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  1. What Is a Vegan?
  2. Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian
  3. How to Date a Vegan?
  4. Vegan Dating a Meat Eater: Can You Make It Work?
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The appearance of different directions in the culture of nutrition is a result of societal development. Everyone knows that the prefix "veg" automatically denotes the giving up meat. However, the culture of vegetarianism is not limited to this, and there are still many rules not only on food but also on the lifestyle in general. Besides, this huge "veg" group is divided into many subgroups according to the food classification. So, nowadays, you can meet vegetarians, vegans, raw vegans, fruitarians, etc.

Vegetarianism is becoming increasingly popular, and about a billion people in the world have already rejected animal products. It originated in the Indian spiritual practices and rapidly infiltrated Europe and the USA, having made many people reconsider not only their diet but also their views on life.

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What Is a Vegan?

It is believed that in 1944, Donald Watson organized the first "Society of Vegans" in England, and the new term meant a person who doesn’t eat dairy products. Later, as is known, the term included other concepts. Nowadays, it means eating foods only of vegetable origin. As you know, veganism comes from “vegetable,” and until the mid-19th century, the word vegetable was understood differently: it was about any type of plant, including fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Vegans are strict vegetarians who eat only plant food. However, veganism is not just about a diet but also about a lifestyle as well. Vegan professes the principles of Ahimsa, they don’t want to do harm to all living things. That explains why true vegans don’t like clothes made of genuine leather or furs. They believe that animals should not die because of some dubious scientific achievements or just a human whim.

So, if you are going to become a vegan or start dating a vegan woman, you should know that in addition to giving up meat, the taboo applies to the following things.

  • Cosmetics that were tested on animals.
  • Visiting circuses, zoos and other shows where animals actively participate in and can suffer during the process. However, for example, the same bullfight looks cruel in the eyes of most non-vegans.
  • Products made of genuine leather, fur, and wool. If everything is clear with the first two points, then sheep shearing seems to be quite harmless. Nevertheless, it also falls into the list of prohibitions since wild sheep need their wool to maintain heat balance, and the sheep shearing is treated as animal cruelty and exploitation.
  • Alcohol. In addition to liquors, which consist of milk, the manufacturers often use gelatin and other animal proteins. Therefore, the modern industry offers vegans a lot of vegan wines and beers, which contain only herbal products.
  • Honey. Bees can be wound or killed in the process of honey picking.
  • Gelatin. It consists of the joints and cartilage of animals. It can be replaced with seaweed agar-agar. So you're dating a vegan if your girlfriend pays too much attention to above-mentioned items and believes that all these things must be prohibited from an ethical standpoint.

Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian

Let's find out the difference between these two terms if you are not sure whether you are dating a vegan or a vegetarian. It’s necessary to start with the basics. What do vegetarians eat? Their white list can include eggs, dairy products as well as honey and mushrooms because the latter ones are vegetable food. That is the main principle is to avoid eating fish and meat of all kinds. vegan dating a meat eaterThe main distinguishing feature of a vegan is the uncompromising eliminating animal products from their diet. They eat only plants, that is, products of vegetable origin. Correspondingly, they don’t accept indulgences, which the more liberal vegetarians can allow themselves, for example, a milkshake.

Besides, as you have already found out, the strict principles of veganism extend far beyond cooking. So, no matter how close the vegan and vegetarian are ideologically close, their difference is in the degree of rejection of animal products. And if you are a vegetarian who is going to be involved in vegan online dating, be sure you are ready to accept the worldview of your beloved person and will not insist on some slack.

How to Date a Vegan?

A vegan dating meat eater can still face a lack of understanding on the part of the partner. The reasons for the partial rejection of veganism may be of a very different nature. For example, it can be about partly conservative and historically established concepts of norms, habits, beliefs, and prejudices or it can be about ignorance or conservatism towards the dietary habits of vegans or just indifference to suffering and killing animals. However, if you don’t have a personal bias against dating a vegan girl, then you should search for vegan dating sites and adhere to the following tips.

1. Try to Understand Their Motivation

As a rule, vegan motivations are divided into two groups: someone embarks on this path for the sake of themselves, and another one does that for the sake of others. In other words, some people become vegans due to concern for their own health, and they try to cultivate willpower, and other people are guided by ethical reasons, and they feel sorry for the animals. Most often, vegans are guided by ethics. A person who does not think about such things finds it difficult to understand such motivation. However, if you are about to be involved in vegan singles dating, you should do your best to embrace it. You can read books and watch movies on the subject.

2. Learn to Calmly Discuss This Topic

A vegan dating non vegan doesn’t want to listen to lectures on the harm of this lifestyle. Do not try to persuade your girlfriend to start eating meat again as well as don’t laugh at her beliefs. Everyone makes their own choice, and there is nothing wrong with eating vegetables and fruits. Remember that different people have their own threshold of sensitivity, and while someone feels sorry only for dogs and cats, and the others feel the same for all animals. Of course, sometimes, the vegans try to persuade all of the need to immediately stop cruel treatment of animals, but is this subject worth spoiling your relationship with a wonderful woman?

3. Learn to Be Patient

If your partner is a neophyte who bores you with propaganda, you should just wait for a while. Over time, they will calm down a bit. In any case, it’s not worthwhile to invent cunning philosophical arguments for the sake of justifying your love for meat. You can simply honestly admit that you don’t care about all the animals as much as your partner would like. Usually, a vegan dating a meat eater can accept the weakness of their partner if they really love each other.

Nonetheless, it is better not to raise the topic of veganism all the time because it is getting old fast. Your partner already answers too many questions when they refuse to eat barbecue at a new party. You should learn to quickly change subjects.

4. Stop Worrying About Your Partner's Health

You can find a huge number of scientific articles, which focus on the impact of veganism on health. None of these works will tell you that veganism is harmful to health, on the contrary, it even helps in some ways. The main thing is to eat good and well-balanced food, which has nothing in common with the consumption of meat or cheese. So, if you are going to be involved in vegan dating, study a question from all sides not to get into lose-lose situations, for example, when you try to feed a vegan with meat, making it look like a vegetable dish. If you have met your partner on a vegan dating website, it’s very unfair to try to change something about their preferences. You knew what you signed up for.

5. Settle an Issue Amicably

If your partner is a vegan for ethical reasons, and the fact that you eat meat makes them sick, then you can’t do without agreements. You should reach an understanding before going into something together. You can alternate days with meat and without meat or go to places where you can order both vegan and non-vegan dishes. You should remember that love, acceptance and mutual understanding are three pillars of a healthy relationship, which will help you meet the challenge. Besides, don’t forget that the key to a harmonious life with a vegan is a sense of humor. You will hardly find a relationship, which is always smooth. Of course, your disagreements can lead to quarrels, but over time, they will force you to act wisely under the condition that you respect and love each other.

Vegan Dating a Meat Eater: Can You Make It Work?

It is pointless to discuss the pros and cons of meat-eating and veganism as well as to try to find out who is right. Nowadays, the giving up meat is a steady trend, which, nonetheless, has its ups and downs. Psychologists and nutritionists explain the fashion for veganism by the eternal desire of people to get the secret of fast improvement of the quality of their lives in the spirit of “Stop eating meat and lose 5 kilos in a week.” vegan date recipesAnd like any other fashion, veganism can frustrate or simply not suit. There are those who radically changed their eating habits and then returned to the earlier way of living. This is normal. The main things are to know when to stop and listen to yourself.

There are reasons why you are either omnivorous or stick to a vegan diet. Understanding the causes of a certain diet, you consciously accept or not accept it. Sometimes, one of the partners persuades another one either to veganism or to meat-eating. And if you have a long relationship, then it will happen sooner or later.

If your partner is a vegan for health reasons, then everything is much easier. Your relationship can be more complicated if your partner adheres to a vegan diet for ethical reasons because they can hardly tolerate meat dishes on their table. If the presence of meat in your fridge leads to various disputes, it is better to immediately deal with it. If you feel that you cannot do without an ultimatum, then, unfortunately, you will have to go for it. You should do everything in your power to prevent disputes during the meal. There is nothing worse than showing disgust while eating. In such situations, no one will win, and both sides will feel embarrassed, and this can lead to a breakup.

Vegan Date Recipes

You cannot even imagine how huge the list of vegetable products is. Choosing the vegan date recipes, you should base on your taste preferences or just try something new. You can use all kinds of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds (walnut, chestnut, cashew, almond, hazelnut, Brazilian, macadamia, pistachio and, of course, coconut), all variety of cereals, and legumes crops (peas, beans, verts, lentils, chickpeas, mung, dal, soy). Here are several easy recipes you might like.


Soak 2 tbsp of dry chickpeas overnight, wash and boil until tender. Mix chickpeas, 3 tbsp of lemon juice, cilantro and parsley, salt and spices in a blender. Grind ¼ tbsp of flax and mix with ¼ tbsp of breadcrumbs. Form small balls and roll in breading. Roast them with olive oil until golden brown. Serve with fresh salad and vegan sauces.

Couscous with Baked Vegetables

Peel 2 carrots and cut them into small cubes. 1 zucchini and 2 sweet peppers should be cut larger. Cut 8 cherry tomatoes in half. Mix vegetables with 2 tbsp of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Bake until cooked over 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Pour 2 tbsp of couscous with 4 tbsp of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes, add 2 tbsp of olive oil and mix. Mix couscous and vegetables.

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