7 Practical Dating Tips for Smart Women

Whatever some men might gossip about women’s logic ladies are not only romantic, caring and loving, in most cases they are also wise, practical and smart. The things which men can’t understand or explain are quite simple for women’s comprehension because they use both their mind and their feelings for grasping the complexities of this world.

Practical Dating Tips for Smart Women

It’s quite a big delusion to believe that this world is rational. On the contrary, a great many things are quite illogical and do not follow any conventional rules. We had better never be one hundred percent sure in anything even if the outcome seems quite obvious. It’s like driving your car using an automotive navigation system. If you always follow its instruction without thinking sooner or later it may guide you to a high brick wall you haven’t expected to see in front of you.

So, from the point of view of its arrangement this world is more female than male where feelings and mind have the same weigh and can’t exist without each other. And whether we like it or not this rule has become the main one which we all have to obey and take into consideration while making our decisions.

To use both their mind and feelings in all life spheres is a common thing for women. That’s why they are guided by them in their relationships too. So it won’t be hard for them to follow these 7 practical dating tips, besides there is no doubt they will even refine them.

1. Be selective

No matter how long you have stayed single you shouldn’t be in a hurry to develop a relationship with the first guy you’ll meet. Sure he may appear to be your perfect match but you had better take some time to make sure in it so that to avoid being disappointed. Remember he isn’t the only one guy left in this world and there can always be a better option.

2. Other women don’t exist

You are unique and that’s why even more precious. Stop comparing yourself to other women and never try to follow their example. The things which worked out in their situations won’t obligatory help you in yours. Besides, who said that they’re better, prettier wiser than you’re? May be that’s them who should admire you and not on the contrary.

3. Don’t waste your time

In most cases women long for a long-term relationship. If you encounter a man whose wishes are opposite to yours than it will be quite unwise to expect him to change his mind. In that case you’d better break off the relationship as soon as possible and look for a guy whose point of view coincides with yours.

4. No fast talkers

Pay attention to the ratio of what he promises to what he actually does. If there are much more words than actions then let him go. There is no need to waste your precious time on someone who doesn’t stick to any obligations.

5. Respect yourself

Don’t let him humiliate you and never sacrifice yourself for the sake of your partner. Maintain your interests, professional goals, friends and don’t change either yourself or circle of your interests to please him. If he really loves and values you he will find a compromise.

6. Don’t ignore your intuition

Listen to what your inner voice whispers to you. It usually tells you about the things which you have already understood but haven’t shaped into words yet. Sure, you shouldn’t follow your intuition blindly. But you should definitely be on the alert if one day you start feeling that something is wrong.

7. Show an interest

Show your genuine interest in the things which are important to your partner. He will appreciate that and besides, it will help you strengthen your relationship.

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