10 Most Romantic Cities In The World 2018

A romantic trip is a great opportunity to escape from the city's blare and bustle and spend time with your loved one. We have created for you a list of the top 10 romantic cities for a holiday. This is how you can see the world, get acquainted with new people and cultures and strengthen relationships with your beloved.

1. Alicante

most romantic cities in the world

Alicante is one of the popular resorts of the Spanish coast of Costa Blanca. It isn’t only a favorite place for a beach holiday but also a popular tourist center and one of the most romantic cities in Spain.

The history of Alicante is literally "inscribed" in its architecture because each of the periods left its mark on it. One of the most beautiful buildings of Alicante is the Basilica of Santa Maria, built in the place of the old mosque. The temple was rebuilt several times, because of this one part of it was made in the Gothic style, and the other part – in the Baroque style. Next to it, there is the famous castle-fortress of St. Barbara. Previously, it had a defensive function, and now it has become a favorite place for tourists – as it stands on a rise, and has an amazing view of the surrounding area. Another fortress – the fortress of San Fernando – was built on the other side of the city, and is also open to visitors.

Alicante is a bustling city with many bars and restaurants, where you can have fun all day and night. In the afternoon, guests and locals like to stroll along the Esplanade Boulevard. You can spend wonderful evenings in one of the bars or dance in a nightclub. And if you want privacy, you can go to the island of Tabarka, located near the coast. Due to its unique flora and fauna, the waters around it have become a nature reserve.

2. Monaco


The Principality of Monaco is truly a paradise located on the Cote d'Azur of the Mediterranean. This is one of the smallest states in the world and one of the most fashionable resorts. Monaco is a dazzling luxury and refined elegance. The beautiful mild climate, magnificent natural landscapes, the chic beaches of the Côte d'Azur, the famous Monte Carlo casinos, the legendary Formula 1 and many other entertainments will fill your holiday with unforgettable impressions. The Principality of Monaco consists of only a few cities - Monaco Ville (official capital), Monte Carlo, La Condamine, and Fontvieille. Despite the very small size of Monaco (about 2 sq.km), there are interesting historical and cultural attractions and a huge number of tourists.

Monaco Ville is the historical center of Monaco. Here is the Prince's Palace. In the south wing of the palace, there are the Museum of Napoleon and the Collection of the Historical Archives. Also, on the territory of Monaco Ville, you can find the Fort Antoine, the stunning Monaco Oceanographic Museum, the magnificent St. Martin's Gardens, the Wax Museum and the Old Monaco Museum.

Monte Carlo is rightfully considered a cultural and entertainment center of Monaco. Here is the world-famous Casino - one of the oldest and most respectable gambling venues in the world, striking with its magnificent architecture and luxury. In Monte Carlo, you should also visit the Opera House, the National Museum of Monaco, the Church of St. Charles and the wonderful Japanese Garden.

3. Colombo

most romantic us cities

The island of Sri Lanka is rich in first-class beaches, modern hotels and a host of ancient sights. The style of relaxation here can be briefly described as follows: away from the hustle and bustle, closer to the sea and nature. In a small area of Sri Lanka, there are not only amazing beaches but also many attractions. 8 of them are protected by UNESCO, and this is perhaps the best proof of their uniqueness and cultural value.

Colombo is the heart of the country. This is a typical Asian capital: a cultural and a modern metropolis treasure at the same time. The tranquility of the beaches and the noise of the avenues, the laconicism of the skyscrapers and the elegance of the colonial buildings – all blended into one bright mix. The main attractions of the city are such religious monuments of all faiths: St. Peter's Church, St. Lucia Cathedral, Buddhist spiritual center Gangaramaya, Jami Ul Alfar Mosque, Hindu shrines Old and New Katyresan, and Ganeshan.

Colombo attracts tourists not only with its ancient history but also with excellent opportunities for beach holidays. Discover its wonderful nature with your beloved.

4. Tbilisi

romantic cities in Europe

Tbilisi cordially greets its guests with expressive architecture, narrow streets, an incredible number of churches, breathtaking smells of khachapuri and famous Georgian wine. It’s one of the most spirited and romantic cities in Europe. Modern Tbilisi is the economic, political and industrial center of Georgia. Its appearance is a bright mixture of majestic ancient cathedrals and dilapidated fortresses, ancient quarters and colorful courtyards with openwork balconies, Soviet buildings, and ultramodern business centers. Travelers come here to enjoy the magnificent nature, wander through historical places, get acquainted with the temperamental locals, and try authentic cuisine - in other words, get unforgettable emotions having a rest in this ancient city.

The main sights of Tbilisi are concentrated in its historical center – the Old Town. Old and new churches, fortresses, and entire blocks of historical buildings – you can go through all this with a sightseeing tour around the city. But the city attracts tourists not only this way. Walking routes in Tbilisi include visits to museums and viewing points. You can relax on the shore of the Turtle Lake or in the shade of the Botanical Garden. It’s one of the most romantic places in Europe.

One of the goals of any trip to Tbilisi is the inimitable Georgian cuisine. Discover this wonderful taste and make a romantic dinner for your loved one.

5. Cologne


Cologne is huge and one of the most romantic cities in Germany. It opens travelers a kaleidoscope of various guises and moods. Light, well-groomed streets attract with the coziness of cafes and pubs. Masterpieces of Gothic and Romanesque architecture amaze imagination with beauty and grandeur. Cologne will surprise connoisseurs of art with the treasures of unique museums, for businessmen - open the doors of exhibitions and conferences, and party lovers will swirl in a whirlwind of parties and carnivals.

The main attraction of the city is the largest in Germany Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary (St.-Peter-und-Mariendom). Another attractive landmark of the city is the Cologne House. The company producing this cologne was created in the XIX century and is still flourishing. Cologne is famous for its incredible variety of interesting museums. Start a sightseeing tour with a visit to the Museum of Spirits. Then go to the Museum of Chocolate. This building is shaped like a ship. You will learn all the secrets of cooking a legendary delicacy and certainly be able to taste it.

6. Positano

most romantic European cities

Positano is one of the most romantic cities in Italy. Amazing architecture of Positano pleases even the pickiest eye, and the developed infrastructure attracts fans of active nightlife. The perfect end of the day will be a romantic dinner for two in one of the cozy cafes on the beach. The main attractions of Positano are amazing nature and colorful houses, which have a fascinating view of the sea surface.

Many incredible photos can be taken by walking along Via Cristoforo Colombo and the Punta Reginella area considered the highest point of the city. During the walk, you can admire the luxurious villas and mansions, as well as visit the botanical garden in the palace of Neapolitan King Gioacchino Murat.

Don’t overlook the church of Santa Maria Assunta, built in the XIII century. It can be seen from any panoramic point of the city. La Spiaggia Grande - the largest and most visited beach of Positano. There is everything for a good rest. It’s one of the most romantic places in Italy.

7. Boston

most romantic cities in the US

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, which annually hosts millions of tourists. Also, it’s one of the most romantic cities in the US. The sightseeing of Boston attractions can take many weeks - each of its areas is famous for its own unique coloring.

When deciding what to see in Boston, don’t forget to stroll through Beacon Hill with its enchanting atmosphere of antiquity, appreciate the luxury of Black Bay, do excellent shopping and get the endless drive that gives Downtown. Take a look at Harvard, Kennedy Museum and Symphony Hall. And just go on an excursion through Freedom Trail, laid between the most important monuments of history.

Walking along the Freedom Trail, don’t miss the Quincy Market. This is a historic shopping complex, which now represents one big food court. There is a lot of food and you can try the cuisine of different peoples of the world. Take a walk along the beautiful seafront of Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, as well as visit the Boston harbor with boats and yachts.

8. Kauai


If you want to find yourself in a paradise with many mountains, warm sand, and memorable hikes, then book a trip to Kauai. It’s one of the most romantic US cities. Garden Isle is a green wonderland where you can fly by the waterfall of the Jurassic Park by helicopter, ride a kayak along the river or go to the wild coast of Na Pali.

On the territory of the island, there are several interesting architectural objects, including the beautiful temple Iraivan. Sacred to the god Shiva, the temple is made of rare white granite, which was brought to the island from India. The Iraivan Temple is the only religious structure in the United States that is entirely made of stone.

Fans of historical places should visit the park of Jaen. It’s here that you can see the oldest island structures, which age is more than 2,000 years. These picturesque places aren’t deprived of natural sights. Having looked at the ruins of historical buildings, it's worth to take a stroll through the local grottoes and caves that formed as a result of the volcanic eruption over 4,000 years ago.

9. Aspen

most romantic cities in the US

The city, located among the Rockies, will surprise you at any time of the year. The developed infrastructure, including hotels, restaurants, entertainment complexes, spa salons, makes this place attractive for winter and summer holidays.

Colorado is famous for its vineyards. From Aspen, you can go to the nearby cities of Montrose, Paonia, and Hotchix to see how the wine is made.

The city itself deserves attention with its architecture and overall refined atmosphere. Victorian style of buildings, streetlights, and fine architecture are the hallmark of Aspen. The city center is full of small pedestrian streets, where there are shops, restaurants, and cafes. Fans of cultural entertainment can visit the Opera House, art exhibitions and museums.

10. Seville

most romantic European cities

Seville is the most beautiful city in Andalusia and one of the most romantic European cities. Take a stroll through its intricate streets and dine with your loved one in a typical restaurant, enjoying the wine and tapas.

Today the city is divided into two parts by the river Guadalquivir. On the left bank, there is the historical part of Seville. On the right bank - the district of Triana, which is considered one of the most delightful places in Spain. There are the best bullfighters, flamenco dances, and countless kinds of restaurants, which are constantly filled with visitors.

The most popular monuments of Seville can be found on the streets of Santa Cruz. Here you can see Gothic cathedrals, as well as Arab mosques and minarets. Don’t miss the beauty of the Alcazar Palace, which was once ruled by monarchs. Also, visit the Golden Tower, and see the historic building of the University of Seville.

After long sightseeing trips, tourists can have a rest at the area of Los Venerebles. There are many small cafes, from which come the crazy scents of local cuisine. In the south of Seville, there is the Maria Luisa Park, which is considered the most beautiful park in the world.

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