How to Spice Up Your Sex Life: 2019 Edition

Even the most devoted couples can’t keep the fire of passion burning forever. Time brings people closer but also makes them calmer, turning former lovers into friends. In relationships, there’s always a period when life drowns in a routine and monotony when partners get used to each other, and hormones are no longer a source of sexual energy. If you feel this period coming, it’s time to think about how to spice things up in the bedroom.

Statistics show that it only takes three years for passionate lovers to smoothly turn into a mundane couple that has no interest in sex whatsoever. Sounds pretty depressing, doesn’t it? Well, how to revive the feelings and make your sex life great again? There are a couple of tricks to reignite the spark, even if it’s long gone. After all, a romantic relationship goes far beyond sex, and destroying it just because you’re not as playful in bed as you were isn’t a wise decision. So, if your intimate life has become a bit stale, and you want to shake it up with some fresh ideas, we have a few tips that might work.

easy sex positions to spice it up

Ways to spice up your sex life

If you’re not yet ready to introduce fancy positions or sex games to your relationship, you can start with these simple things to spice up your sex life.

Love notes

Short, lovely notes will make a routine more colorful. Back in the day, we used to write them on paper, but with social media and messengers, you can make your loved one feel a burst of passion at any moment. Don’t have a pen and paper with you? No problem! Just send a message. As for what to text, this is the task for your creative mind and imagination. Think about what will bring up the kinkiest fantasies in your partner’s mind. If you chose to stick with the classic option, you can leave your message in their pocket or put it on the fridge or a mirror in the bathroom.

Strawberries and cream

This is a pretty old trick that never stops working. Strawberries and cream are the best things to spice up sex life. You just need to know how to use them in the right way. Use the element of surprise: next time you have a movie night, grab some cream and strawberries together with the usual snacks. Then, when watching a film, just accidentally drop a strawberry right on your partner’s bare belly and try to pick it up with your mouth in the sexiest way possible.

Do the opposite

Something unpredictable always stirs the blood. A new approach towards old habits may do the trick for you. When having sex, do everything not the way you’re used to. If you always talk while making love, then try to keep quiet for a while and so on. Diversity is the key to a healthier intimate life.

Experiment with silk scarves and ice cubes or take a bottle of champagne to the bed. Of course, not all tricks fit each couple equally. You’ll have to find your favorite ones by yourself.

Change of scenery

Regular sex in the bedroom doesn’t cut it anymore? That’s bad but not surprising. It’s so boring to make love on the same bed every single time. Why don’t you try some other options? To spice up your sex life, do this in the bathroom, kitchen, car seats, forest, your mom’s house, etc.

Pick any place you want; just make sure you feel comfortable enough to forget about your cozy but so ordinary bedroom. This way you’ll get not only fresh emotions but also the pleasure of your very first date nights.

Good old sexting

It’s a sure way to keep your loved sexually aroused during the day, even when they’re not with you at the moment. Send a few dirty text messages and nudes, start chatting, and by evening, all their thoughts will only be about you.

Have a break from each other

Love grows stronger at a distance, especially if loved ones miss each other. Stay in touch only through messengers. It may take some time, but when you finally get together again, you’ll see that the time spent apart was worth it. You’d be surprised by how much you missed each other.

Surge of adrenaline

Sexual desire is directly related to adrenaline. So if you’re looking for ways to spice up sex life, try a go-karting, skiing, or something more extreme. Don’t plan anything for the evening: you’ll be a bit busy.

Different sex positions to spice it up

These positions may require you to be fit and flexible. But they’ll certainly make your intimate lie much brighter.

ways to spice up sex lifeModified doggie style

To improve the classic position, tell your partner to squat down. You can sit, kneel, or stand tall. In this position, the woman plays a more active role than in the traditional doggie style. If you sit, then she generally almost completely controls the process. This can be a big plus for her during anal sex. In general, this is a good way to freshen up a position that usually involves complete male domination.

Keep your distance

There are a lot of easy sex positions to spice it up, but all of them are based on close physical contact between partners. For a change, you can do the opposite and try a position in which you’ll be as far apart as possible. As a result, you can focus all the attention on the penetration process. Both of you need to lie on the back or stomach. There are also options when one of the partners is on top.

In these positions, it’s nearly impossible to achieve deep penetration, so they make sex a bit slower and somewhat clumsy. As for the advantages, these positions are perfect if you like caressing each other's feet.

Standing positions

Vertical sex positions aren’t that common, and that’s why they’re so great. For starters, your partner can show her flexibility by putting her leg on your shoulder.

If both of you are in good physical shape, you can try the so-called wheelbarrow position. In it, the woman rests on the arms, and the man holds her hips while standing.

There are a few more standing sex positions to spice it up, like the one where you’re standing, and your partner rests her head on the floor. In it, you can also hold your partner suspended, but it’s really dangerous: you at least need to be physically strong, and your loved one should be relatively slim (and also rather brave).

Here’s a similar but less traumatic (and more comfortable) position: a woman lies on her head and shoulders, and you’re half up. In this position, the woman has more points of support, and you don’t need to hold her weight in your hands. But if the partner has problems with the spine or blood pressure, neither this nor the previous position will work for you. No worries, though, as there are a few more ways to spice up sex.

On the chair

A lot of positions become more interesting outside the bed. And the simplest alternative to a bed is a chair. With it, you can diversify a doggie style position. Another option is to use two chairs. The relaxed cradle position becomes more exciting when using chairs, as both partners need to balance on different (and not always stable) surfaces.

Unusual props

Replace chairs with a large gymnastic ball and discover even more fun sex positions to spice things up. The next option is for those women who want to combine sex with exercise or boast their sporting achievements. In this case, you need two rather low and stable supports and a pair of strong arms and legs.

Inverted 69 The classic 69 can be transformed a little if your partner is flexible and can easily bend in half. Even in an upright position, you can still please each other orally. In this position, it all depends on your strength and endurance. But keep in mind: you need to introduce these positions to your sex life with caution. It would be a nice idea to stretch or warm up to prepare the body.

Sex games to spice it up

If you’re open-minded enough to try something more intimate than a fancy doggie style, check out one of these ways to spice up the bedroom.


Let’s start with something simple. For this one, you’re gonna need four men's ties or special leather handcuffs. You tie your partner's arms and legs to the bed and do whatever you want. How it works: the feeling of helplessness of the “prisoner” arouses both partners – the subordinate and the dominant one. This game works great in both ways: your partner can tie you up, and you’ll probably like it too.

Dirty cards

Here’s how to spice up your lovemaking with a regular deck of cards: assign each card its sex value. Let diamonds be massage; hearts can be kisses; clubs are for handwork; spades mean oral sex. Draw cards one by one and do what they tell you. For example, seven of hearts mean seven seconds of kissing.

Strip pong

Take 12 empty plastic cups and ping-pong balls, and you’re all set. How to play: clear the dining table. At each end of the table, line up the cups with a triangle (like putting balls in billiards) – six cups on each side. Stand opposite each other from opposite sides of the table. Take turns, throwing the balls in those cups that are closer to the partner. When one of you gets the ball into one of the cups, the second one removes this cup from the table and takes one item of clothing off. The game continues until one of the players runs out of cups. The loser performs the sexual desire of the winner.

ways to spice up the bedroomDone in seven minutes

You’re going to need a timer. Here’s how to play: set the timer for seven minutes and jump into the closet and start quickly caressing each other. A close dark space and a strict time frame heat up the passion, just like when you were a teenager.

Time bomb

Don’t put that timer away. Set it for 20 minutes (or any other time of your choice). Before it rings, you’re allowed to do anything with each other, except for penetration.
How it works: from a certain moment, couples who are in a long-term relationship begin to neglect petting and foreplay. With this game, you’ll be able to enjoy what has already become forgotten. Besides, there are a lot of things a woman can do to spice up the bedroom in 20 minutes.

Dirty massage

You’ll need a bedspread, massage oil, and some imagination. Strip your partner, lubricate her with oil, and massage her wherever you want. Then proceed to sex. That’s all.
How it works: the lubricant increases not only the sensitivity in the genital area but also the sensitivity of the entire skin. In addition, sex with a massage therapist is a pretty common erotic fantasy.

Hot and cold

This time, the list of things to spice up the bedroom is fancier: a few sex toys or flavored lubricant, eye patch, feather, whipped cream, whatever you can use for sex games).
How to play: hide several toys in different parts of the room, and then play hot and cold. When a partner finds one of them, use it and then continue the game.

Tickling and stripping

Take turns tickling each other. The first who laughs takes one piece of clothing off until one of you is completely naked. But you’re most likely going to have sex before the game ends.
How it works: tickling causes strong excitement, similar to sexual. And the process of undressing completes the picture. The best thing about sex games for two is that there can be neither winners nor losers in them. Such games aren’t a competition. The main prize goes to both participants. Just don’t be shy when expressing sexual desires and emotions. There are no restrictions in such games, except those established by the partners themselves. You can do everything because that’s what these games are for.

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