First date do’s and don’t’s

In fact, it is not cpecifically about the first date itself, but the first face-to-face period when you finally meet your partner after a particular period of online communication. In this article we are going to run through several do's and don'ts that will help you to manage the successful and perspective communication, if serious relationship is something you are looking for.

So let’s start with something you shall never do on a date with a lady:

Be too serious.

Being thoughtful is quite useful habit to have, though, don’t go too far with it, as the first date is the time you both rather merely spend the hours learning new things about each other. The easiest and most pleasant way of all is to be light and slightly superficial about things. You can go deeper anytime you both want and/or ready to.

Pretend to be funny.

There is nothing more repulsive and pathetic then trying to be funny when it’s not originally your cup of tea. So if you are not that “funny kinda guy” just get over it and better use something that works good for you, showing some vertues that actually reveil your beautiful nature.

Discuss your previous relationships.

That’s a thing both men and women are not that much pleased to hear on the first dates. As far as you’re not that close yet, you shall not go on discussing some of your previous experiences as you never know the reaction your companion’s going to have, as well as the consiquences it may cause (like a belief that you’re still not quite over)

Misrepresent oneself online

Probably the most well-known fact is that truth always reveils oneself, so pretending to be a different person by regulating or original behaviour or qualities will not only put you through the wringer but also eventually, when your true nature show up, cause you date dissapointment and irritation as no one likes to be deceived. And, afterwards, isn’t it your real you that you want to make happy and have all that great experiences that happen during a lifetime? Treat yourself right then!

Overdo with those drinks

Well, alcohol relaxes, make you feel sincere, even confident and that intoxicating state is, ingeneral, quite pleasant. Though you’d rather mind yourself with those on the first dates as you risk not only to lose control over yourself and situation but also cause the embarassment due to extra frivolous behaviour.

Showing yourself off

Trying to be something that you are originally not is the hardest work ever. Do you really want to be engaged with that scam? And, to remind you, if this is the right person, he or she literally needs and wants you the very way you are - with all flaws and weird things.

And as far as we have discussed the points you shall never do during your first dates, let’s move to those you should practice if you want things to work out the best possible way.

1. Be honest.

It is hardly and advise to get as it is probably the most important thing that should be a basis for the communication. And still we better be here to remind you - be opened, it is pleasant and easy.

2. Be resolute

If you have some questions to put to - go for it. Be brave enough to lead the conversation the way you want it so afterwards you have a feeling that you made it all, no matter how it all have turned out.

3. Pay your attention

As far as you have chosen this particular person to put your time and fancy into, pay most of your sincere attention in order to know one better.

4. Learn body language

You better use this aspect all the possible ways if you haven’t learned this one yet, because it helps a lot in making full-size communication. It may say and show a lot mouth is not yet ready to speak about.

5. Ask for a second date

If you feel like continuing this relationship - be brave enough to ask for a second date. Show the person you’ve dated with that you had a good time and don’t mind to continue. Coz if you felt that way, there is a chance for it to happen at the other side as well.

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