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  1. What does it mean to settle down?
  2. What age do men want to settle down?
  3. Ready to settle down quotes
  4. Am I ready to settle down: a quiz

There is a moment in the life of every man when he needs to think about having a family, building a house and planting a tree. It is clear that not everyone is eager to run away from the golden free days when they were partying until morning and circumnavigating the world. It is very difficult to give up freedom, and that is why many guys remain lonely wolves for the rest of their days. However, in the early stages of a relationship, all mutual signals are fairly readable.

But everything becomes much more complicated with time when a couple of months or years pass and you can’t say for sure if the feelings of your partner have developed enough to build a family and then live happily ever after, or he has lost interest, and everything that binds you are only habits and mutual memories. What are the signs he's not ready to settle down? Does settling down mean the ending of the happy life and is it so scary as you think? Read below to find this out and answer the quiz at the end to decide whether your time to settle down has already come.

ready to settle down

What does it mean to settle down?

When chemistry between two people happens, they do not even need to be that close to feel that this is «it». Settling down does not mean cutting off all bonds with your friends and devoting the rest of your life to your spouse. You do not have to seek for some special occasion or certain circumstances to make a decision to settle down. If you have been living with your partner for a longer period of time and know each other well, then you cannot notice when he is ready to settle down as everything happens naturally. Spending your time and the time of another person on a hopeless relationship makes no sense. If a guy wants to enjoy the relationship, he, as a man, needs to do his best, but he can sometimes feel frustrated. There is no point in this. Men and women are living in two different worlds, but still irresistibly reaching out to each other. So, settling down, which basically means marrying and starting leading a quiet life bringing up children, is not so scary as many bachelors think, it is just the beginning of a new exciting period.

Are you ready to settle down but single? Maybe you are just taking the situation too seriously. Two people never meet purposely and love does not begin according to the schedule you have decided on. Just let the situation go and take it easy, your time will come because age is just a number. Even if all your friends are already busy planning weddings or preparing for the child birth, this is your life and there is no universal age when to settle down.

What age do men want to settle down?

There is an opinion that men only appreciate a woman’s appearance when in relationship, however, this can apply to young and immature men who are not ready for the adult life and real love. In fact, a man who is serious about a woman is not paying attention to the curves of her body. He treats her as the future mother of their children and is ready to do whatever it takes for her to be happy. So, it is a matter of the time when a man is ready to settle down, yet there are no strict limits and no one can tell for certain what age a man begins to think about the family and marriage. The realization of the importance of settling down can come to some man when they are 20, to others – at 40, it only matters whether there is the right woman near them at that moment. And if you are a woman that is sure enough about the further development of your relationship and want your partner to make next steps but do not know is he ready to settle down yet, there are some major signs that can tell you he would love to do this:

  • He talks about your problems more than his own, tries to solve them.
  • He contacts your parents on his own when he needs to know something.
  • He wants to have a pet.
  • He speaks about your future house.
  • He shares his personal information and feelings with you.
  • He trusts you with the things he would never talk about with anybody else.
  • Almost all his friends know you and you are spending time together without him.
  • He just wants to be with you all the time.
  • His long-term plans involve your presence.
  • He wants to introduce his parents to yours.

Ready to settle down quotes

is he ready to settle downIf you are not ready to settle down, try to change your attitude towards the family life. It is probably the best ending every couple in love can face. When in love and living together, you do not feel as if you are in captivity, every day is full of emotions spent with your beloved. Here are some quotes about settling down and happy family life:

Marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman, where the independence of both parties is equal, the relationship is mutual, and the obligations are mutual. Luis Anspacher

  • It's not a secret that a happy marriage is based on a balance of interests and high stress tolerance. Stephen King
  • The pledge of family happiness is kindness, frankness, and responsiveness. Emile Zola
  • The most important screw in family life is love. Anton Chekhov
  • A good family is the one in which husband and wife forget that they are lovers during the day and spouses at night. Jean Rostand
  • The golden rule of marriage is patience and condescension. Samuel Smiles

Am I ready to settle down: a quiz

Settling down together means mutual plans, worries, hugs, kisses, conflicts, passions and reconciliation 24 hours a day. Are you ready to share them with another person and begin a whole new responsible stage of life? Here is the list of 16 questions concerning this. You can ask your partner to do the test alone as the results will be not biased and you will know if he is ready to settle down.

Love: To your mind, man and woman can be compared to ...

  1. a tree and a wind.
  2. two sharp knives
  3. heaven and earth.
  4. alcohol and fire.

The couple: Which of these legendary couples would be your inspiration?

  1. Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir: The Cold Commonwealth of Geniuses.
  2. Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara: The Battle of Passion.
  3. Romeo and Juliet: an endless feeling.
  4. John and Jackie Kennedy: the legendary family.

Film: How would be a movie about your life together called?

  1. "Incredible Adventures."
  2. "The Fury of Life."
  3. "Lover".
  4. "Dangerous ties".

Sink or swim: What means will you choose to put pressure on your partner?

  1. Tenderness.
  2. Authority.
  3. Conviction.
  4. Money.

Gift: What would you like to give yourself personally?

  1. A year-long leave to write a book.
  2. Travel around the world with friends.
  3. Three months with a loved one on a desert island.
  4. Your own company or enterprise.

Civilazations: Which of them would you like to belong to?

  1. Wise Egyptians.
  2. Militant Mongols.
  3. Mysterious Incas.
  4. Careless Tahitians.

Time: What do you rather associate with this word?

  1. The World Wide Web.
  2. Five continents to travel on.
  3. Antiquities to admire.
  4. A block of marble stone to carve out a sculpture.

Winter: Where do you imagine yourself together in the cold season?

  1. In the snowy park having fun playing snowballs.
  2. On the track of the ski resort.
  3. Chit-chatting in a bar over a mug of something warming.
  4. Together in a hot bubble bath.

Drama: You are going to a party, but he (she) is out of sorts and refuses to go in the last minute. How would you react?

  1. Claim that you will never go anywhere again with them!
  2. Wave her/him goodbye, and head for the party alone.
  3. Put on slippers and turn on the TV.
  4. Starting a psychotherapy session with a partner

Jealousy: To your mind, this feeling means ...

  1. the proof of love.
  2. a need to express yourself.
  3. a lack of maturity.
  4. an unconscious desire to break up.

Animal: Which one do you like better?

  1. Siamese cat.
  2. Pink Elephant.
  3. Wild horse.
  4. Unicorn.

Refusal: She (he) answers you "no" for no apparent reason. For you, this is ...

  1. an abuse of power.
  2. a caprice.
  3. a quarrel to be avoided.
  4. a problem to be solved.

ready to settle down but singleFreedom: What does it symbolize for you?

  1. Master key
  2. Theater.
  3. Bouquet of flowers.
  4. Mask.

Uncertainty: How does it influences you?

  1. Encourages you to act.
  2. Suppresses you.
  3. It is alarming.
  4. Allows you to feel your value.

Living together: Which verb corresponds to your idea of family?

  1. "Unite".
  2. "Share".
  3. "Calculate."
  4. "Fight".

The woman (man) of your life: would you like to know absolutely everything about his (her) ...

  1. childhood.
  2. present.
  3. the past.
  4. the future.

If your score is from 20 to 40:

You are quite ready. Life is a theater for you , and it seems that you are a participant in a continuous string of performances. You have played in several comedies and numerous dramas, but you’re still waiting for a good role and a suitable partner to decide to start a real life together.

You are in love with the love itself, it amazes you. You are an extrovert and act according to your inner longings. You are ready to live together but would prefer not to make concessions. You fear conflicts with your partner. The need to conquer your partner every day inspires and disturbs you at the same time. On the other hand, you like to take over your loved one, but you do not want to bear responsibility for them, to share their plans and concerns. When it comes to your personal needs, you are an idealist and a pragmatist at the same time, but you lack imagination when it comes to the needs of the one (person) who wants to live with you. You think you can say «I want to settle down» but maybe it is too early for you yet.

From 0 to 20:

Not ready. You are ready to share everything with your partner, but you begin to hesitate when it comes to living together. You are terrified that to love means to accept the ego of another person every day, giving up minutes of loneliness or some of your habits. When are you ready to settle down? The time will show.

Perhaps by forcing yourself to play a role that is contrary to your aspirations, you will close other possibilities of self-realization for yourself that correspond to your individuality and your personal development. As soon as you are tempted to live together with another person, offer a “trial period”. Ask your partner to warn you in about two weeks about possible termination of the relationship and constantly hope that you will be loved for a very long time and without any conditions.

From 40 and above:

Absolutely ready. You are a balanced, mature person and can take responsibility. Your only requirement is to have a passion for someone who lives next to you.

The desire to never part more accurately conveys your concept of family life. You have a developed sense of duty, in all situations, you behave adequately. You like to arrange your life to the smallest detail, and sometimes you have the desire to change everything. You often reach your goals, feeling like a strong and successful person.

In family life, you trust ambitions - your own and your partner. And it gives you the strength to generate ideas that can be implemented only together because you and your partner want the same thing.

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