Who are Russian brides and where do they usually come from?

It is no secret that men from foreign countries are an attraction for Russian women. Even since the soviet times, a foreign way of life was an image approaching a dream. They are naturally beautiful but due to poor economical state of some post-Soviet countries it is in their right to feel that they deserve a better life and a better man. Among incredible looks, Russian brides are also kind, have a good sense of humor, intelligent and good housewives. When it is hard to be appreciated for who you are, it is obvious that you try searching for your best half abroad.

Who are Russian brides and where do they usually come from

As a rule, all most women from the CIS countries are recognized as Russian brides. Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are origin of the most stunning ladies in the world.

Why Russian brides are so popular?

As was said, Russian women are drop-dead gorgeous. Take any dating site with Russian women. A foreigner surfs through hundreds of women as if in the mall – all are stunning gorgeous models. Among these redeeming qualities, they are also highly intelligent. Most of them have a higher education or even two! Some of them graduated a musical school to top it up. They are eager readers and good listeners.

It is worth mentioning that when it comes to marriage, Russian wives were born to become one. Traditionally, girls’ mothers in Russia educate their girls so they can become good wives in the future. They learn how to cook, knit, wash clothes, clean around the house early. Only a few decades ago staying single at the age of 25 was nearly a doom sentence to them.

Besides, it’s been only a few decades after dating online has become a thing. With all the qualities mentioned, are there even any doubts why Russian brides are so popular?

Pros of Russian brides

  • Family – above everything

Russian women are perfect women to spend the rest of your days with. No woman in the world learns to cook, knit and clean at the age girls in Russian do. They are their best mother’s helpers which is the reason their bond with the family remains strong even when the girls grow up. One day you will have to learn lots of new names of her grannies (babushkas), though.

  • Absolutely stunning

Branded worldwide like one of the most beautiful women on Earth, they can literally make your friends jealous. Not even mentioning that specific accent of theirs that alone can give men some pleasant vibe.

  • Pretty reckless too!

Whether you attend a gig or going to a restaurant, you will never get bored. They are live wires and when she starts singing in the street after a few glasses of wine, be ready to sing along. It is like John Lennon said “she’s the kind a girl that’s going to make you sorry, still you don’t regret a single day”. Although it may seem hard to get to her real true nature (see the section below), it pays off once she can really trust you.

  • Educated and modest

Although the aforementioned recklessness about Russian women is true, it takes time and love to actually draw her inner self outside. It happens because she was brought up in patriarchal traditions in which a woman has to be quiet for the most part. Communication is the key here. You can easily discuss millions of various topics and be enthralled with her thinking. Never stop talking to her and she will never stop giving pleasant surprises.

Cons of Russian brides

  • Economic inequality

It can be debated whether it is a good or a bad thing, but it is a fact that lots of Russian women are extremely vulnerable to the American dream phenomena. Even with higher degrees and hardworking attitude it is still unlikely that you can afford a private house and earn good living in general. Having put so much effort in personal development and with those family-oriented values, Russian women can be too demanding for their foreign best half.

  • Large age gap

Because of the social status, plenty of foreign men can’t expect to marry a girl 10 years (or more) younger than he. Especially when it is the educated woman he wants to marry. Russian women are much more eager to marry foreigners older than them, but it doesn’t mean that all the problems that come with a big age gap are solved once they are swept under the carpet.

  • Accommodation

Even with the most hardworking and intelligent wife, having to assimilate to the new culture shall take a lot of time. Something that has been developing and building for, say, 30 years can’t be easily undone and redeveloped over 30 days. Accepting new culture and integrating into it is a long-lasting period of time is a good test for your relationship. It even gets harder if the man has children. Should you endure it, nothing can threaten your happy livelihood anymore.

  • Brides that are in command

Historically, Russian women have always had to do many things around the house and educate their children in the process. Don’t get scared when you see your Russian best half taking household chores in control, ironing your shirts or counting every penny you spend – it is in her genetics.

  • How to find a Russian bride?

It is no brainer that the simplest way is actually to come to either Russia, or Ukraine, or Belorus and start your search there. If you don’t plan any business or tourist trips to the land of Dostoevsky and Rachmaninoff, then consider online dating services. Either way, you will have to establish a communication with your partner. From there, you have several options: hire an interpreter/translator, find a woman, who knows English, learn Russian or find somebody among community of Russians in your country who is willing to assist.

Do Russian women make goods wives?

Absolutely! Fact is that it is the most outstanding benefit of Russian woman. However, it is worth mentioning that her happiness will come from your family. They are easy to approach and never complicate things like most of Western women, for example. Russian brides are very beautiful and what is more important they like to dress well by her man’s side. They are healthy and have a rich intellectual life!

What is a mail-order bride?

The term originates to mid- 1800s during the domestic migration in US, where men moved further to the west in search for better financial opportunities and having found those, writing letters, and personal advertisements back to the east for the purpose of finding a wife. Modern mail-ordering generally involves online dating agencies that offer hundreds of would-be brides’ profiles. Such online dating platforms provide costly services for such bride to find her foreign husband which looks similar to a commodity ordering. There have been numerous reports of abusing such services which ended up in sex traffic, murders of a mail-ordered bride or vice versa. Besides, with money involved in the industry, needless to say that some profiles of women are fake and called “scam”.

What is Russian dating scam?

Dating scam is a fake profile with information and photos of a real Russian woman, who may not necessarily be in search of a foreign husband in the first place. Designed specifically to draw money in any possible way, it has been quite a repulsive factor for the overall online dating experience.

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