Yoga Poses for Better Sex

Yoga is the perfect physical training that helps men and women regain their strength. People shouldn’t believe that their age is an obstacle to the sound health. You can practice asanas absolutely at any age, the main thing is to start. When you are aware of the correct way of performing of every motion, yoga becomes an assistant in gaining both physical and psychological health, which is the main condition for healthy sexual life, irrespective of age. Any problem in your life directly affects your sexual activity.

sex yoga poses for couples

If you are depressed or suffer from constant stress, you can significantly lose interest in sexual intercourse. Even the slightest health problem can become an obstacle to the excitement and achieving orgasm as well. Besides, depression or a wrong way of life can be the root causes of loss of sexual power and early ejaculation. If you want to be able to get full satisfaction while having sex, you need to stay healthy. Doing that, you will be able to please your partner and enjoy the process. There are many tips on improving the quality of sexual life, nevertheless, it is yoga that is the safest and most effective option. You will be able to enjoy intimacy to the fullest thanks to the yoga sex positions.

How does yoga affect sexual life?

Usually, the word “tantra” is added to the combination "yoga and sex," implying some mystical practices, which turn the process into a miracle. In fact, everything is simpler, more natural and more useful. You can do your favorite kind of yoga, the main thing is to do it regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. The constant practice gradually improves the quality of sex, and it's not only about complicated poses. Here is a short list of yoga sex benefits.

1. Your body becomes more flexible and stronger. Improving the stretching, strengthening the muscles and increasing the overall muscle tone leads to the fact that you can do many poses, you are comfortable with them and more enduring. Asanas involve a variety of muscle groups, you improve the body and the overall impression after several months of practice. One day you will be able to have sex on a yoga ball.

2. You become more sensitive. You will become more sensitive to touches, smells and tastes thanks to the interaction of your body with the outside world. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body, to notice a variety of nuances of sensations. At some point, you understand that you feel the shades of the world. If you compare this state with colors, then there were 7 colors of a rainbow "before" and a thousand shades of nature "after." In sex, such semitones make pleasure even stronger.

3. You can control your feelings. When you run or work out, you use earphones with your favorite music almost all the time. You do exercises mechanically. Yoga is absolutely the opposite. Doing asana, you immerse into the depth of yourself, into sensations and emotions. Your attention is fully inward. You get the ability to distinguish, understand, control your feelings as well as orgasm.

4. You start a love affair with yourself. Practice leads to contact with yourself despite the fact whether you want it or not. Contact with your "shadow" side can be painful. You get a deep understanding of your needs, desires as well as the truth of what you are doing. It becomes very important to be in harmony with yourself. This turns into respect for oneself and awareness of one's own worth, self-confidence. Of course, the quality of sex and relationships becomes important. This is one of the reasons why sex and yoga is a great combination, which everyone should try.

5. You spread your inner energy. Sometimes, there is no time for personal life and having sex. The practice of asanas helps avoid accumulation of tension in the genital area as well as stagnant phenomena and transform the unrealized desire into creativity. In simple words, you "spread" energy throughout the body. So, you should try to practice yoga for sex health if you aren’t engaged in a regular sexual activity.

The most effective yoga poses for better sex: prepare your body

If the main task of fitness is to increase muscle tone, then the main task of yoga is to achieve the highest level of relaxation in your muscles. In sex, everything also leads to the relaxation that’s why yoga for sex goes well.

Therefore, there is the Kamasutra, the Indian science of love, where there are many dizzying yoga sex poses, which are aimed at interaction with a partner in different ways and getting various kinds of pleasure. However, you should pay attention not only to yoga positions for sex but also to those that will help you prepare the body and cope with different problems.

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose). To do this practice, you lie down on the belly, stretching your legs and feet. Put your hands on the sides of the chest and slowly lift the upper body, without changing the position of the lower one. Your back should be maximally straightened in this asana. Press your palms steadily on the mat. In this asana, don't hold your breath for more than 4 seconds. Slowly get down on the mat. This asana will help avoid or get rid of the loss of sexual power, increasing the level of strength during sexual intercourse.

2. Baddha Konasana (Butterfly pose). Sit on the mat, put your feet together, take the toes with your hands and like a butterfly swing your knees up and down, gradually increasing the speed of movement. Your blood rushes to the genital area, making the organs of the small pelvis more elastic, healthier and stronger. If you try this practice, your interest in sex will increase, and you will be able to get more pleasure from the process.

3. Hanumanasana (Monkey pose). Any asana is best performed outdoors. Bend your knees and sit down. Then, leaning on the palm, try to slowly stretch the right leg forward and the left leg back. Stretch your legs as far as you can, stay in the extreme position, bring your hands together as if you are a prayer for several minutes. Doing this practice can be quite difficult, so you should do everything slowly and without haste. When performing this asana, your blood starts circulating more actively in the genital area. You reduce the tension in the muscles of the lower extremities, making them whippier. This practice will help you relax, and you will be able to get the most out of sex.

4. Halasana (Plow pose). To do this asana, lie down on the mat in savasana. Then, after taking a full breath, raise your legs and slowly places them behind the head. You should keep your hands stretched out on the mat in this inverted position. Stay in this pose for several seconds, then return the legs to the initial position. The genital area will be stimulated, and you will be able to turn on much faster. If you do this practice on an ongoing basis, you can get rid of such a problem as impotence.

5. Ushtrasana (Camel pose). Sit on your knees, lift the pelvis and straighten up, leaving your knees pressed to the mat, so you will stay on your knees, and your body will be perpendicular to the mat. Slowly turning the upper body back, try to reach out to the heels with your hands. Stay in the position for several seconds, then return to the initial pose. When you perform this pose, blood starts circulating in the genital organs much more actively. Thanks to this, you will be able to have a brighter orgasm.

The best yoga postures for better sex: get a kick out of sexual intercourse

Yoga has a positive effect on female and male sexuality. Many exercises are aimed at abs and the area below the waist, thanks to which the pelvic muscles tense, building up the strength in your body. Some people get orgasms during such training, but, in general, all the asanas are aimed just at training both pelvic and intimate muscles. You can check the effect of such practice in the bedroom, noticing a better quality of sex. However, do not waste time in vain and start using the most popular sex yoga poses for couples instead of a morning workout. It will be an entertaining pastime, which "works" not only over the body but also gives your couple 100% pleasure. Practice yoga for better sex.

yoga positions for sex 1. Plow pose. You’ve already read about this pose, but now, you will find out how to do it with your partner. A woman lies on her back, raises her legs and gradually lower her knees parallel to the chest and the bed. She can support her back with her hands if it's hard to keep a balance. A man kneels and holds the girl by the hips. This yoga sex position is great for deep penetration.

2. Forward Bend pose. A woman puts her feet-shoulder width apart in a steady position and makes a forward bend as low as possible. A man stands behind. This pose helps a man reach the front wall of the vagina.

3. Downward-Facing Dog pose. A girl gets on all fours, then straightens up in the shape of the letter "V." Her hands should be slightly further than the head, and the legs should be widely spaced. A partner stands behind. This yoga pose is also good for stimulating the front wall of the vagina.

4. Three-Legged Downward-Facing Dog pose. The starting position is "V" as in the previous pose, a man stands behind a woman. When he penetrates her vagina and starts moving, the girl lifts one leg up. She can take the hip to the side for deeper penetration.

5. Bridge pose. A girl lies on her back with feet shoulder-width apart and bends her knees. When the partner is between her legs, she lifts the pelvis, resting on the bed with the hands. Some women experience physical excitement, making this pose during the usual training, so this pose will be a bonus for the passion of partners.

6. Child pose. A woman sits down on her heels, puts her trunk down, putting her breasts on her knees. The head may touch the carpet or the bed, and the arms should be extended forward. The partner kneels behind. This pose will be comfortable for flexible women.

7. Reclining Bound Angle pose. A girl lies on her back, her feet should touch each other, and her knees should be spread. Her hands should be interlocked behind the head. In addition, she can put a pillow under her waist. A man lies on top, leaning on the bed. This pose will help relax and feel closer to each other.

8. Savasana pose. A girl lies on her back, stretching out her legs and turning her palms up. A man can lie between the hips or lie on top. Sometimes, you do not need to invent anything, you should just relax to enjoy the process, waiting for an orgasm a little longer than usual.

9. Happy Baby pose. A woman takes her feet with her hands and spreads her legs to the sides. In this case, the knees should stretch towards the face. The partner is between her hips, and a girl can throw her legs on his shoulders during having sex.

10. Cobra pose. A girl lies down on her stomach, then stretches out on her hands, leaning on her palms. She arises only the upper part of her body. Her legs are slightly spread out so that the partner can lie down from behind. This is one of the win-win yoga poses for sex, which guarantees an orgasm.

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