Natural Ways to Boost Your Testosterone

Talking about testosterone, people usually mean a handsome and muscular man who can lift weights and be an excellent lover. Nonetheless, an urgent issue about how to turn into a brutal male is solved not in the psychologist's office. To do that, you should also be well aware of testosterone meaning and some useful tips on how to raise its level in your organism. It is this hormone that turns a young boy into a virile man. All that matters is to control its norm on the permanent basis and not let it go down.

how to boost testosterone naturally

Everything you need to know about testosterone

What is testosterone? It is one of the most famous male sex hormones of steroid nature, sometimes, people call it an anabolic steroid. This hormone is developed in the testes, and the hypothalamus and pituitary control this process. Thus, the hypothalamus "gives instructions" to the pituitary about the required amount of testosterone, and the pituitary transmits the message to the testes.

What does testosterone do? The key function is to participate in the growth of genital organs before birth and in the development of secondary sexual characteristics (voice change, penis enlargement, hair growth) in the period of sexual maturity. In addition, this hormone plays an equally key role in sex, sperm generation, generation of erythrocytes and maintenance of physical attractiveness.

Low testosterone level

The testosterone level naturally decreases with age, but the level that should be considered low remains controversial. The testosterone level may vary, it can depend even on the time of day, it can be higher in the mornings and lower in the evenings. How dangerous is low testosterone in men? It is considered that men can face a lack of sexual desire, a decrease in the number of spermatozoa, a loss of muscle, irritability, and depression as well as erectile dysfunction and even impotence. However, all these symptoms are associated only with a critically low testosterone level.

Considering that physical growth and sexual desire are of high importance for the life of any man, their worries become understandable when the amount of that hormone begins to fall steadily in the organism. Symptoms of low testosterone in men become noticeable by the unaided eye: a person begins to lose hair and get fat, his attraction to a woman weakens, and he starts having problems with erection, and, in some cases, he can have gynecomastia. Therefore, you cannot neglect the alarming signals of your own organism, the paramount goal is to boost the level of testosterone at any cost.

testosterone boosterNormal testosterone levels

Everyone should know its normal levels that will ensure the proper functioning of all systems of the body. The general indicator is 12-34 nM/l. If in addition to your feelings you get a test result that is below this level, it's time to be worried and attempt to raise it. Nevertheless, there is a questionable moment that cautions against the waste of money and nerves. It’s necessary to mention that a precise determination of the testosterone level is a real challenge that very often cannot be met. Many scientists think that you should not believe in the results of the only one made test because it is just impossible to diagnose its low level correctly.

What’s can be wrong with that?

Firstly, you are already aware of the fact that testosterone level increases earlier in the day. Hence, it makes sense to run the test in this period of time, but often, it is run in the daytime.

Secondly, in different public health laboratories, the methods for determining its level tend to differ. A lot of people say that if one test material is sent to different public health laboratories, you will get different results. Anyway, do not get carried away with the outcome of tests. You will be able to see the most reliable indicators of low testosterone in the mirror. This can happen because of your age (most often, it happens when you reach the age of 40 years), unhealthy diet (if there is a shortage of a certain set of micro and macro elements such as minerals and required vitamins), overweight, lack of physical activity and harmful habits. You should know that the consequences of such way of life can be the bleakest.

This is quite disconcerting for real men who dream of prolonging their youth and staying handsome, healthy and manly even at the age of 60. To prevent the consequences or, even better, to avoid them, you should be aware of the tips on how to increase the testosterone level in the organism using only natural ways.

How to increase testosterone naturally?

In any case, hormonal treatment can be unsafe, so you shouldn’t prescribe yourself anything if you are not a certificated specialist in this sphere. If you don’t advocate synthetic chemicals, use the usual natural testosterone booster. You are able to raise its level naturally, without using the clinical help. In the past, after all, people did not run detailed blood tests for the presence of this hormone in it, and nobody wanted to be the owner of a beer belly and a bald spot. That’s why people have found various ways how to increase testosterone naturally and correct this deplorable situation. Taking into account the individual peculiarities of each organism, you should be ready for the fact that some means may not work out, but others will be a real way out and your own best natural testosterone booster. It is worth trying the following ways to increase it naturally.

1. Herbs. Some plants that work as a testosterone booster can be bought in the drugstores in the form of herbal infusion. These include the well-known ginseng (8 drops 4 times a day for several weeks), Eleutherococcus, Tribulus Terrestris, and roseroot.

2. Full night’s sleep. The bulk of testosterone is produced when you fall into a deep slumber. Therefore, a man who doesn’t have enough sleep and who suffers from insomnia or fitful sleep has a decreased level of testosterone. To prevent this situation, you should take care of your sleep that should last at least 7-8 hours a day in complete silence and in the dark: only in such conditions, you will have a sufficient quantity of produced testosterone.

3. Getting rid of excess weight. Obesity is becoming a global problem. Researchers have shown that the presence of excess weight can increase the level of estrogen, which can lower testosterone level. Thus, regular aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc., along with the right diet, are effective methods for maintaining a normal weight. On the advice of dietitians, the process of losing weight should be gradual and weight loss should be limited to 1 kg per week. Many people resort to inadequate methods to lose weight quickly, but these methods are dangerous to health. With a severe restriction of calories, the body stops producing testosterone.

4. Physical activity. How to boost testosterone naturally? Even if you are not fat, go in for sports. The reason for the decrease in your testosterone may be in low physical inactivity. You can meet this challenge much easier and faster than you think. Give priority to power exercises, build muscles, run, swim, and engage in cycling. Be friends with the bars and dumbbells, but do not overdo it, three or four times a week will be more than enough for visiting a gym.

5. Enjoying your life. Scholars have proven that any joy, big or small success give a surge of testosterone at least for a while. Therefore, enjoy every day of your life, every little thing, live as if it is your last day. Be polite and friendly with people, smile to them, don’t let your negative emotions get the better of you.

6. Getting rid of harmful habits. How to increase testosterone? You should necessarily limit alcohol consumption if you want to maintain a good level of testosterone. Alcohol abuse has a direct effect on the endocrine system. You should limit drinking at least to moderate levels. Regular drinking and long-term smoking slowly but certainly decrease your level of testosterone. The earlier you give up your harmful habits, the faster you normalize testosterone level.

7. Fresh air. You should spend much more time outdoors and in nature, go out of the city, go to the country house for the whole weekend. Get a dog and walk it at every opportunity in addition to your two obligatory walks.

8. Taking zinc. Tests that were conducted among men who had avoided zinc in their diet for five months showed that the testosterone level in the test subjects' blood had been halved. On the contrary, the use of zinc increases the level not only of testosterone but also of growth hormone. And still, there is no guarantee that any of these methods will work in this or that way. Not everyone will make up their mind to resort to drugs and hormone therapy, especially if the situation is not very terrible. Therefore, the best way to increase testosterone remains proper nutrition.

9. Healthy and balanced diet. A balanced diet, including a sufficient number of macro- and microelements, is an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle and can provide a good level of testosterone. Men who use a diet with a high content of healthy fats increase the level of important hormones. Scientists believe that monounsaturated fats have a direct effect on the function of the testes that are responsible for the secretion of testosterone.

Foods that boost testosterone and are good sources of monounsaturated fats include nuts, olive, rapeseed, peanut and pumpkin butter. Consumption of foods rich in zinc is also useful for raising testosterone levels, as the mineral helps maintain the natural production of the hormone. Zinc-rich foods that increase testosterone are oysters, chicken and turkey meat, legumes, dairy products. Onions and garlic contain allicin. Cruciferous vegetables, cabbage, cress, and radish are also suitable products for increasing its level. It should be borne in mind that, according to studies, high protein intake may reduce the generation of testosterone.

It’s all up to you

As a rule, testosterone level decreases with age. The average loss of testosterone per year is about 1%. This gradual reduction in testosterone level is partly due to the development of osteoporosis, loss of muscle mass and obesity. However, it should be noted that the low level of testosterone is not only the problem of the older generation. The problem also occurs in young men. In addition to hormone replacement therapy, which is commonly used and is believed to have its spillover effects, there are natural ways to restore potency that are much safer. So, don’t neglect natural ways to raise your testosterone because you are able to delay old age and prolong your sexual life, thereby establishing an intimate relationship with your beloved girl. To stay young even after 40 years is within the power of everyone who watches himself and wants to remain a real man until old age.

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