How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 10 Tips for Modern Men

What Modern Girls Really Look for in Their Men

How to be an amazing boyfriend? You should know what women are looking for in men.

how to be a better boyfriend

1. The ability to stand up for themselves and their girlfriends

How to be the best boyfriend ever? You have to be strong. This does not mean that everything must be solved with the use of your fists. We must solve the problem with words and prove our case. It's one thing if a man is called to be weak, and he agrees with that. And it is quite another thing if he proves that he is not weak and will not be afraid of stepping up. I'm not saying that you need to fight, you just have to be prepared for this. The best fight is the one that did not take place. And if a guy is picked on in a university, and he doesn't stand up for himself – he will be picked on until graduation. If he resolves the conflict as a man, everyone will respect him, and no one will say a bad word to him.

It is very important to protect your girlfriend. She will not date a man, who is picked on or beaten and who cries about it. She will think that there is no one to protect her, and you will cry instead of fighting. Such a person loses sexual attractiveness to a woman. This is the main reason why girls love bad guys.

2. The ability to make decisions for themselves and their ladies

It is very common nowadays for a man not to know where he and his girlfriend are going on a date and let her decide on it. She, as a rule, will say that he just needs to pick the place that he likes. And he answers her with the same thing. And it goes on and on. At one time I made the same mistake, thereby trying to shift the responsibility on my girlfriend. And she really didn’t like it. She does not want to make decisions, it is not comfortable for her. She wants a man to do everything for her.

Also, cases in which a man is practically begging for a girl to date him can be attributed to this. This is a big mistake that almost all men make. And the worst thing is when a guy asks a girl to have sex with him. Some men may beg their girlfriends for hours upon hours. But this will never happen. You have to strike the right balance between your masculinity, your willpower and her comfort. A pathetic sad man that is begging a girl to have sex is the worst thing imaginable to any self-respecting woman.

3. The ability to express their opinions

For many men, it is a lot more comfortable to just sit in a corner while others are having fun. It’s not only about their friends. Such a scenario can be traced all the way back to educational institutions. A teacher asks something, and even if a boy knows the right answer – he prefers to stay silent. It is more comfortable this way. There is less room for error and less responsibility. Why should I risk it? If I turn out to be wrong, then they will laugh at me and point their fingers. That's what good boys think. But remember, girls do not like good boys. There are, of course, others who are not afraid to express their opinion even if it is wrong. how to be the perfect boyfriendThey are mistaken, but they don’t care, and this is more appealing. Such men will not be broken by shame or laughter of others. They just don't care what others think of them. They will not sit around, politely and quietly but say what they want. Do you think women love the first or the second type of men? Well, there is no real question about it, it’s the second group of men. How do you behave? Do you need to change your own behavior?

How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 10 Tips for You

Here are some tips on how to be a good boyfriend

1. Talk

The first of the tips on how to be a better boyfriend is the ability to talk. Women love listening to men. They want to laugh at their jokes, they want to hear interesting stories and feel that their men are not only strong but smart and witty. Give her constant compliments, and she will surely get flattered by them. This free method is the strongest antidote to hysteria. Remind her at least every three days that you love her. If you love, of course. Although in addition to confessions you can find many other wonderful words and ways of showing a love that will warm a woman's heart and give her a sense of security. She is with you because of this exact feeling.

2. Make gifts

How to be the perfect boyfriend? Make gifts! Women like all sorts of gifts. Teach yourself to make your wife small gifts for no reason. You cannot even imagine how happy she will become! Although, it is easy to imagine - give her some nice little thing and watch her eyes light up with joy. Making an unexpected gift is the same as making a declaration of love. This is the attention that everyone needs.

3. Hug

How to be a romantic boyfriend? Hug your woman! Hugging is so nice! Probably, you have already forgotten how good it is, so just come up to her and hug. This is a manifestation of tenderness that has a stronger effect on a woman than any expensive gift. If you regularly stroke and hug your beloved woman, she will become more and more beautiful and attached to you with every day.

4. Stay calm

If it is easy to get you stressed, think who of the two of you is a man. Everyone has emotions, but men follow their thoughts, not their emotions. The female psyche is very complex, and it is associated with permanent hormonal changes in the body. This is a fact. Next time, when you see that your wife is "on the edge," stay calm and cheer her up.

5. Ask

It is vital for women to share their thoughts with their men. Listen to her without feeling bored and disappointed. The secret of calling a woman down is in showing your sincere attention, hug your girlfriend and tell her that everything will be fine. Some women want to talk about the most boring stuff. You can ignore them, but do not forget to ask from time to time: how did you feel about it? What do you think about it? Applying this lifehack, you will be a great interlocutor for any woman.

6. Allow her to be herself

How to be the best boyfriend? Let the wife meet with her friends and go somewhere without you from time to time. It's so great, and you will have enough time for your personal affairs. Be sure to sponsor her get-togethers with friends. Anyway, they won’t steal her away from you, but this is another topic.

7. Keep quiet

You should not talk about your ex-girlfriends with your current woman. Discuss your ex with someone else if you can't stop yourself. Well, it is clear that you should not talk about your mistresses if you have them. Once you allow yourself this behavior, you will not save the person from unnecessary stress. Try not to talk about your sexual adventures with your woman.

8. Spend time together

How to be a good boyfriend? Spend 2 hours a week with your wife, just doing interesting things, for example, you can walk the streets, go to a restaurant, work out together, watch a film or draw something. Even if you do not need to spend time together – do it. In time, you will get involved, you will like it.

9. Improve yourself

How to be boyfriend material? Develop yourself into something. It is necessary both for your wife and you. We have come to this world to become better. So, start reading, training, learning new things – your wife will be proud of you. Your constant improvements will encourage a woman to work on herself as well.

10. Remember

To end our list of tips on how to be a good boyfriend for dummies, we should mention something important. Always remember what all this is for. You must have a non-family goal that is aimed at the outside world. A family is your support, with a reliable woman next to you it will be easier to go where you have always dreamed of going. If you regard marriage as an aid to you in achieving your selfish goal, you will do everything to save your family. Learn to motivate yourself like a man! Now you know how to be a great boyfriend, let’s find out how to not be a jealous boyfriend.

How to Not Be a Jealous Boyfriend

Step 1. Accept your feelings and evaluate prospects

The main condition needed in order to overcome passionate incredulity is the following: do not try to look for reservations, find excuses, and unconditionally accept the fact that today the jealousy for your girlfriend exists. The second action at this stage is to clearly draw yourself the perspectives of being under the authority of jealousy. We should examine ourselves carefully and determine what changes have this feeling brought to us.

As soon as jealousy begins to wink at us, we begin to look at our women in a different way, we give rise to some doubts which over time turn into rage and anger. Getting dependent on this feeling, our suspicions of infidelity of a young lady are rapidly exchanged for hostility towards everything that she touches. We come to:

  • how to be the best boyfriend everdesperate hatred;
  • nurturing plans for vicious vengeance on an imaginary opponent;
  • needs to physically eliminate the suspect.

Here’s the first conclusion. In addition to headaches, jealousy brings us absolutely no benefit. And the prognosis is not very encouraging in such a state.

We should not forget that prolonged exposure to stress, which is a feeling of jealousy for your woman and the predominance of destructive emotions are ideal provocateurs of serious psycho-emotional problems, such as depression, they are the culprits of many somatic ailments and cardiovascular pathologies.

Step 2. Study the reasons for your state

This is the most difficult stage, which can bring unpleasant discoveries, but it is necessary to overcome jealousy. Objective: to try to determine which of our emotions and personality traits allowed the evil enemy into our bright love for a woman. We take a sheet of paper and write down our revelations: what our individual qualities, thoughts, desires, needs, experiences, doubts make us vulnerable and defenseless, with what fears we should fight. Each list will consist of different items, and the list may be of completely different length depending on how sincere we are with ourselves.

Step 3. Begin to love yourself

To overcome self-doubt and learn to trust your girlfriend, you need to improve your attitude towards yourself and love yourself. Remember that first, we must hear, understand and accept that we love our personality, and then we can really get rid of jealousy and feel that a woman girl loves us.

We proceed to the practical exercise. Our goal is to define what it means to love yourself. Self-love is:

  • positive attitude to your own self;
  • acceptance of your strengths and weaknesses;
  • respect for your personality;
  • approval of your decisions and behavior;
  • care for your own body;
  • letting yourself to be a winner;
  • the ability to be guided by intuition;
  • responsible formation of your own principles;
  • assessment of your merits;
  • development of your creative endeavors.

The rest is simple, once you love yourself – life becomes much easier.

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