How to Enjoy Being Single

Have you been alone for a long time and couldn’t find a worthy soul mate? All your friends are already married but you are not? Everyone says that you will remain alone forever? Don’t listen to anyone! If you stay out of a relationship for a long time, this is not the reason to be sad. Loneliness can also be enjoyed. It’s not a disease. It’s just a period of time. It is clear that all people want love, warmth, romance, and affection, but if you are alone, then don’t despair and get the maximum pleasure and benefit from it. Let’s look at the ways that will help you enjoy your freedom and feel happy even being single.

being single and happy

Being single is awesome

Why being single is better? Experts say that it’s absolutely normal and even good to be lonely. Just look at these proofs:

1. You can go wherever you want

Carefully study your wish list. Is there a country to which you always wanted to move? Maybe you just want to change the field of activity or place of work? If yes, then you can go wherever you want since there is nothing that makes you stay in a country or a city in which you live now.

2. You can see other people’s mistakes

Some of the best people you can learn from are those who live a life that is different from yours. Talk to your friends about a relationship and learn from their mistakes that led to a divorce and don’t waste a lot of money on a family therapist.

3. You can date someone but do it better now

When you are 30-something, it seems that time has slowed down a little. You don’t want to start a new relationship or date for the sake of a future family. By 30, you already imagine a perfect person for you and are able to sort out those people who don’t fit this idea.

4. You can grow as a person

You don’t spend energy on relationships but you can spend it on personal growth. Attend a couple of new lessons or immerse yourself in a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try. This is how to enjoy being single.

5. You can spend money only on yourself

Look at the bank account and be proud of yourself for being so frugal and knowing how to save money. Now you can spend your money the way you want without worrying about taking care of someone else.

how to enjoy being single6. You can build a career

When you are engaged in a career in your 20s, you can face the choice: make a career or focus on relationships. But when you are 30 or more, you can reach the heights in your career and no one will slow you down.

7. You can spend weekends as you like

If watching TV sounds to you like a perfect day off, you can spend it that way and no one will judge you. You can also watch your favorite TV shows and no one will ask you to “switch to a melodrama”.

Why being single is okay

Often, after a breakup, a person finds a new partner. Many people do it only for not staying “alone” or of the fear of being single. As a result, selectivity in partners decreases because of this and communications are not always pleasant. This race for relationships can arise just because of the fact that it is difficult for a person to be alone or he/she is tired of being single.

A man or a woman is not just afraid of being alone, they are afraid of staying alone with themselves. However, it may sound paradoxical but many people have never been alone with themselves. Many people immediately start own family as soon as they leave parental home or there are constant “running” from one relationship to another. And then there is absolutely no time for being alone to think about experiences. Someone is simply scared to see their own bad sides and relationships seem to shade what is hiding inside. The game of “hide and seek” can last for a long time. But sooner or later, it will have to be stopped.

Also, there are also many stereotypes associated with single women. A woman of 30 years “must” be ashamed of being alone. Condemnation can come from relatives and colleagues. Success and women’s “happiness” is the creation of a family and the birth of children. This stereotype is due to the fact that there is a distribution of roles in society and a woman is assigned the role of a “homemaker”. But the world is changing, women already have the opportunity to choose and be successful in fields they want. And loneliness in a personal life is always fixable. There are many perks of being single and this is true.

As one philosopher said: “In order to achieve maximum closeness with another person, you must get to know yourself and become a mature person as well”. Therefore, it is absolutely not necessary to enter into dependent relationships with other people to feel not alone. It’s enough to become interesting for oneself and then the feeling of loneliness will not come up.

Benefits of being single

Many of your friends think that loneliness is bad. If you are single, then you are anti-social, you are wrong and, in general, this is a real problem and you need to fight it. But this is not true. Although, of course, there is different loneliness (we are not talking about strange people who are afraid of everyone and everything). You’ll understand everything now. When you learn how to enjoy being single, you will become a more interesting person. And we will easily prove it to you.

As you understand, to be alone often means to be able to do a lot of things on your own and spending all the time you need on oneself. A lot of people feel quite comfortable in such conditions, which can’t be said about others. To be honest, it doesn’t always make sense to start a relationship in order to have fun. Loneliness can be no less comfortable than family life. And here are five advantages of being single.

1. You can do everything you want

Having created a family, you realize that there is almost no time for personal needs. In some cases, you are invited to go to dinner with friends of a partner who are not interesting to you at all. And in other situations, you have to spend weekends with your family, despite the fact that you want at least temporarily to change the situation and relax a little. When you live on your own, all the time belongs only to you.

2. Ability to focus on important things

If you have a job that you really love (a hobby or a startup), a single life is just the time that allows you to focus on the importance itself and create the foundation for the future. Psychologists believe that the maximum efforts made in this direction will help achieve a high professional level. This will make you feel strong and happy very quickly. It is not necessary to turn into a workaholic but the absence of family cares allows you to use your personal efforts as productive as possible, without being distracted by extraneous matters.

3. Loneliness brings less suffering

It is much harder to experience moments of loneliness being part of a family than being single. That’s right – married people feel lonely quite often. A single life has many advantages. For example, you get bored, you turn off the TV, you get yourself together and go get acquainted with new, interesting people. And you can interrupt communication with them exactly when you want it.

4. You can meet with people you like

Communicating with friends is a very important part of our daily reality as well as a pledge of a healthy and happy life. That is why the creation of strong friendships is so important – it can enrich your existence. And now think how many difficulties are created by married people to each other in this respect. They require additional attention to themselves, they are jealous and forbid to see friends.

advantages of being single5. Adventure during travel

This is one of the best ways to get a lot of fun. Going to somewhere alone, you get rid of the burden of responsibility for the whole family and gain the opportunity to enjoy new experiences. This is what makes you feel more relaxed and ready for new adventures. In addition, the choice of a place to rest also depends only on your personal preferences. And this is half the success.

How to be single and happy

So, you are left with yourself – with a person who shares your interests, attachments, and views on life. You are happy to be single. But now you don’t know how to spend a day? Here are some activities for you:

1. Go where you want

Do you know how pleasant it is in an empty theater day? And how comfortable is it to attend exhibitions alone? There is no hurry, no need to maintain a languid intellectual conversation, and so on. Finally, you don’t wait for anyone for half an hour. This is how to enjoy being single.

2. Find a hobby for yourself

Just learn how to force yourself to do it. Inspiration, of course, is a good thing but it’s a favorite excuse of lazy people. Spend some time on something interesting every day and you will like it in a month.

3. Jog in the morning

This is not as useful as it seems, but it encourages. This is especially important now because you don’t have anyone who can be your emotional outlet.

4. Don’t drink too much alcohol

Drink it if you really want it and not because you have too much free time. It is even more dreary to do this alone than it seems.

5. Keep taking care of yourself

Even if you go for a walk alone, you have to be neat and not in the dimensionless dirty clothes of an ancient hermit. In general, there shouldn’t be an antisocial element. Singles are an integral part of society.

6. Don’t confuse singles with losers

A single is still a complete person with specific life goals and a loser is a person who tries to go home from parties as quickly as possible because his or her mother says to be home at 11 p.m.

7. Don’t rush into new relationships

If you have the desire to return to public life, then don’t screw up. Don’t start a completely unnecessary romance (especially, most likely, it is even not romance because after a lack of communication, any relationship seems serious). In short, don’t spoil your life again.

8. Become an interesting person

Being single and happy, some people must survive the tragedy before they realize how brief their stay in this world is. It is important to stay alone at least sometimes. It is fine. But this time is often spent on other people. In this situation, be interested in people who are part of your life. Listen carefully to what they say. Watch what they do. Try to understand them. And you will be the best for others. Remember that true love will come. It just takes some time. Don’t rush to the first person who comes to you and draws attention to you because it will not lead to anything good. You will only rape yourself, dating an unloved person and waste your time although this time can be spent on true love.

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