When to Give Up on a Girl


  1. Why Girls Don’t Pay Attention to Me
  2. When Should You Give Up on a Girl?
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Women are very mysterious and unpredictable by nature. You have achieved a fascinating conversation with a particular girl, aroused interest, so you are unlikely to expect a negative reaction. But when you proceed to the next step, you come across an unexpected result – failure. How do you know she doesn’t like you? When to give up on a girl? Look at these several behaviors, actions or inactions of a girl, which will help you understand that she is not interested in you, and you should stop communication with her.

how to know when to give up on a girl

Why Girls Don’t Pay Attention to Me

Here are several reasons for that.

1. A girl doesn’t like your appearance. Yes, women also love with their eyes. Therefore, if a man is skinny and a lady likes sportsman or he has dirty hair and she cannot stand untidiness, then the probability of failure is almost 100%. Of course, men often don’t consider their shortcomings to be significant or they believe that they can compensate for these shortcomings with a sense of humor or money. But this opinion is mistaken. In the first case, he will become just a friend, and in the second one, he can be just a sponsor for those who believe that money is more important than appearance.

2. A man smells bad. It doesn’t matter what the reason for the unpleasant smell is – sweating, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, teeth, or dirty socks. Unpleasant smell repels. The probability of failure is also 100%. It’s unpleasant to stand by stinky men, not to say about dating.

3. A man doesn’t strive for financial independence. Yes, the question of the financial viability of a man is far from the last place for most girls. If a man looks like he doesn’t have any money, the probability of failure is very high. But if you understand that a girl needs only your money, then the question, “When to give up on a woman” is inappropriate here. You should do it right now.

4. A girl has a boyfriend or a husband. It’s funny, but when some men try to get acquainted with girls, and they reply that they are not interested in dates because they are married, some men are surprised, they say, "What’s the difference? Is it a big problem?" Yes, for many girls, this is quite a reason to refuse a man.

5. A man wasn't of interest from the very beginning. For example, you come on a date and want to immediately kiss a girl on the lips. Outrageous, right? Now it is unlikely that a girl wants to continue dating after this. Well, you can except that from those, who are very hungry for male attention. So, it is important to remember that there will be no second chance to make the first impression.

6. A girl is selfish. The modern society of big cities is flooded with girls who care only about themselves. They don’t care about the feelings of other people. They believe that their sexual attractiveness should be given at the maximum price. In this case, a representative of the opposite sex must beg for affection each time. Women of this kind like to humiliate man’s dignity and embarrass them.

7. A girl is an experienced coquette. Many women with low self-esteem (as well as married women) fall into this category because they have a need to feel sexually attractive. Therefore, they can give you signs only in order to hear your invitation. In fact, they are not going to date you. They need to satisfy their self-esteem and feel their superiority.

when should you give up on a girl8. A man is insecure. “I can’t give up on this girl” – many men think so. But if you are unsure of yourself, your knees are weak, and your speech is lost when she is near, don’t expect that she will agree to meet with you. At most, you will become a good friend for her. We don’t think that this is what you want from a girl. Moreover, a girl doesn’t want such a boyfriend as well. So, you either become self-confident or can forget about her.

When Should You Give Up on a Girl?

How to know when to give up on a girl? This issue is very complex because all women are different and express love in their own way. However, the following signs can help you determine whether a girl likes you or not as well as whether to stay or leave her alone.

1. She doesn’t look into your eyes. When you are together, eye contact is often very important. If you like a girl, then you will certainly pay attention to her, won't you? The same concerns a girl. But if she doesn’t look at you, and your eyes don’t meet, then, unfortunately, there is no interest.

2. She doesn’t communicate well. Listen and take a closer look, maybe she is embarrassed, she looks away, tries to fix her clothes, touches her hair, in a word, she feels awkward when communicating. If yes, then perhaps, you are on the right track. But as we've said, women are unpredictable. She is not interested in you if she looks at you coldly, she doesn’t keep up the conversation and constantly turns her attention to her watch, mobile, manicure, people around, etc.

3. She doesn’t show the initiative. Even if communication is okay, this doesn’t mean anything. In the total mass, girls don’t welcome excessive attention and pressure on themselves. If you often take the initiative in something in relation to her, but she doesn’t support you or even ignores you, be sure that you are not in priority. So, when to give up on a girl in such a situation? Right now.

4. She rarely answers calls and messages. She “suddenly” has some problems that have nothing to do with the ability to answer calls. This may include visiting relatives, problems with studies or work, the need for help to a friend, who, by the way, has also forgotten how to answer the phone, and so on. The absurd excuses that make you want to laugh is a disturbing sign. A girl is either afraid to refuse you or she is pleased that you constantly write to her. But most likely, you have no chances.

5. She avoids you. In general, this is an addition to the fourth sign. If a girl communicated normally with you at the beginning of a relationship, but then she began to abruptly turn away from you, distance herself in a general environment, then this is an alarming sign. Under the general environment, we mean work, study, as well as any place where you can meet constantly.

6. She always talks about her ex-boyfriend. During the general pastime, she can often mention male friends, ex-guys and everything related to them. A girl who is interested in you will not talk about her past adventures. If a girl has such conversations, it means that she trusts you as her best friend or takes you for someone who can calm her. No one will like it. So, when to give up on a girl if you face such a situation? When you see that she is not interested in you as in a boyfriend.

7. She meets or flirts with others. Don’t take it as a feature of her nature. If her status in the social network is “single,” then she doesn’t even think about you. This is fairly easy to understand, but many men become blind, having fallen in love. She can also tell about other men something romantic, but this happens only in the first weeks of dating or in the case of utter confusion in relations with you.

8. She avoids physical contact with you. If she used to take you by the hand, but now, she stops doing that, then you have problems. Perhaps she is disappointed in you or simply doesn’t know how to admit that you are not interesting to her. In the initial stages of a relationship, physical contact of any kind is very important.

9. She is never satisfied. She is constantly irritated at you, criticizes you, doesn’t appreciate your efforts, and you are always to blame. Well, do you understand that a loved one doesn’t cause such feelings (at least, on a permanent basis)? If you experience something like that, then don’t think about when to give up on a woman, just do it as soon as possible.

How to Attract Any Girl?

Girls don’t pay attention to you? This is one of the most common problems of men of all ages. If you've managed to draw attention to yourself, then this can be considered half of the success in dating. Actually, it is very simple to attract a girl if you know some secret methods.

how to give up on a girl1. Learn to take care after yourself. To draw girls' attention, first of all, you need to learn how to be attractive. No one girl wants to date a guy who doesn’t follow the modern fashion. In most cases, no deep spiritual world will help you attract the attention of a girl if she doesn’t like your appearance. Learn to dress fashionably, follow the simplest rules of hygiene and always keep yourself in good shape.

2. Be yourself. No matter how much you want to draw the girl's attention, you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else. Most often, girls appreciate what you really are, and that's all. Enjoy life, smile and behave with a girl as you behave with your friends and family.

3. Show signs of attention. Do girls not pay attention or maybe you don’t pay attention to them? Don’t be afraid to show a girl that you are interested in her. Don’t avoid eye contact, smile and wait for her reaction. If a girl smiles in response and doesn’t take your eyes off you – act!

4. Give a girl a nice present. One of the most effective ways to attract attention is to give a small gift. It could be a toy, flowers, a postcard or anything else. Most girls will appreciate your non-standard approach and show interest to you.

5. Give moderate attention. All girls, without exception, need attention. But if there is no relationship between partners, and she doesn’t yet speak about reciprocity, then attention should be moderate. Excessive obsession and pressure on her will only repel and cause a backlash. But if a man is indifferent and cold, a girl will quickly lose interest in him. In communication, 70% of the time, you should talk about her, the rest of the time, you can dedicate to yourself and universal topics.

6. Compliment her. In the rules of flirting and subjugation of women’s hearts, compliments are considered the main point. This is due to the fact that girls love with their ears. In addition, they always spend a lot of time on their appearance and beauty, so your good comment about her body, hairstyle, makeup, and manicure will be the best praise. Speaking of compliments, you should avoid banal phrases and flattery, noting her good character traits, humor, and natural data.

7. Show good manners. It is extremely important to remember the rules of behavior and courtship, be gallant and take care of a girl in every possible way. This is manifested in such manners as giving a hand when leaving a car, opening the door in front of a girl, and putting on outer clothing. Also, a man needs to eradicate obscene speech and rude remarks.

8. Set the goal for yourself. Maybe you don’t know how to give up on a girl who doesn’t even pay attention to you. But do you really need such a girl? If yes, then before conquering a girl who doesn’t respond with mutual sympathy and is also not ready for a serious relationship, a man needs to understand how much he needs such relationships. Next, you need to work on yourself, reassess your life, and do self-development, as the first impression of a girl is built according to such criteria.

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