partner for answers. Be prepared to hear honest answers, no matter how unpleasant they look to you. Be honest and ask your partner to be honest too. You do this not to annoy one another or to catch something, but to uncover the vulnerabilities in your relationship and open up resources to improve them. Thank each other for honesty.

6. Treasure Hunter

This game is familiar to many since childhood. You can play in the park, for example. It can be a great beginning of a date (not the first one, of course). One lover closes the eyes and the second hides some subject. Then a hunter of the “treasure” tries to guess where the hidden thing is and the second person can help with clues: “cold” – if a hunter is very far from the thing, “warm” – if a hunter is near the hiding place. In this game, there can be variations – “hot”, “warmer”, “frosty”, “colder”, etc. It will revive and diversify games for couples in love. The game will be especially interesting if a person, who is hiding the object, is smart and manage to hide it in the pocket of a hunter or on the tree. In such situations, a confused player doesn’t understand where the object is located. In this case, a person who hides “treasure” can say that will give hint for a kiss.

7. Lottery for Lovers

This is one of the most romantic games that you can play and get to know each other. The essence of this game lies in the fact that, each person from a couple writes down 10-15 questions relating to the joint life (date of the meeting, first kiss, etc.) before the start of the game. After that, all questions of both lovers are placed in some container and mixed. Then each of them alternately takes the question from the box and, accordingly, answers it. The winner is determined by the number of given answers: a person who answered better and more correctly wins. To increase the fun entertainment, you can also come up with a punishment for a loser or something like that.

8. Rapprochement

If you want to play cute couple games, this one’s for you. The goal of the game is to write the maximum possible number of sentences that begin with the words: “I love you because you are...” or write positive qualities of a partner in 7 minutes (the option is possible without time limit. But the more, the better). This is a nice game for both. There are no losers. If one of you will write more, the other will receive more compliments. Optionally, the game can be modified.

cute couple gamesAlso, you can play like this: in this game, you need to name words that have a romantic meaning or, on the contrary, have the most common meaning. The game is quite simple and, at the same time, very fascinating due to the fact that most words with a completely ordinary meaning can have romantic overtones. It all depends on you. Read words and enrich vocabulary that only you two can understand.

9. 50 First Kisses

This game is intended for those who are at the very beginning of a relationship, but they are ready to take the next step. The essence of the game is to kiss a partner 50 times with closed eyes. If you are a shy person, however, you are ready to develop relationships and want to show it – the game is suitable for you. Blindfolds are a great excuse to kiss a partner not only on the cheek and also a terrific justifiable argument if a partner is not ready for such a development. This is a really cute game.

Also, there is one more game in that you can get kisses. Such a game will appeal to partners at different stages of relationships: from the most basic to those who have been in a romantic relationship for quite some time. “Code Word” game is fun and easy: before the meeting, partners guess a certain code word. If on a date, a partner says a word you thought up, then you reward him or her with a kiss. This game is loved by lovers because it is universal: those couples who have a long experience of relationships behind their backs don’t lose connection because they know each other well; those couples who are just starting their relationship, learn to feel each other.

10. Fantasy

The most interesting game we left for dessert. But keep in mind that it is not in the list of the first date games. It will be good for people who have known each other for quite a long time. What kind of game without winners? Let it be more pleasant to play for fun, but still, the prospect of reward will give your love game a shade of excitement. It will be better if the prize in your games will be intangible. If the situation allows, dare to challenge each other and play strip checkers. Arrange weekly quizzes and remind about your long-forgotten fantasies that gather dust in the attic of your unfulfilled plans. Treat your partner’s imagination with interest and enjoy each other. In the end, when else it can be so fun and safe to play and decide on romantic follies?

Romantic dating games for lovers mean not only those which you can play in bed and only for “experienced” couples. There are games specially designed for those who are at the very beginning of a romantic relationship and making the first small steps. Also, there are games for those who, perhaps, are extremely shy to take the next step. There are a wide variety of games, about which many articles and blog posts have been written. They reveal the psychology of relationships between different couples and offer a huge number of options where and how to play the listed games.

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