How to Take a Break in a Relationship Without Breaking

"I do not know what to do next. Let's take a break for a while, let's sort things out in ourselves and in our feelings for each other,” - many couples come to such conclusion when they find themselves in a situation that cannot be resolved with simple negotiations. A misunderstanding, a disagreement, a sense that you are living with a stranger because many people seem to get tired of all these feelings, they feel like they lack the strength to continue, but they are also afraid to put an end to their relationship, and they hope that things might get better again. But what does a relationship break even mean?

taking a break in a relationship

What Does Taking a Break Mean in a Relationship?

When a relationship comes to a standstill, you unwittingly ask yourself a question, "Should I reanimate my feelings or just break up?" But neither the one way nor the other is usually that easy. Tired of uncertainty and mental anguish, people come to the conclusion that a pause is the best option there. Having lived separately for some time, you can evaluate all the pros and cons, think about the future prospects of your mutual future and, most importantly, understand whether you need that person and can imagine your life without them. However, it is worth considering the fact that people often take a break when they do not know how to initiate a breakup. Not all people have the courage to say, "I don't love you anymore."

Psychologists warn that a pause is not a panacea for all the issues that you may face in love. If you think that problems will disappear by themselves after a month spent separately, then you are greatly mistaken. In the first place, your meeting will bring back the memories of why you have decided to split. Therefore, if you have an unsolved problem now, it is better to make an effort and come to a consensus. However, sometimes a pause in relationships is simply necessary, especially if you are being constantly close to the “irritant,” and you do not have the opportunity to feel the underlying psychological processes that occur in your mind. It is done precisely to calm down, sensibly assess one’s behavior and that of a partner, analyze their mistakes and, perhaps, forgive them, so a short break in relationships is necessary.

In addition, when thinking about taking a pause, ask yourself the following question, "Are you just looking for an excuse to break up?" If you absolutely do not expect anything from this relationship, then, most likely, you should not try to reanimate it, it will be a waste of your time. In this case, it will be more rational and honest to tell your partner that you are just tired, you don’t want to continue your relationship. Does taking a break in a relationship actually bring any results?

Does Taking a Break from a Relationship Work?

Is taking a break in a relationship good? To be honest, as with anything that has to do with relationships and love, there is no answer that is certain, it’s all about making the right choice in this or that particular instance. For example, taking a break in a long-distance relationship is a completely different thing from all other scenarios, you should make this decision yourself. Thus, it will be a lot more helpful to know the pros and cons of taking a break, rather than try to make up certain rules.

Cons of Temporary Termination of Relationships:

  • taking a break from a relationship to find yourselfYou will have to develop a so-called rehabilitation program to calm your nerves down. Otherwise, there will be no point to taking a break, you will have to put in some effort to move forward.
  • This period of time opens up the opportunity to meet people of the opposite sex, and relationships that are made for the sake of revenge or just blowing off steam are never that productive or even long-lasting.
  • A break may not fix anything and may only make a situation worse. This largely depends on a situation, but if a person is inclined to not continue a relationship – a pause will not change their mind.
  • Again, some serious effort must be put into it, to get both yourself and your alliance back on track. It’s not a vacation, it’s more of a break between the rounds of a boxing match.

Pros of Temporary Termination of Relationships:

  • Although it is necessary to make up a rehabilitation program for your temporary separation, yet it isn’t that hard. You will find a few tips on how to revive a relationship below.
  • Still, a pause is not a full-on breakup, so you shouldn’t be sad, this isn’t the end, it’s just a coma in your story.
  • When taking a break from a relationship, you will have the opportunity to set mutual rules that are mandatory for execution. But do not impose them and discuss in advance.
  • Parting is a test of real feelings, and if there are indeed strong feelings between you two – your love will certainly prevail. It’s like a filter, the strong will survive, the weak will die.
  • The biggest thing is that you will have the opportunity to relax and reflect on what has been said and done.
  • Often, people need more time than it seems to understand their true desires and goals.
  • Find positive aspects of it. You will miss your partner at the end of such a pause, and it will be much easier for you to forgive and accept. Do you know how long should a relationship break be?

How Long Should a Break in a Relationship Last?

How long the pause in your relationship should last is up to you. Maybe it only takes a week, maybe a month or even a year. It all depends on how soon you recover and regain your inner harmony.

What to do during this period of time?

That's up to you too. You can change your job, find a new hobby, go on a trip, do some reading, etc. Now you have some time for all the things you didn’t have time for before. This will help you improve your self-esteem, re-love yourself and learn to look at the world from a positive perspective.

When should you end it?

Just as with starting one, you will understand everything, you will know when the time is right. This will come when you feel that you have regained your inner peace and that you are calm, cool and gathered. Then you will be ready to rebuild your love. Now let’s look into some taking a break in a relationship rules.

Taking a Break in a Relationship: How to Make It Work

First off, it is important to know what to do depending on your situation.

1. When you stop understanding each other in the smallest of details. It would seem that there is no serious problem, no one has cheated on anyone, but day after day you torture each other with disagreements, all sorts of scandals and, having calmed down a bit, you cannot truly tell the reason why you've started one in the first place.

2. If you get bored with each other. You do not know what to talk about, you don’t find it interesting to spend time together, and any attempts to somehow diversify joint leisure activities fail — you start arguing about a movie to watch or a meal to eat.

3. You don’t feel any dedication from your spouse. You are ready to make a compromise, but they stubbornly force their own narrative and opinion upon you, they ignore your thoughts and feelings. You feel offended, incomprehensible, you tell them about it, but you get nothing in response.

is taking a break in a relationship good4. If you understand that all of the problems are in your own head. They have not changed their attitude towards you even for a bit, and you want something different, new. Do not start arguing and make hasty decisions, it is better to take a couple of weeks off.

5. When you feel like you live in a cage. A partner controls your every step, suspects you of infidelity and is jealous of all the people of the opposite gender that you meet. Before taking a break, you should tell your partner about all of your feelings. If these heart-to-heart conversations do not bring any results, a short break may not be enough. There are some tips on how to take a break in a relationship without breaking up.

How to Deal with Taking a Break in a Relationship?

Set specific, clear rules. What to do during a break in a relationship? Before you take time out in a relationship, discuss the boundaries that you both will adhere to with your partner. Can you meet with other people and have sex with them? How often will you communicate during this break? Be sure to talk through all possible problems to minimize the possibility of conflicts in the future.

Choose a deadline. Both of you, that being you and your partner, must agree on a date when the fate of your future relationship will be decided on. Depending on the problem that led to the decision about a break, this period may take several weeks or months. In any case, this final conversation will be either the finale of your relationship or its revival.

Watch your feelings. This is important if you are taking a break from a relationship to find yourself. It's great if during this period you start a diary in which you will record your emotions and feelings from the temporary separation from your spouse. This is necessary to analyze the importance of your relationship for you personally and make the right decision as you approach the final date. Do you feel relief or sadness because they are not around? Do you miss them or, on the contrary, enjoy freedom? Do not be afraid to ask yourself difficult questions and be frank in answering them.

Stay in touch with other people! Don’t forget about communication during a relationship break. Do not just ignore all the invitations to parties with your friends. Now your task is to get your priorities and desires straight because it is the exact reason why you've decided to take some time off. Your life should continue and, moreover, be full of communication with people: enjoy going to all sorts of different art galleries, invite your mother for a dinner, do not be afraid to meet with your friends – all of these events will support you through this period of life.

Trust yourself. Your intuition is your strongest weapon, and you should definitely listen to it. It is your instincts that tell you which solution will be optimal for you and your future. This period allows you to pull it out if it was in the shadows for a long time, make it work and make rational decisions.

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