How to properly compliment a girl

Have you ever got embarrassed trying to compliment a girl? You tried to seem nice and gracious but something went wrong — a ridiculous phrase or too trivial "you're beautiful" would always spoil an impression of you. Well, you shouldn't worry, because, as easy as it gets, to compliment a woman is like any other skill you can master, and now it's high time to do it.

compliment a girl

Reasons why to compliment a woman

If you're not quite sure what complimentary words are all about, it's how a girl would perceive you as a man. It's really important to make a proper impression, as making compliments can be regarded as a competitive sport: every attractive girl receives tons of compliments regularly, but most of them remain ignored. To avoid being in such group of "losers" that find it hard to gain women's appreciation, you need to know exactly how to use complimentary words and when it's suitable to do so. Let's begin.

Best situations to make a compliment

People in general like being noticed, one would greatly appreciate if her interests and details are observed, yet it can be quite challenging to find out what's in somebody's head, so you need to start with a good tactical approach and, obviously, attentiveness. Have you seen her in the same dress all over and over? Well, it may be her favorite one. Maybe you noticed some music band on her smartphone wallpaper? I bet she'll talk about it with you with great pleasure.

Remember, that the best way how to compliment a girl is to share an excitement and appreciation about her tastes or likes. You know she's a book worm? It's time to dig up all your reading experience. She's got a favorite movie? A dish? Let her know you like it too and that you think she's made great choices. Such approach is very effective due to human nature — everyone strives to be a bright noticeable personality, and such unique compliments is the best way to make people feel special, especially when it comes down to compliment a girl.

If you know she's proud of some of her character traits or she openly talks on what she likes about herself — that's also a simple and proper start to make sweet compliments for her — if she agrees with a compliment from you, she'll take it personally for sure, and, as a result, will consider you more credible and your compliments more valuable. It might be even a thing that she doesn't even consider as a positive trait, but, nevertheless, knows about herself. If she's always eager to tell you something that happened — you can make a remark on what an open and sincere person she is.

compliment a womanWomen always overthink their problems and doubts. They care about struggles at classes or work, they can spend hours looking in the mirror at themselves and thinking about how ugly the shape of their nose is. If you know what's exactly bothering her — encouraging and releasing appearance doubts is a good call. Tell her she's very devoted to her activities and you like how seriously she takes her life. Although it won't be unique compliments, they are something that a woman absolutely wants to hear.

Difference in compliments for different cultures

You already know you have to be attentive to details, and it's especially true when we are talking about different cultures. You don't want to compliment a woman in regard of her skin tone when you know she's sensitive to this topic, right? In the best case she will be confused, in the worst - she'll get offended and will consider you a racist or a pervert, or a mucker — you name it. Now that you remember it's very important not to insult a culture of a girl, you can make an advantage of it! It all depends on your knowledge or desire to get some knowledge about her culture. She's French? You can impress her with talking on her national dishes and you can pick the best compliments for girls by analyzing the correlation between how they look, what they wear, what they talk about and what you know about their country and culture.

If you're in her cultural environment - her country, her apartment or even her culture-related restaurant, you can show her that you feel like home there — she will be amused. Feel free to ask and to show genuine interest in her cultural features. Maybe she's in a national dress right now? Don't you dare to ignore it! If she wears or speaks on it — then it's something important to her, and when you appreciate what's important to her — you know you're going in the right direction.

How to compliment Slavic women

Let's get narrower at this point. What do you know about Slavic women? Well, one thing for sure — they are considered to be a save spot for men that are tired of "strong and independent" PC western woman. They generally recognize a man to be the head of the family and are considered to be very supportive and loyal, but how do you make proper compliments for a girlfriend which is of a Slavic nationality? Despite general remarks on beauty and appearance (if you notice she puts a lot of effort into it, of course) you can admire her opinion on lifestyle and family — as you will find it quite contrastive to those of a western-minded progressive society. Slavic women tend to have strong long-term commitments, they rarely consider 10+ sexual partners in the whole lifetime to be normal, they seldom despise it and think of being "the keeper of a hearth". Isn't it admirable for real? Let her know that. Slavic women seek for a strong shoulder they can lean on and get support — keep that in mind when you compliment a girl from Eastern Europe.

Mistakes to avoid

You know you can't be precise and correct all the time — it's quite hard to read someone's mind. But you absolutely can avoid some unnecessary and rude behavior while making compliments. First thing is not to do it just for the sake of a compliment. You have to believe in what you say, you have to be ready to explain and to prove it; otherwise, it may seem cheesy or even hypocritical. Then, you have to be cautious about the frequency of your compliments — don’t tell it one after another, your words will be gradually weakened and kind compliments for girlfriend can turn into merely annoying.

Be careful while making comparisons — it's safe when you're being some kind of poetic, but if you say something questionable, for example, comparing her to some other girl in terms of appearance or character traits — you might be walking on the edge. And the final thing is, of course, to be attentive to details. If a woman thinks you're not sincerely interested in her, what's the point to compliment a woman at all?

Making compliments

Well, we are done with the theory. Now it's high time to learn some catchy ways of how to compliment a girl. Compliments about appearance. Oh, girls love it, they expect it, they want it. Yet, it doesn’t mean you should turn trivial and say something like "you look nice", "you're beautiful", especially when you really want to impress her. Ybest compliments for girlsou can turn on your inner poet and create a great metaphor, it shouldn't be a genius one, something like "you're shining like a Polar star in this evening gown" is good enough. Be specific: make remarks on her hair, legs, makeup, ask her how she's managed to look so nice, questions can be better compliments than declaratives.

Family and friends. Her social environment plays a great role in her life, and if you know something about it, or are just interested — it's a wonderful foreground to make compliments. If you have ever tasted her mother's bakery, oh, believe me, she will take a compliment on it personally. Her friends are her choices too, so if you like or are interested in them, it means you’re interested in her.

Her thoughts and concerns. You've got to be aware of her worldview and life values, and that's a very edgy moment. You can offend a pro-feminist girl if you pay for her in a restaurant or you can offend a Slavic girl by expecting her to split the check. This aspect requires you to be very cautious and careful about what's going on in her head. So the best compliment, in this case, is to admire her thoughts and aspirations, make her know you respect her hobbies and activities she's involved in.

Make unusual compliments. Don't you dare to make a remark on her ass or tits, especially when you barely know her. You need to get creative there - notice when she's talking about something she's interested in and tell her that you like how her eyes shine beautifully when she talks about it, proceed with discussing her interests, and, once more — do not annoy, make your words special for her.

Well, that was an easy introduction to how to compliment a girl, so it isn't that hard, is it? Everything comes down to being attentive, curious, creative and honest. Remember that and soon girls will be amazed at what a gracious and nice person you are.

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