Things That Affect Your Sex Drive

In the modern world we quite often divide sex and love. This tendency leads us to believe that when we love someone, we are bound to have great time in bed. But it doesn't work this way always. While sex is definitely not the only thing a romantic relationship is built upon, different sexual drives can easily ruin your love. Now, imagine if you have a lower sexual drive than your partner. It seems that your partner is going to be unsatisfied all the time, and, quite possible, start seeking some sugar on the side. We don't want you to get any kind of paranoia, but you need to think about your sex drive. Sex plays an important role in our lives. Guys often brag about their number of sexual partners, thus, making sex a matter of prestige. Of course, you think that you are as active sexually, as possible, but things may not be what they seem. In order to kill off all your worries, let's check out the myths and facts about the things that can affect your sex drive.

what affects your sex drive​

Does Masturbation Affect Your Sex Drive?

Masturbation has been stigmatized on both religious and scientific levels. At first, there was a lot of fancy talking about that you can go blind because of masturbation. Then, there was even fancier talking how masturbation can affect your sexual drive. There were even claims that masturbation is a sign of mental illnesses. But does masturbation affect your sexual drive? You can kind of see where that stigmatization is coming from. Quite logical, if you are good at self-pleasuring, then you must be not that good in bed. Right? Wrong. First of all, masturbation is an important part in learning your sexuality. Secondly, if you can bring yourself an orgasm, then you are most likely to be able to get to the orgasm with your partner. Aside from that, masturbation is an indicator of your sexual drive. The more often you masturbate, the higher is your level of sexual drive. So, you can easily exclude masturbation from what affects your sex drive. The idea that masturbation can affect your sex life is nothing but a myth.

Does Adderall Affect Your Sex Drive?

Whenever it comes to narcotics and drugs, we start wondering how it can affect our mental and physical states. You may wonder does marijuana affect your sex drive. It is all plain and simple with cannabis, as everything depends on the consumer. Mostly marijuana works as an aphrodisiac, but sometimes it can lead to underperforming in bed. So, let's forget about the weed. In your regular life, you are most likely to face Adderall as a legal drug. A lot of people are taking Adderall to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. You have problems with attention? You most likely to take Adderall. As with most of the drugs, you are going to experience certain side effects like dizziness and headache. However, there is another unpleasant side effect that most of the men who take Adderall experience – underperformance in bed. The main point of Adderall is directing your blood to your head to keep you focused. At the same time, it means that it's directing the blood away from other parts of your body. Thus, you are very close to experience an erectile dysfunction. So, yes. Adderall does affect your sex drive.

Does Alcohol Affect Your Sex Drive?

“Oh, no… booze never did anything wrong to anybody”, that's the way the vast majority of people think. Have you ever heard the term “whiskey d*ck”? Now, let's think where exactly it's coming from. Obviously from the fact that alcohol doesn't go hand in hand with sex. Excessive drinking is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. The more you drink, the lower your sexual stimulation. Moreover, alcohol often works as a depressant, which directly affects your nervous system that is responsible for sexual arousal and orgasm. Alcohol affects your blood circulation, and you can't maintain an erection without a good blood flow to your penis. So, the answer to the question is – yes, alcohol does affect your sexual drive. While you may feel quite excited when you start drinking, thinking that you are going to get lucky, most likely, you are going to underperform in bed after all. So, avoid excessive drinking and drinking before having sex if you don't want to experience problems with your performance in bed, as well as with your overall sexual drive.

does adderall affect sex driveDoes Smoking Affect Your Sex Drive?

“Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life”, Brooke Shields once have said that and since then she regularly appears on the list of celebrities who've given us the dumbest quotes ever. We know that smoking kills, but does it affect sex? Well, of course, everything depends on your organism, but most of the doctors would advise you to quit smoking. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to become impotent, but the statistics say that smokers are most likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Moreover, smoking may lower your libido. So, to cut a long story short, smoking does affect your sexual drive.

Does Vasectomy Affect Your Sex Drive?

Vasectomy is quite popular nowadays. You don't want kids anymore and you don't like using condoms. So, vasectomy is the best way to enjoy sexual life with your partner without getting paranoid that she might get pregnant. But a lot of men do believe that vasectomy can affect their sexual drives. Well, let's check out if that's true. What is vasectomy? Basically, it is cutting the supply route for sperm, which doesn't affect your body at all. Your testicles continue to produce sperm, which is absorbed and digested by your body. The vasectomy doesn't impact any nerves or blood vessels, thus the blood flow to your penis will remain the same. And you easily can get an erection after vasectomy. You may think that vasectomy is somehow connected with testosterone and your facial hair may stop growing and your voice may become high-pitched. That's a myth. Testosterone continues to be produced after the vasectomy, so you won't experience any changes in your body. You would experience other changes, however. The statistics show that sexual drive after the vasectomy is getting even higher. Probably because you no longer worry about unplanned pregnancy. Thus, we can conclude that vasectomy doesn't affect your sexual drive. Contrary, it makes it even higher.

Does Stress Affect Your Sexual Drive?

You rarely think about the connection between the state of your mind and state of your body. Quite often you think that you may be stressed or depressed, but your body feels okay. Well, it's absolutely wrong, as the state of your body corresponds to the state of your mind. So, can stress affect your sex drive? Yes, stress affects your sex drives in different ways, let's have a look at a few of them:

1. Negative Body Image

When you are stressed, your body produces hormones that can impact your metabolism. Affected metabolism can lead to sluggishness and unintentional weight-gain. The biggest problem, it goes both ways. If you don't do anything, you would get depressed about your body image, which definitely doesn't contribute very well to your performance in bed. You think of your body negatively, you think that nobody wants you, and, as a result, you start having problems with your libido, which makes you even more stressed.

2. Stress Takes Toll On Your Libido

Let's expand on the issue a little bit. When you are stressed, your libido is getting lower, thus you're most likely to have erectile dysfunction. Yep, you can get stressed and be bad in bed once, but being stressed continuously would lead to impotence. Your sex hormones are getting lower and lower, and you end up being asexual against your own will.

3. Stress Leads to Excessive Drinking

We've already mentioned the notorious “whiskey d*ck” and you know that excessive drinking leads to impotence. People quite often prefer boozing away their sorrows, and you won't surprise anyone if you would try to get rid of stress at the local bar. But it is better to get rid of stress using other methods. Actually, having sex reduces stress, thus try banging instead of drinking whenever you have stress.

How Does Sex Affect Your Muscle Growth?

Aside from things that can negatively affect your sex drive, there are other popular questions on whether sex can have a negative impact on your life or body. You know questions like “How does sex affect the brain?” or “How does sex affect your body?”. People often wonder whether sex is good or bad for muscle growth. Well, it seems that a lot of people think that bodybuilders practice celibacy. You need zinc for your muscle growth, and your body starts producing zinc during sex. Another thing that you need for your muscle growth is testosterone. There is one trick with testosterone – the more you have sex the higher the level of testosterone in your body. So, as you can see, sex is not the enemy for your muscle growth. Moreover, having sex helps you work out better, and working out helps you have better sex.

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