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  1. Sex with robots: different approaches and thoughts
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Society won so many trophies when it comes to sex. It seems like the level of sexual interest and advanced technology of sexual interaction has moved way further than genetic engineering or spacecraft. Yeah, we needed sex at all times. It’s what rules the world, what starts wars and is the best motivation to improve for us.

We have succeeded in every sexual industry so far that you don’t need a person anymore to have pleasure. And we are not talking about masturbation and other self-satisfactory means. We could simply watch porn, take a dildo out of the drawer or proceed in something more intricate. For example, people in Japan normally substitute women by little androids that talk to them or giggle sexily when you tickle them. This is by no means perversion, just one more chance to invent something truly creative and helpful in many ways.

sex robots 2018

Sex with robots was a hilarious joke in freakish 90’s comedies, but it seems more like a reality now. People order life-size custom-made sex dolls, which have perfect glossy hair, nice boobs, and a highly realistic vagina. Some of them can talk, and it’s predictive they will be able to walk and move their hands, or thrust their thighs in the nearest decade. Have you seen Sophia who serves the role of diplomatic entertainment? Who says you won’t be able to re-program your girlfriend to “no PMS” mood really soon? Today we will go through the whole concept of sex robots – 2018 edition, and try to analyze whether this is a glance into the nearest future or a start of a nightmare.

Sex with robots: different approaches and thoughts

Robosexuals, as they call themselves, receive bthe iggest amount of criticism and contradiction. People have divided into two opposite teams of those who praise this new way of having sex or communicating with a robot, and others are strictly against realistic sex robots, calling it the greatest potential danger to start a new wave of female and male objectification. They say that the concept of a living sexual robot is to have fun without humanism, compassion, or interest in something beside their body. Because sex robots are so precisely made for every client, when you buy sex robots, they think of you as a shallow person who only needs primary sexual satisfaction, which some people claim to be bad and superficial. They say that making a custom robot returns us to the times where the size of the breasts or a penis was a top priority for choosing a partner – their ability to be a healthy and superior species.

Women who refer to male sex robots as a positive concept are of a different opinion, because:

1. Sex robots with artificial intelligence make people happier. Especially those who are lonely, have lost their significant other, or just have potentially low social skills. Such a purchase would ease the everyday life of a woman who struggles with having no one by her side. Although a sex robot is not the best interlocutor or protector, yet it might create a feeling of safety and fulfill the need to search for a sexual partner, which is both a good and a bad thing.

2. The ability to create a perfect man. Hypocritical as it sounds, women want a good body and good demeanor in their man as well. We can call objectification a binary term, because it would be a little unfair to call ladies innocent here.

sex robots in action The negative side of sex robots being made in the future:

1. Sex robots are subject to be hacked by cybercriminals who hunt for intimate videos. Because of this, cybercriminals will want to can get remote access to cameras and microphones connected to a sex doll. Collecting explicit information, fraudsters use it for blackmail. Hacking such a “device” is not a big deal for hackers, so any owner of a sex robot should take care of their own security. For example, when buying, you need to make sure that the device can be password protected and come up with a reliable combination. It is advisable not to use some random password, you should come up with your own. In addition, it should be changed in case of parting with a partner who had access to account data.

2. Sex robots drive us away from healthy relationships. Some experts say that the manufacturing of sex dolls with artificial intelligence will triple by the next year. And this might lead to people rejecting the idea of taking responsibility of a real person as it is much easier to choose an inanimate object as your choice of interaction.

Campaign against sex robots

Sex robots technology became so advanced that it immediately attracted lots of hatred. A campaign in the UK is calling for a ban on the development of robots that can be used for sex. Being impressed by the possible scenarios of the use of smart machines by mankind, the campaign initiators call for the development of ethical norms in the development, production and use of robots, prohibiting in particular their use as sex partners. Proponents of the initiative argue that sex-robots with artificial intelligence threaten the future of humanity, as they become another reason for the degradation of human relationships and the decline of human empathy. They increase the popularity of prostitution and make people perceive sexual relations as something soulless and mechanical.

How do sex robots work?

Not a lot of people have seen sex robots in use, especially sex robots for women, because they are in the stage of development. Basically, it is a complicated mechanism, intended to detect someone's feelings, recognize them, talk to them or have something that resembles memory. Sex robots combine properties of an artificial intelligence creation and a sex doll, whose skin and genitalia resemble a real person.

The owner can turn the robot on by touching his erogenous zones - thighs, chest, pelvis or hands. The robot starts to moan and say intimate things using a voice activated system, for example, like Siri in a smartphone. Male robots will be able to imitate flaccid penis going though all the stages of arousal, causing a boner. Robot developers want to create a feeling of warmth and pelvis thrusting, but that requires coming up with an idea of an artificial spine.

Japanese sex robots as a breakthrough

Japanese engineers are geniuses when it comes to artificial intelligence. They came up with the most important models and incorporate them in peoples’ everyday lives.

The Japanese Gatebox company has created a real virtual anime wife, performing the function of voice assistant. In addition to managing smart devices at home, a virtual Japanese woman will write messages, get bored if you don't talk to her and wake up in the morning. Now everyone can get his own personal anime wifu. You can customize her appearance and this creature will ask you what you want for dinner during your working day (even if she has no hands to cook you one).

Best sex robots to buy yourself for Christmas

Most women don't even know that sex robots are being made from a material that closely resembles human skin. It is softer and silkier than rubber, you can compare it to a really expensive vibrator.

Unfortunately, there aren't that many male sex robots you can purchase yet. One and the most successful version is called Rocky. You can buy Rocky on this site: He is called a true companion, and is totally customizable. Here you can create the skin tone, eye and hair color, stubble, and even pubic hair. Customers say you can even detach his penis and give your own Rocky any vibrator that goes right in. The size of a penis is your preference, too. This innovation will cost you almost ten thousand dollars. But it's totally worth it, right? Realbotix company has prepared the first male sex robot launch as well.

The first model is named Henry. The developers claim that the robot is able to hold a conversation and joke. Buyers will be able to customize his external data, including the length of the silicone penis, which reaches 28 centimeters. In addition to Henry, there are three more models: Michael, Mick and Neith. Female sex robots are a little bit more advanced. On the latest exhibition of 2018, a developer claimed for his new toy to have different traits of characters. You can also change the type of personality, and in addition - save a separate template. In general, the manufacturer intends to create up to 18 different personality types for the robot, including a shy girl and a sensual woman.

Sex dolls market is extremely interesting and highly controversial. Official retailers offer you to start saving money for future creation, predicting that the line will be bigger than in the first day of every new iPhone release. Websites where you can create your first sex robot gain bigger and bigger popularity, enlarging this industry every year. Male sex dolls are about to compete with blonde Samanthas and Jessicas. Retailers plan on manufacturing separate parts for a robot and provide technical support. Are you ready to buy your first sex robot?

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