Essential Tips for Meeting Up again after a First Date

Your entire love life depends on how successfully your first date runs. Is there any recipe to get the second one? Sure! Read our guide and learn some easy tricks.

Essential Tips for Meeting Up again after a First Date

Be inventive

Forget about conventional date ideas! Most guys think that a dinner at a restaurant will make a heart of any woman melt. Well, everyone loves to dine. However, to really impress your girlfriend-to-be, think of something more original. Choose the scenario that would match her interests – and yours, naturally – and enable you to get to know each other.

Dress sharp and groom yourself

No lady would like to date a bad-looking man. As a rule, women thoroughly prepare for romantic meetings and so should men do. Take care of your hygiene as you must look tidy and smell good. Groom your facial and head hair; make sure your breath is ultimately fresh and your clothes are free of stains or holes. And, of course, wear clean and elegant shoes: many women evaluate their future partners by footwear.

Avoid tackling banal topics

On first dates, you allegedly should discuss pretty neutral subjects e.g. her job, her hobbies, or her past working day. Not that those topics are bad yet they aren’t enough to fascinate her. If you ask a girl out, you probably know what position she occupies and what she is interested in. Try to go further. Tell some fancy stories from your life and welcome her to share her own memories and impressions.

Don’t be self-centered

It is super irritating to go out with a guy who constantly talks about his life, his dog, his plans etc. On a date, it’s a lady who should get privileges. Make her the centre of your attention! Don’t interrupt, don’t struggle to share as much information as possible – split the time of your date into equal parts so both of you will be able to say something.

Keep the boundaries

Sincerity is essential for building healthy relationships. Yet being sincere doesn’t mean you should reveal all of your secrets, problems, and life details. Never, never turn dates into psychotherapy sessions! And, of course, don’t talk about your exes. We bet your prospective partner also doesn’t want to disclose her personal information right in the beginning; so don’t get assertive.

Hold your drink

Getting drunk together with your significant other may be fun. But to win a second date with a lady of your dream, you’d better stay sober. Choose beverages low in alcohol e.g. dry wine or martini. Note that 1-2 glasses are absolutely sufficient for loosening up and feeling good. Otherwise, the things may go out of the plan and her impression about you will be ruined.

Behave manly

Even though contemporary humanity goes through emancipation, most girls are fond of chivalrous men. Act confidently and politely. Do all those gentlemanlike things: pull a chair for her, help her put a coat on, offer to pick up the tab etc. Let her know you control the situation.

Express your interest

A woman should feel you are sincerely interested in her. Show your appreciation of stories she tells you – ask follow-up questions and react on answers. To be honest, ladies don’t usually need your gifts, they need your enthusiasm. Be ready to promote the conversation: study her profile on an online dating site once more, recall what she has already told you about herself and be eager to get more.

Display sexuality

It’s not always necessary to hide your animal instincts. A great many guys are taught not to demonstrate any sexual vibes until a girl gives them a green light. In fact, most women like men capable of making the first moves first. If she attracts you physically, drop hints of it and she will respond!

Be proactive

Is there already the connection between the two of you? Great. But you should strengthen this. If you feel a girl likes what you do to her, step further. Not too far – this will scare her off. Just increase the chemistry by making your voice tone and gestures more intimate and shortening the distance.

Keep the secret

Do you really wanna be an open book? She doesn’t need to know everything about you nor do you. Show your cards step by step. Let some details remain unknown. Leave more stuff for future discussions. We are sure that your date will do the same.

Build up her anticipation

Make your lady think of your meeting and wait for the next one. For instance, you can mention some wonderful spots you dream to visit or ask where she would prefer going most of all. Prepare the grounding by promising her that you will take those trips in the nearest future.

Call, don’t text

We remember the tree-day rule. But is it that critical? Seems like modern daters compete in who is less affected. Contact your woman earlier if you feel it will be right. We only recommend you doing it not via text messages but by calling her on the phone. Live conversations better show your respect and care.

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