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I was surfing the net when I got the invitation to join the dating community named Romance Compass on Facebook. A sweet blonde with angelic face was smiling at me from the photo with a comment to come and save her from her loneliness, and well… I actually quite fancied it

I must admit I used to be a member of some dating sites of a kind, however, that didn’t lead to anything good or positive in my life: all the women tried to take my private email address and invited me to make our communication closer and more personal. It’s a shame but once I was scammed for quite a penny: I just couldn’t resist sending her money for her international passport, as she promised to come at once… Certainly, I’ve never ever heard from the girl… To my surprise, with Romance Compass it opened to be different.

When I first opened that website, I thought that it was too good to be true because there are so many beautiful and friendly women looking for a husband.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven They made free registration there, that’s why if you do feel lonely and really look for someone, it sounds like a must to try. Of course, it’s just easy to register and see where it leads… So I did. At once, I began to receive chat invitations from different Ukrainian and Russian ladies, and couldn’t believe they were all interested. Some of the letters they wrote actually seemed form letters, so I thought, it’s not reputable and just another dating scam.

However, different reviews about this site only arouse my interest, since the negative reviews seemed biased, if you know what I mean, and I thought that if Romance Compass started so much talks about it, it was definitely worth trying. So my next step was to buy some credits on the site, since the communication is not free of charge there. Actually, comparing to some other dating sites where you pay for monthly subscription, it’s kind of advantageous, as you don’t have to pay for your membership unless you use some services there.

I must admit, it’s really true that Russian and Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world. At first I’ve been mailing to different women there, it took some time to make my choice and find the one whom I’m talking now. I won’t tell you my lady’s profile number, but her name is Natalia and she is 35 y.o., by the way, I forgot to tell that I’m 41. So, our age difference is not that much and I do have reasons to think that she’s looking for serious relations on the site, and not just having fun chatting with foreign men. One of the best priorities of this dating site is the ability to chat live with any woman you like, you can even use videoconference. It takes credits, of course, that’s why I tried it only with my Natalia, we’ve been communicating that way for about a month, and I was pleasantly surprised that she never asked my email address, as the ladies on other sites, and even when I suggested to send her a gift, she refused, having told that she would accept my gifts only after a real meeting. However, when I finally decided to make it more personal and asked for her private email address, she told that she didn’t mind, so I contacted the site administration with the ask to give me her contact information. As soon as I received her address and phone number, I called her. Despite all the negative reviews about Romance Compass ladies, my girl answered at once, and every time we want to talk, we agree the date and time and I call her, because I respect her personal time and don’t want to dial her number non-stop just to check whether she’ll pick up the phone or not.

Actually, guys, why I’m writing all these words… I just want to voice my concern about all men who are posting endless complaints about Romance Compass and other dating sites they were using: certainly, there are fake women’s profiles everywhere, but if you want to be scammed, you’ll definitely be, and that’s the matter of you and the ladies you’re choosing for communication. If she seems too good for you, it only means that you’re not good enough to build your relations, and nobody’s to blame. Personally, I tried to send some financial help on Romance Compass to one lady, and immediately I got the notification from Romance Compass Support that it’s not advisable and even dangerous to do it. So, if you want to be scammed, ignore the notifications, but don’t blame anybody and any dating site you’re on. Of course, they earn money on us, but at the same time, I visited Natalia twice already in Ukraine, and now she is making her documents to come to Canada and stay with me. Just 8,5 months passed, but I can’t imagine my life without her, and what do I have to blame the site for? To my mind, Romance Compass is absolutely legit and reputable, but I’m writing this only to say that you are to make your own choice and decision.


William R., 41 y.o., Montreal, Canada

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