How to date with herpes: comprehensive guide

If you like to date and sleep around, sometimes life can give you a powerful backlash. The consequences of dating multiple partners can be different: you can either gain more knowledge and experience or get an STD. Sexually transmitted diseases are something Christian children don’t get but you might someday.

Have you ever experienced genital herpes? Hopefully, you haven’t. But what was the point of clicking here unless you are a sick person or a curious medical student? Do you even have sex while having an STD? What are the most uncomfortable symptoms? How to tell your partner you’ve got an infection? How to treat this horrible disease and prevent having it for the second time? Can you not transmit it to your lover if you have sex with a condom? These are the most requested questions that we will shed light on in this article. No need to jump from one anonymous forum to another. Just find a good doctor and read some wise thoughts on dating after herpes.

sex with herpes

What is herpes?

Genital herpes happens in men and women. It is an infection on the external or internal genital organs that causes a lot of pain and inconvenience both for its “owner” and for his or her sexual partner. Herpes simplex of the genitalia is the second most common form of the disease, among other clinical variants of herpes. The cause of its development is the herpes simplex virus. The most common herpes simplex virus is type 2. Genital herpes can occur as a result of primary infection with the virus, and as a result of re-infection, including during sexual intercourse. This form of herpes simplex is the most unpleasant one, since it significantly reduces the quality of a person’s life and significantly limits intimate relationships. Nowadays, the “herpesphobia” formed in the society is associated with genital herpes.

Types of herpes

There are primary and recurrent genital herpes. In some cases, there are asymptomatic simplex genital herpes cases. Primary genital herpes usually develops in young people after the onset of sexual activity. Primary genital herpes in men is characterized by a large lesion area that can capture the head, foreskin and skin of the penis, as well as the scrotum. Less commonly, rashes are localized on the inner surface of the thighs and buttocks. Clinical manifestations of primary genital herpes is characterized by pronounced edema and hyperemia of the genital organs. The number of grouped bubbles arising after this, sometimes with unclear contents, is always large. In this regard, after their dissection, extensive moist erosions are formed, having rounded shapes.

Erosions can gradually merge with each other and transform into shallow painful ulcers. Healing of the wound surface usually occurs within 2-4 weeks. On the site of the former rash may remain whitish spots.

However, women tend to suffer from herpes even more often. Genital herpes in the vaginal area is the most common case of scenario. In addition to the external genital organs, lesions of the mucous membrane of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, urethra and bladder are possible. In some cases, in addition to herpes, the urethra, cervical canal, the body of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, rectal ampullae occur on the genital lips of women. The weaker the immune system, the higher their likelihood. Usually, women suffer from rashes, itching and bubbles, filled with liquid, around the genital area.

partner with herpes Symptoms and diagnostic of herpes:

If you have a partner with herpes, you probably have heard some of the concerns, among which are rashes and painful bubbles, filled with liquid. Among other symptoms, in both men in women, are: burning and itching of the genital organs, redness, pain and swelling in the penis and labia, general weakness, fever, headache, lymphadenopathy of the inguinal region, the appearance of lesions on the genitals.

When diagnosing herpes, both primary and reoccurring form, it is necessary to go to the doctor and conduct a number of laboratory tests: enzyme immunoassay, direct immunofluorescence, polymerase chain reaction. Why is this disease so tricky? It is because some of the forms have no symptoms, so patients have no idea they have STDs, transmitting the infection to a partner and risking their health, which is the most detrimental for women, as herpes lowers the possibility to have children in the future. The key to the problem of genital herpes is the correct approach to treating a disease and preventing its recurrence.

Regardless of the location of lesions and the frequency of exacerbations, complex treatment is always necessary. The most common mistake is to restrict therapy exclusively to local antiviral agents. Local therapy does not help but only eliminates the skin manifestations of the infection. Since the herpes simplex virus lives inside the body, it is necessary to act on it from the inside, i.e. systemically. Also, having sex with herpes is not recommended, as it might worsen the problem.

How to tell your partner that you have herpes?

The first and the most important rules is to TELL YOUR PARTNER YOU HAVE HERPES. Having sex with STD is extremely dangerous, and it is traumatic for both of you. Even if you have an intercourse, using a condom, you can cause damage to swollen and fragile area, and your partner might get an infection he or she never knew existed, so the question about your next date will not even be the case. But regardless of what you choose, being transparent is your obligation as a human being. Decide for yourself what is better – having sex with a person and never seeing him or her again, or be faithful and understood?

Dating with herpes should start with something like: “Hey, I have something to tell you…” The person might react by rejection, or say they don’t mind and using a condom should be enough. In that case, you’re safe, and so is your reputation.

Sex with herpes

Sex with herpes localized on the genital area is dangerous because of the high risk of infection, and because of the intimate contacts micro-traumas of the mucous membrane often occur. To conduct a fully safe sexual intercourse is almost impossible. In cases where a partner feels the approach of the disease or when a rash has already appeared, you should refrain from all types of sex, including oral. The risk of contracting herpes is reduced in the intervals between relapses, but pathogens can also become infected when there are no visible symptoms. If you are dating a girl with herpes, she might wait before you go down on her as well.

It is better to use male condoms and fully abstain from sex before the outbreaks disappear. Also, try medication, and if you feel that you might have infected your sexual partner, tell him or her immediately, and put him or her on medication as well.

Dating with herpes rules: do`s and don’ts

STD dating is no joke because you are risking both lives at the end of the day. One in six adult people suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, so there should be no problem telling him or her beforehand.

DO: put on a condom. Unsafe sex is stupidity that everyone takes at their own risk, and there is no secret about that, but not seeing visible rashes and thinking: “Oh well. It itches like hell and I can’t pee properly, but it should be good, right?” Wrong. Stupid approach of a childish person.

dating after herpesDON’T: neglect contraception. Condoms are good friends when you have an STD.

DO: abstain from giving a head. It concerns girls. Herpes is a sneaky disaster that comfortably lives on your lips and transmits onto your vaginal area. If you see that the penis of your partner is swollen or red, looking weird or having rashes, it is high time for you to ask about the cause and why he let you go down on him.

DON’T: hide your symptoms, hoping for them to go away. That is just pure nonsense.

DO: go to a doctor IMMEDIATELY! Further medication is crucial.

DON’T: hope for it to go away some morning or randomly google oils from STD’s. Because you are no doctor, you can simply mix herpes with some other genital infection and apply wrong medication.

DO: tell your partner honestly.

DON’T: have sex with herpes if you can wait, of course!

Should you date someone with herpes?

STD dating is something adults should consent on. If you want to make out and then blacklist each other on social media, then dating with herpes infected person doesn’t worth it. If you are the one who’s caught an STD, then you should at least be honest and ask about a second chance once you are clean and ready to have sex. Overall, if you trust your partner and it all can wait, then why the hell not?

Dating after herpes

Dating with herpes is a bad idea, but what about a post-herpes date? Can you have sex right after you’re cured and fresh and clean? See, herpes is a reoccurring disease, so if you keep on going on random dates with random people and put your penis into random vaginas, this infection will be chronical and very painful.

Sure, some things we need to learn the hard way. At least, now you are more knowledgeable about dating with an STD. If you have it, get well soon, and if you read this article out of pure interest, then good for you and save yourself!

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