How to Find Out If Your Wife Is Cheating


  1. Female Infidelity as a Disease
  2. How to Find Out If A Wife Is Cheating?
  3. Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating?
  4. Signs Your Wife Is Cheating
  5. How Can You Track Her Communication?
  6. How to find out if someone is cheating, using TrackView for free?

Female Infidelity as a Disease

It is easier for men to cheat on their female partners. For them, this is the most common process, just like drinking a cup of coffee. However, they don't give meaning to this action. For them this is mostly just a way of doing something different, experiencing something (and someone) new in sex. But, as you can see, this article isn’t called “how to find out if he's cheating on me?” The ladies do exactly the opposite, they decide to cheat with a full understanding of the responsibility that is upon their shoulders. A woman is completely overwhelmed with feelings and emotions, and she isn’t doing that as some sort of a sexual adventure, but rather as a statement to her husband.

how to find out if someone is cheating

She may show some remorse afterward, but in the process of sex, believe me, she enjoys the hell out of it. While there are obvious exceptions to this, you cannot deny that this is true, women mean more by such an action. As in everything they do, there’s more emotional context. This can be either a type of revenge, or this can be a weird way to make a statement, or to simply feel care and attention that you are unable to give her. They rarely do it for sex alone though, as we’ve said, it’s more about the emotional side of things, then about physical.

But how can you know if a girl is inclined to cheating or not? How to find out if someone is cheating on you? How can you find out if someone is cheating on you or not, using a smartphone? Today we will describe just that and many other issues.

How to Find Out If A Wife Is Cheating?

Ask your girlfriend about the family in general. Ask her about her childhood and her approach to family values. How to find out if someone is cheating? Look into their past. Ask your girlfriend about her past relationships, see what kind of a reaction she has to a question like that. If a woman was the reason for a breakup, yet it seems to you that she is hiding something, and it is possible that she cheated on her previous partner, and thus, it is possible that this may happen to you. As a rule, people do not change, but we are all individuals, so don’t just throw every woman you meet in the same boat. What are some other ways to find out if she is cheating?

Don’t forget about her friends. If you happen to meet them, do not miss the chance to ask them a question or a few about your girlfriend. But in any case, do not be too intrusive, try to behave naturally because you are new to them, and they have known her for years. Do you think they will tell you all the truth about her?! You cannot really ask them the direct question like, “Has she cheated on her boyfriends in the past or not?” but you can gather the same information if you know the right approach. Observe the way others treat her. Her friends are true lifesavers in this, as, lots of very important information about your girlfriend can be gathered from them alone. They can tell you lots of different stories about her.

It is important to find the truth in these stories and draw conclusions, whether a girl is worthy of attention or not. However, be cautious with what you say, and remember, you are a spy in this, and they are not your friends, they are just sources of information.

how to find out if someone is cheating on youHow to Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating?

The answer to this may lie in you. If a girl cheats on her man, he may be the main reason for it, even without knowing it. If you've stopped giving her gifts, flowers, saying compliments and kissing her gently before going to bed, this could be a pretext for her to look for someone on the side. She has to fill the void that you no longer occupy. The ability to calculate and prevent this situation is absolutely real, but it requires quite a bit of attention and love to her. In order to avoid such an outcome, you should show your love for her.

We have already mentioned such ways of showing your attention above, but the main thing is that she should enjoy these gifts. Her disappointment in you, in the ways you care for her and the things you gift her, may all be the reasons for her infidelity. It is quite easy to make a gift, yet it is very hard to pick the right gift, the one she will care for, the one that will show your love. On the other hand, if you are not delighted with your partner and are not going to build a serious relationship in the future, then there is no point in bothering with all of that. Just don't waste your time on these thoughts. In fact, you will only help her by not interfering in her private life, let her have it, she isn’t worthy of you anyway.

But how to find out if your spouse is cheating in a long-distance relationship? This distance only increases the possibility of infidelity. In this situation, you need to call her more often. Speak via mobile phone, arrange Skype calls, there are lots of ways in which you can maintain the long-distance voice communication. Ask what your girl is going to do in the evening or on the weekend, where she spends her free time and what she does. If a girl is cheating on you, she will be less likely to answer your calls and will avoid talking to you in every possible way. But, at least in my opinion, long-distance relationships are a waste of time, especially if you are a jealous person by nature, such a relationship will ruin every single nerve cell in your body. If you think that your girlfriend may potentially do such a thing, then forget about her, and don’t even consider continuing your relationship if it is bound to be kept via long-distance communication alone.

Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

How to find out if she is cheating? You should observe and study her behavior and see, whether any of the following aspects of behavior seem familiar.

She Does Not Want to Have Sex with You

In case you didn’t do it before, well… why are you reading this? But if you had sex with her once or twice a week, and now sex is absent from your bedroom, then something is wrong in this relationship. It is worth thinking that your wife may have already cheated on you with someone. This is especially the case if nothing has changed in your sexual life, and it is neither about diseases, nor injuries or etc. Perhaps you should see a doctor get her checked for any such thing.

She Acts as If She Is Sorry

If she has managed to cheat on you - then she will try to make amends. Gentle words, special attitude to you, including in bed – all these things should alert you. If earlier she was cold in many respects, and now she is completely different, without a reason for that, then don’t deceive yourself, it is quite likely that she has cheated on you. The harder she tries, the more intimate were her sins.

She Often Turns Off Her Phone

It's one thing if she is busy at work or she is studying. It is completely another thing if, all of a sudden, she has become quite unaware of her phone’s battery life. This is a habit, and if a person wasn’t good at their phone’s battery life in the past, it doesn't change, the same goes for the opposite. Buy her a new battery for her phone, illuminating all possible excuses for the future. You should know the fine line between just unfortunate coincidences and deliberate lying.

She Often Stays Late After Work or Studying

If you know that her lectures or her workday ends at the same time every day, yet she comes back home like two hours later than that – something is fishy. Ask her where she was. If she says that she was just visiting a friend, it’s ok, but only if it doesn't happen on a permanent basis. But if such visits to a friend are regular, what kind of a friend is that? Maybe she's lying to you? Do not forget the main thing: if a girl is cheating on you, then, most likely, she doesn’t receive something from you and compensates this shortage by dating someone else. Therefore, it is also necessary to think about your own behavior. And this is quite hard, but try to be honest with yourself, have you changed your attitude towards her? If you are all right, you are a normal guy who does everything for her - it is worth talking to her.

How Can You Track Her Communication?

Here’s a sign of possible infidelity. She often receives messages or makes a call, when she goes to another room. Your wife’s phone can tell you a lot about her most secret of hobbies. You only need to check out some of her incoming and outgoing messages. She might be using some additional passwords on her accounts, this may also be a sign that she is hiding something. If this is something that you notice to be an ongoing theme in your relationship, then you might probably be interested in some way of making yourself sure, whether she is cheating on you or not.

How to find out if someone is cheating on Facebook or another social network? The following information will be very useful to you.

It is quite easy to find good spyware today, and we’ve got two of such programs for you to check out. These are WardenCam and TrackView. The principle of operation of both programs is similar.

how to find out if a wife is cheating​The first one has some advantages, namely: it is possible to connect an account to Dropbox, where you can store video from her phone. But this program does not work with some mobile devices, such as Nexus 7.

But the program TrackView is much more interesting, it is universal and suitable for all devices. It not only can organize video surveillance from the phone, but it is full-featured spyware for complete control over the device. It gives you the opportunity to track the location of the device, to obtain data from the camera, even control the microphone. This program allows you to do practically everything that her phone is able to do, and, the most important thing is, only a proficient user will be able to find it.

How to find out if someone is cheating, using TrackView for free?

First, you need to download the program from the Play Market. It is free and isn’t a virus. TrackView needs to be installed on the Android smartphone, that has to be kept track of. This can be any device that has a built-in webcam.

How to Configure Trackview Spy Software?

  1. After downloading and running TrackView, you need to log into each account on each device.
  2. Then, on each device, several functions like video viewing, microphone control, and location control will appear.
  3. In the camera tab, you can control not only the image from the web camera, but you can also archive data, record video, or activate a microphone to transmit voice messages.
  4. Geolocation is directly connected to Google Maps. The device’s location is identified either via the Internet or via GPS.

In addition, the TrackView app allows you to: watch and download recorded files, configure message filters, run and configure motion detectors, and other features. In fact, the program is very simple and convenient, the interface is very easy to use and even the newest of users will be able to use it, so there will be no problems with the installation and activation of the product. There’s only one thing to take into account, and it’s that the device must always be active, and it cannot be tracked while it’s turned off.

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