Top 18 Modern Dating Trends You Need to Be Aware of to Succeed

Dating nowadays is nothing what it was like 20 years ago. Our parents got to know each other and built families according to different rules. There were fewer of them. The very strategy of building relationships was much easier. Today, in the era of social networks and dating sites, you need to be aware of all the trends in order to count on success. In this article, we have tried to summarize everything that we know about modern dating trends. We will talk about both destructive trends and those that can make your romantic life richer and more interesting. Enjoy reading!

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Speaking of bad dating trends, we must mention cushioning first of all. So, you have downloaded a dating application and are actively using it. You're shocked by the number of guys or girls you like. Some of them are ready to go on a date. Wow! What will you do in this situation? You like Angelica, but you write Mary and Lilian at the same time. This is what most newbies do. But in the end you will be left with nothing. Believe me. This phenomenon is called cushioning and you are far from being the first to behave like this. This is a disastrous dating trend. Get rid of it.

Video Dating Apps

The creators of dating applications finally realized that communication should not be reduced to the exchange of text messages and pictures from the Internet. Video content reveals the potential of online dating with a new force. You somehow deepen communication and avoid such a common phenomenon as a disappointment on the first date because of the discrepancy between expectations and reality. Look for dating sites and apps that support the video feature.


Here is another disastrous modern dating trend of our time. Social networks have changed our lives - both for the better and for the worse. Global harm of social networks is distracting people from real life. Visiting a cafe or restaurant, you must have seen couples that sit at the same table, seem to have a date, but they stare at the screen of their smartphones. This phenomenon is called phubbing, and it is not one of those modern dating trends that should be followed.

Non-Cliché Dates

Today, everyone is trying to be creative - both at work and in personal life. A date at the movies or in an average restaurant has become almost a mauvais ton. But if you invite a girl to a workshop on cooking Thai noodles or an open lesson on blacksmithing, you can safely call yourself a product of modernity in the best meaning of this expression. Unusual dates have become a trend of our time and we like it. So, think about the idea of a date before you write a girl. It is important.

Instagram Courting

Surprisingly, with the advent of DM in Instagram, this social network has ceased to be just a warehouse for photos. dating culture Now, Instagram is almost a full-fledged dating application, where people flirt with each other, but with almost no goal. In fact, this is a trap that takes your attention and constantly affects your mood. Flirting on Instagram almost never leads to anything, except for occasional hook-ups in rare cases. That is the specifics of this application.


Breadcrumbing is a real epidemic in dating culture. This phenomenon fully confirms that most people pursue short-term pleasures and “food” for excessively bloated ego. A vanity that has become the norm of life is conducted by an orchestra called “breadcrumbing”. Its essence lies in the fact that someone is flirting with you on the dating app, but your relationship never develops. The man keeps you on a short leash, makes you feel tense and constantly waiting. Meanwhile, he himself is corresponds with a few more “victims”. In the end, you lose a lot of time and eventually get frustrated. This is not a dating culture you want to follow.


We hope that you have never had to deal with ghosting. Speaking simply, ghosting is when a person with whom you have a relationship suddenly disappears. He or she does not respond to messages, does not answer calls, and, in general, does not show his or her presence in your life, which until recently seemed so obvious. Agree, it is extremely unpleasant. Ghosting has reached such proportions that we recommend that you always be ready for this.


Imagine a situation: you flirted with a girl on a dating app for a whole month. And then she disappeared somewhere. She ghosted you. Then, a long period of time passes (on average it is two or three months) and this person reappears in your life. For example, she becomes your follower on Instagram or regularly watches your Stories. This is a typical case of haunting. This behavior can take out of mental balance the most persistent of us. Don't let anyone treat you like that.


Zombieing is the closest relative of ghosting. Only in this case, a person who has long disappeared from your romantic life, does not just reappear on the online radar to annoy you, but insists on a very specific development of relationships. Insists like a zombie who needs to eat your brains to survive. So, think for yourself if you want to part with your brains for the sake of a zombie, or don't give in to temptation and find a more acceptable option for a couple.


This is the "correct" version of breadcrumbing. Simply put, tuning is respecting intrigue in a relationship. You show signs of attention but do not behave too aggressively. You are always in sight of your potential other half, but you are not making specific proposals. Of course, this is possible only for a certain amount of time - then you are obliged to move on to actions, otherwise your subtle flirtation will turn into eating on another person’s nerves and time. And this is detrimental to both of you.

Sliding into DM

This is a dating trend for the most impatient. If you do not have time for cautious, consistent flirting, you can directly start writing to a person in DM, for example, on Instagram or on Twitter. But act carefully so as not to look like a maniac. Still, the initial stages are very important. Do not believe those who say that girls love men who speak straight from the very beginning of relationships. It is not true. Girls love when they flirt with them, hint, court them for a while. This is an essential thing in dating rules.


It’s the same thing as breadcrumbing. You're just a backup plan. Emergency exit. Immediately get rid of these "relationships" if you do not want to fall into depression.


This dating trend is as old as romantic relationships. This term means guys who have only sex in mind. No love, just hook-ups. And they do not hide it. They always begin to correspond with vulgar hints. They never build relationships - they are only “hanging out”. These guys love to show off their pumped up abs ... surprisingly, this trend is more stable than the Swiss economy. If you really follow dating rules, avoid such guys.

Catch and Release

There is this kind of people who get adrenaline from the process of seducing a partner. No, these are not simply losers from pickup courses, they are real hunters. Nature has endowed them with charisma and charm, and they actively use it. More precisely, abuse it. Such people do not need commitment, responsibility and attitude. It is important for them to lure you into a trap and “take hold” of your heart in order to almost immediately throw it out of their lives.modern love It is a very dangerous and destructive dating trend of today. Run away from such people if you think that this is the case. By the way, such people are great liars. They have practically no morality, so they can speculate on even the most personal, intimate things.


Thot is offensive way to describe a woman. It means girls who are promiscuous. This word often appears in modern dating slang, as well as in music. If you have heard from someone you can trust that this or that girl is “thot”, you know what to do. Think about whether you want to mess with such a person ... or study the situation, maybe this person was slandered. The choice is yours. The main thing is to be honest with yourself when you think about the relationship with such a person. If you have irrefutable evidence of such behavior, do not be fooled and do not waste your time.

Thirst Trap

There are people who believe that they are the personification of the ideal. They are not averse to telling the whole world about it, using social networks, and especially through Instagram. They post pictures from the gym, where the guys take pictures without T-shirts, and the girls take pictures so that everyone can see their asses. It seems to them that the world literally needs this information. The world cannot survive without it. And no one will ever be able to bring them over. Don't even try, friend.

Cuffing Season

In the fall and winter, lonely people especially experience a lack of a partner. At this time, everyone needs warmth, comfort, human communication. Everyone needs hugs and kisses. Someone witty and lonely called such a time a cuffing season. Well, this is quite a good term. If you see that some charming girl is writing about cuffing season, this is a signal for action. At this time, your courtship is almost doomed to success. So, be determined and brave. It’s your time. Modern love is easy at this period.

Netflix and Chill

Well...I’m sure you know what it means :) Of course, in the proposal to watch Netflix and chill there is a hidden hint of sex. Modern love is all about watching Netflix and chill, by the way. This is obvious to everyone, but people persist in using this term in a dating scene. It's funny and cute :) It’s impossible to come up with a more straightforward proposal to have sex than an offer to watch Netflix and chill.

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