Finding the Right Russian Woman

Russian women generally expect to be treated like ladies after getting married. If you have a good job, aren’t addicted to alcohol or drugs, and wouldn't cheat on your wife there are many attractive women in Russia who are looking for a guy in other parts of the world. In most cases fame, money and even good looks don’t matter as much because these women are in need of love and attention. But finding the right girl isn’t as easy as it looks or as certain online dating sites say it is. Although, with a bit of common sense on the table and the right amount of guidance you may be able to easily overcome all the challenges and meet many intelligent and sincere women who are just waiting to meet a nice man and start a family.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking to marry a Russian woman, online or in real:

  1. The women you see in the Internet do exist and they expect much more than a simple foreign pen pal. The difficulty, though, lies in discovering a dating site reliable enough and in filtering the real women and scammers. Russian women who use the Internet for dating purposes are elegant and beautiful.

  2. In most cases, a Russian woman will only marry you once you’ve won her heart. If you fail at charming her with your heart and pure intentions it is highly unlikely she’d fall for anything else.

  3. Although some Russian women are desperate to leave Russia, most are not. They are very intelligent and will not marry a foreigner unless they feel secure in their choice and trust you.

  4. Think about the broader effect this course of action will have. Marrying is not a light step for someone who does not know much about your culture and beliefs.

  5. Begin by educating yourself, on both the pros and cons of marrying someone you barely know. Stay away from those online dating sites that only show the attractive side of Russian/Western marriages. There is an ugly side and you must acquaint yourself with it.

  6. Do not fall in love immediately. A handful of letters and a couple of phone calls aren’t sufficient to tell if you’ve found the right person. Control your feelings and do not make any hasty decisions, this isn’t even a real relationship yet.

  7. You do not need to be a multi-millionaire to marry a Russian woman, but you cannot be a broke pauper at the same time. 

  8. Avoid sending money to someone you haven't yet met in person. If she needs money to send you emails, consult a reliable agency for email forwarding services.

  9. Top ranking dating sites often do in depth analysis of women’s profiles. This can be both very advantageous as well as disadvantageous. You may be able to understand more about her and her culture before you write to her but it may also make her very popular and she might receive a lot of mails for different suitors.

  10. Testimonials on various online dating sites may be true, but the vast majority of them are often fabricated. Whilst, searching for an agency, look for ones that come recommended. Join online forums for advice on dating services as most people there are experienced and may give better advice.

  11. Remember that most dating sites nowadays are the products of well devised scams. Reliable dating sites should have dealings with other major organizations and protect the consumer should be working with international law enforcement agencies.

  12. Few dating sites provide details of their clients and so you may have to search through their database extensively to find exactly what you’re looking for

  13. Try not to make any sexual allusions in the first few letters especially before meeting in person. Russian women tend to get the wrong impression and consider it inappropriate to be discussing sex with unknown men anyhow.

  14. Try to use a good translator to effectively show all your emotions.

  15. Remember that sometimes using a software translator may force you to keep your letters short and simple, since they work on script recognition and not the actual meaning of the words.

  16. You may like showing off your great athletic body but sending a photo without a shirt mean great disrespect to certain Russian women.

  17. If you send an email and do receive a response within one week, send another, copy of the first one with a few additional words hinting that you’re really looking forward to hearing from her.

  18. Since salaries in Russia are quite low, there is a possibility you may not hear from the girl if you’re not paying for her mails.

  19. In Russia, the man is expected to bear all the expenses of the family or the relationship. Keeping this in mind, if you stay at the woman’s house give her some money in advance to prepare good food and make your stay memorable.

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