Why Men Should Dress Up on the First Date

Men shouldn’t underestimate the role of their appearance on the first date. There are a number of reasons for it.

  • Clothes make the man. In other words, women care not only about how they look but also about men’s appearances. Healthy, good looking men will definitely attract women’s attention. Since clothes cover most of your body you can turn it to your advantage, that is, hide some less attractive features and emphasize your strong points.

  • Sharp clothes indicate respect for a woman. You can’t be sure that a woman will like you as a person, but you can do your best to impress her with your appearance. Needless to say, women spend a lot of time preparing for the upcoming date. What a man can do to return the favor is to be a match for a woman. It’s just about giving as good as one gets.

  • The ability to dress well is indicative of good social skills. It’s very important for a woman not only how a man interacts with her but also how good he is at communicating with others. Women want they men to have a good reputation in society and believe that their appearance contributes much to it. They are absolutely right because appearance plays one of the major roles in socializing. Make sure you always look neat, smile often, and be polite as well. By doing all this, you’ll make long-lasting positive impressions on people around.

  • Dressing appropriately creates the right mood. Any uniform, be it sports or business one, tunes you to the activity you’re about to take on. The same applies to your date. By taking a shower, grooming, ironing your clothes, polishing your shoes you’re not simply getting ready for a romantic meeting but also subconsciously forming your state of mind for the forthcoming date. Take your time and put on those clothes you are comfortable and confident in. You’ll definitely make a good start if you take these two tips into account.

  • The right clothing will help you focus her attention on your face. Clothing is a powerful tool if you know how to use it. Like any accessory, your clothes shouldn’t distract her attention from your face. For this, make sure it’s not too flamboyant and extravagant. Also, avoid wearing massive accessories that will constantly catch her eye.

  • Jackets can make a difference. There are some garments that can either add to your masculinity or totally ruin your look. Choosing what to wear for a date, consider putting on a jacket or blazer. They come in different cuts and styles so you can choose something that will suit you in the best way. Women like men with broad shoulders and if you lack thickness in your frame, the right jacket can make your shoulders look more impressive.

    Apart from that, a properly chosen jacket has a slimming effect. Keep in mind that there is something more than just picking the right outfit and that is how your clothes accentuate your arms and shoulders when you move. Remember how you’re attracted to some women walking down the street: you notice the movement of their hips even from the distance. Similarly, women spot at a glance how men move their shoulders as they walk. Massive shoulders indicate your health and masculinity, and they will be the first part of your body she’ll see before you come up to her.

  • The first date is all about checking out each other. Both of you will scrutinize each other looking for any hints about your personalities and intentions. You’ll be very attentive not only to some aspects of your conversation but also to non-verbal communication. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so you should do everything possible to reveal your main qualities and traits on your first date. Make sure that your clothing sends the right message about your personality.

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