How to date girl out of your league: ultimate guide

Do you have enough confidence to pick up any girl, from a waitress to a celebrity? I highly doubt it. We all like to feel on the top of the world, but sometimes girls can be pretty intimidating. Women can be beginners and phonies, of course. But we are not here to talk about amateurs, we want to aim at the most powerful individuals who have scheduled their career path all the way to the top. Sure, you have to satisfy her requirements as well.

dating someone out of your league

We all have been a little bit insecure when we saw the prettiest girl in the classroom in the hall. Give me a sweaty high five if your knees jiggled like some old pudding when she passed you. Yes, some feelings never fade. Even as grown-ups, we tend to run into women who are way out of our league and that’s pretty impressive (as well as depressive). If one can get rid of all insecurities and improve your social status, whoever reading this article will master it as well. These are some essential tips and tricks that will show you how to get a girl out of your league.

What does ‘out of your league’ mean?

We usually refer this term to women who are either more financially successful, popular, ambitious, or those who are simply more beautiful or so kind and warm-hearted we think we don’t deserve them. This state can be bonded with the actual fact of them being wealthier, or your weak self-esteem you should probably work on. We may feel inferior to girls who dress up, behave or even treat us better. Jealousy or not, we definitely should ensure the fact of “outofleagueness” first!

Signs she is out of your league:

1. She has significantly bigger annual income. And it bothers you tremendously. You don’t want to feel like her servant all the time and blush every time she makes you an expensive gift. Pretty uncomfortable and hurtful, I agree with that fact.

2. Your friends always say that she is too good for you. If you are a total jerk and she is a pure innocent angel, there is high probability your friends will cover up her side and kindly advice you to stay away from this blessed soul.

3. She is way more attractive than you. Judging between genders can be pretty subjective, but if she has tons of fans and followers and you are a no-name, this can be a pretty vivid sign.

4. She is popular. Dating poplar girls can be almost impossible as they are pretty difficult to reach. But again, nothing is impossible!

5. She is way smarter. She has a college degree in chemistry while you are flipping burgers at Mc’Donalds? Time to reconsider your priorities and improve yourself.

how to get a girl out of your league6. She is way cooler than you. If she tried parachuting, kayaking, knows Klingon or is more open in sex, it is a distinctive sign you might be too boring for her. Dating a woman out of your league will be impossible unless she is blind or you are a workaholic.

Typical mistakes about picking up girl out of your league:

1. You start boasting as if she would never find out. This is straight up showing a pure bad tone. You should be ashamed of lying when dating someone out of your league.

2. You intentionally insult her to feel better. You underestimate her wins and don’t celebrate every step she makes. Besides that, you make fun of her clothing or manner. What a dick move!

3. Thinking beauty guarantees her being out of your league. Being insecure and objective are slightly different things, don’t you think?

How to be more confident with women?

Dating popular girls or just dating someone out of your league gives you the need to get your shit together and finally become a true alpha man she deserves.

1. Be sincere and open. Although you passionately want to lie about your income or heritage, it is crucial that you remain true to yourself and faithful. That way, you will get some extra points for being a good boy.

2. Train on less posh girls. Cruel as it sounds, but you can start with easier girls and slowly work your way up to some business ladies or models.

3. Visit seminars or read guides that will teach you how to be more confident. Don’t be afraid to get help from a coach or a psychologist.

4. Improve yourself. Find something that distinguishes her from you and start doing it better.

5. Improve your appearance. Becoming slimmer and slicker will boost your confidence right away.

How not to be afraid of failure?

1. Fail. Paradoxically, but if we are afraid of something, the best way to overcome this fear is to face its worst outcomes. So if she dumped or rejected you after you found out she's out of your league, it will certainly make you stronger.

2. Don’t approach her until you feel completely ready. When you have improved yourself to the point you feel steady to stand on your own feet, now it is time to impress a girl.

confidence with womanHow to impress a girl out of your league:

Be sound. Try to advertise yourself as though you are an ad on Facebook, but don’t be as annoying!

Be reliant and assertive. Even if you think that she is better than you, it is finally time to understand the reason why you think so and make a move. Be a real man. Real men never fail to win a girl’s heart.

Be open about your flaws. Only strong people admit their imperfections.

Do’s and Don’ts

DO! Act like a real man and work on your skills. DON’T! Lie about your status or try to intimidate her.
DO! Ask her on a date and take a chance!
DON’T! Stalk her on social media and act creepy.
DO! Embrace rejection like a real man.
DON’T! Talk shit on social media in case of being rejected.

If you found out she’s out if your league, it should be your main motivation to start expressing yourself and working on your skills. Soon or later, you should get a heart of an ‘unreachable’ woman. Only law of attraction and titanic work!

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