The Worst Dating Advice For Men: 7 Things To Avoid

Usually, in the very beginning of the relationships, a woman dances to a man’s tune. As a result, he believes that this will last forever. But eventually, she realizes that it is really difficult to adjust to her man all the time.

Well, it is believed that the atmosphere in the family, as well as the family itself, completely depends on a woman, her mood, and state of mind.

Of course, a man may fight for the right to set his rules in the house, but first of all, it is essential to listen to your woman, and only then to make your attempts to change something. Find out what does she want first. Some women prefer sweets, some prefer flowers, others prefer movies. Find out what your woman enjoys most of all, and try to make her happy, before changing anything.

The ability to listen to each other is essential in any relationships. It does not matter what she says sometimes. The only thing that matters is your attention. So look at her, do not interrupt and listen.

It is nonsense to think that a happy life means one and the same thing for men and women. Therefore men tend to do silly things and listen to useless pieces of advice. Besides, women often analyze their behavior. They admit and correct their mistakes, while men simply do not stand corrected.

The Worst Dating Advice For Men 7 Things To Avoid

Here are 7 things a man should avoid in relationships with a woman:

  1. A regular monitoring of what your woman is doing is often considered to be a normal behavior for a man. The point is that the similar behavior of a woman will definitely irritate a man and will be considered as unsuitable. Why is she talking on the phone so long, why hanging out with a girlfriend, why shopping, why doing manicure, why making a hairstyle? The thing is that a pushy monitoring like this will be a signal for a woman that you do not trust her. It will elbow you aside.
  2. If a man is busy with some stuff, he does not feel the time passing. Having a beer with friends, going out hunting, fishing etc. does not have any time frames. That’s out of the question. He does not answer the phone. He is either busy or does not hear it. A woman is supposed to understand that and take it as normal. The question is why men are not willing to understand that? A woman ignores your phone calls for the same reasons.
  3. Men often do not understand that they should not do compliments or moon over women if his beloved is there. In this case, a woman feels deprived and offended. And may stop your relationships.
  4. Do not forget that women love attention. Spend some more time with her, instead of being at work till late at night or hanging out with friends. Be ready to lend your sympathetic ear. Women believe, it is crucial to share their thoughts and feeling with a man they are in relationships with. Remove your eyes from the monitor or TV screen. A few minutes of your attention may prevent a row. However, you should pay too much attention to whatever she is talking about. She may think that you need her more that she needs you.
  5. Men, who believe they can buy love, make a big mistake. Not even close! Women appreciate the attention and concern much more than money. Relationships, based on financial benefits, do not last long. When the first problems occur, your relationships will fall into pieces. Money cannot compensate emotional warmth, ever!
  6. Men do not know that women get tired at work and need some rest as well as men do. However, they may simply hide their exhaustion in order to cheer their men up. How often do you hear that a woman refuses to cook a dinner because she is too tired after a hard working day?
  7. Do not come around her first if you are not guilty in what has happened. She definitely knows that you are not guilty. Do not humiliate yourself. She simply wants to break you down. She may even not realize that, but it is what it is. The thing is that if she succeeds, she will not be happy with you anymore. A woman is happy with a man, who is able to surpass her, to show his character. In other words, be her rock and do not humiliate yourself.

Be patient with each other and live a happy life together.

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