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"Where there is love there is life" said Gandhi, and one can hardly argue with him, but you rarely think about the connection between love and words. You may think that those three simple words are enough, but when you think about some special occasions, you find yourself in need of some love sayings. Especially when it comes to marriage.

"Marriage sayings? Wait, what? No, teenagers are into those romantic quotes, married people don't need that", that's the thing that may spring to your mind. But you need marriage quotes much more than you think. You are planning wedding vows? You need to compose a toast? Are you that great at creating marriage quotes?

marriage quotes

"Oh, come on, Plato said "At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet", so I don't need quotes", and you have just proved us right, as you needed a quote to claim that you don't need quotes. And aside from that, wedding vows and toasts are not the only occasions that you may need quotes about marriage.

Let's think about texting with your wife. Are you going simply to text her "I love you"-this and "I love you"-that? That's a little bit, don't you think? And we are not talking about the fact that your wife is going to be bored because of your look-alike-messages. And we are not talking about the fact that the more you use the word 'love' the more meaningless it becomes. We are talking about creativity. Don't you want to be a little more creative when texting your spouse?

Now, imagine that all of a sudden you realized how important your wife is to you. You understood that she is the most precious person in your life. And you want to share this feeling with her. And what are you going to text her? There are two variants. Either your message is going be longer than the Bible or you’re going to take a huge gamble and try to let her understand what you feel right now with those simple "I love you"? Let's be honest, both of the variants are not that great.

Or imagine that you need to say something funny about your marriage. Either you are keen on anecdotes or you need to use some funny marriage quotes. And when you try to pick one, you are most likely to get lost in the thousands of Google results. That one looks fine, but this one looks even better. And what about that one?

In any case, you need those sayings about love and marriage. So, in order to help you, we've collected some of the best quotes on marriage and love. If you think that mere love is enough to make you a poet, there is no need to read this article, but if you have doubts about your writing skills, we offer you to check those quotes out without further ado.

Short Marriage Quotes

First let's have a look at short marriage quotes. They are perfect for wedding vows and can be great in cheering up your bride, when she gets nervous before the wedding ceremony. Some of them are simply inspirational quotes. Let's check them out without further ado.

1. 'I would prefer being very married with you than anything else in the world!' - a perfect variant for a proposal and for showing her that your intentions are more than serious.

2. 'There is nothing more charming than a good marriage' – a simple inspirational quote that can make you, as well as your bride, less nervous before the wedding.

quotes about marriage3. 'I love you with love that is more than love' – while it may sound like some fancy talking, when you say something like that before getting married, it can actually work.

4. 'I married a person worth melting for!' - you want to say something great in public or directly to your wife after getting married? Well, this phrase is a perfect option for both of the cases. The guests at your wedding ceremony will be pleased if you say it in public. And your wife will be pleased as well, as you reassure her that she is the one worth melting for.

5. 'You look gorgeous wearing our future!' - another perfect phrase for cheering up your spouse. Just make sure to say "our", as most of the brooms prefer to use "my". By saying "our", you emphasize that you both mean a lot to each other, and your marriage is an important step for both of you.

Romantic Quotes About Marriage

Now, let's have a look at truly romantic quotes about marriage. A lot of people think about marriage as something that has much more to do with institution, which has a little to nothing to do with love and romance. Well, actually it is up to you, as the level of love and romance depends only on the way you build your marriage. The next quotes prove that there is enough place for love and romance after you say 'I do'. Some of those quotes are just inspirational, while you can use others for texting with your spouse.

1. A successful marriage means falling in love many times with one person. I'm glad that our marriage is successful.

2. If love is a disease, then the only cure is loving even more. I'm glad that our marriage provided me with that cure.

3. Before I met you, I slept a lot because I enjoyed my dreams. Since we got married I often have sleepless nights, as you've made my reality better than my dreams.

4. There is no greater thing than marriage – two souls willing to be joined forever, enjoying their mutual life, and having thousands of beautiful memories at the moment of the last parting.

5. My life is not that special. I can't call myself one of a kind. I know that my name will be forgotten soon after my passing. And that doesn't bother me, as I would have known that I spent my life with the person whom I loved with all my heart.

6. I know that I am a happy man because not only did I marry the woman I loved, but I love the woman I married.

7. Marriage is standing by each other's side on good days and standing even closer on bad ones.

8. I married you not because I can live with you, but because I simply cannot live without you.

9. A happy marriage requires giving your spouse the very best of yourself, not the leftovers of you.

10. The divorce is 50/50 share, while marriage is 100/100 share. Marriage has much more to do with sharing everything than dividing anything.

Funny Quotes About Marriage

One of the greatest problems with marriage is the fact that everyone takes it extremely seriously. Of course, it is one of the most important steps in your life. Of course, you are extremely nervous on your wedding ceremony. And all that makes you feel that there is no place for humor in marriage. But if you think that way, then you are completely wrong. It takes a few years in marriage to figure out that 'the rest of your life' is full of jokes and anecdotes. Once again, everything depends on the way you build your marriage, but all in all, being married can be a lot of fun. And to prove our point, we've collected the funniest and most hilarious quotes and sayings about marriage. If you are already married, you can easily recognize yourself in one of them. And if you are only about to get married, those quotes would be quite useful for you, as they can provide you with a deeper understanding of what marriage is.

1. A perfect marriage has nothing to do with perfect couples. A perfect marriage takes two imperfect people enjoying their differences.

saying about marriage2. Marriage provides you with an opportunity to annoy one special person for the rest of your life.

3. Getting married is changing the adoration of many for the sarcasm of one.

4. Marriage is a special kind of bond in which one is always right and the other is a husband.

5. If you are wrong and you shut up, then you are wise. And if you are right and you shut up, then you are married.

6. Being married is never having problems with your spouse's attitude.

7. Marriage is a man losing his Bachelor’s Degree and a woman gaining her Master’s Degree.

8. A happy marriage requires a man understanding every word that his wife didn't say.

9. You can't fail when you are married, as you always have an option to do things the way your wife told you.

10. Only weak ones think that divorce is an option. You're losing your temper? Just take your ass to another room and calm down.

11. Marriage is a very psychological thing – one is a psycho and the other is logical. A happy marriage is possible when spouses are not trying to figure out who is who.

12. A happy marriage requires a husband not stopping to date his wife, and a wife not stopping to flirt with her husband.

13. Marriage is keeping your spouse's picture in your wallet. A happy marriage is not worrying about difficulties, as staring at that picture makes you realize that if you survived being married to this psycho, you can survive anything.

14. The most important phrase in a successful marriage is not "I love you" but "I'll do the dishes".

15. Marriage is like an extreme sport. If it's not challenging, then you are doing something wrong.

Quotes Do Matter

After reading everything above-mentioned, you can easily conclude that quotes and sayings about love and marriage do matter. On the one hand they help you understand the marriage better, and on the other hand they can cheer up your spouse and warm up her heart.

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