Best Romantic Getaways in the USA

The United States of America is a beautiful country that attracts a lot of tourists every day. Most likely, you will spend the whole life discovering the most interesting places of this country and exploring all its attractions. It has been famous for its beauty for many years. Everything is beautiful here, starting with the cities and to the miraculous nature of the vast continent. Many people have heard about the most romantic places in the USA. And that is why we invite you to get acquainted with the most popular getaways in this country, which are worth visiting at least once in your life.

most romantic getaways in the US​

Romantic Beach Getaways in the USA

If you are in this country, there is no need to go far to get to the beach. There are many affordable getaways in the USA where you can enjoy the waves and sand. So, where to go?

1. Beach in Panama City, Florida

The white sandy beach in northwest Florida attracts many tourists not only from different parts of America but even from abroad. There is a huge choice of hotels, and the pricing policy is completely different. Even if you don’t have an impressive capital, you can still choose some good apartment because this place is one of the cheap romantic getaways in the USA.

2. La Jolla, California

This resort suburb of San Diego combines all the components of a perfect holiday: the sea air, beautiful rocks, there is even a rookery of fur seals. The transparency of the water in La Jolla exceeds 10 meters, which makes this resort so attractive for divers.

3. Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii

This amazing place is located in Hawaii. It is a great resort for a lazy and unhurried rest, away from the endless noise of the metropolis. On the sandy beaches of Kaanapali, you will be able to forget about the bustle of the city and relax with your soulmate.

4. Cannon Beach, Oregon

weekend getaways in USA

It is located on the northwest coast. A distinctive feature of this place is Haystack Rock, which attracts tourists who dream of bringing beautiful unique photos from their holidays.

5. Captiva Island, Florida

This is one of the most affordable romantic getaways in the USA. The territory of the island of Captiva was significantly ruined by the hurricanes of 2004, however, fortunately, now the island is again ready to welcome tourists. This is an ideal place for secluded relaxation. Sunrises and sunsets on Captiva are so beautiful that they have the title of the most romantic resort.

6. Main Beach, New York

Not all tourists like to spend the whole day on the beach. Some of them can’t live without dynamic city life. If you are one of them, then, in this case, you should choose the main beach in East Hampton for relaxing. After swimming and sunbathing, you can go to explore the sights of New York.

7. Carmel, California

This place is often called the “city from a postcard,” and this is quite reasonable because there are simply stunning views. It often wins the title of one of the best beach getaways in the US. It is located in the Gulf of Carmel and impresses with its Spanish colonial architecture. So, on the way to the beach, there definitely will be something to see and take photos of you two.

Best Weekend Getaways in the USA

What could be more interesting than spending time on a romantic getaway, dining at a hotel awarded with Michelin stars, and walking around the city together? Probably, nothing. Download love songs to your iPod, book a suite in some romantic hotel, pack your bags and enjoy life with your soulmate in some beautiful city. So, check out these weekend getaways in the USA.

1. Aspen, Colorado

The city will surprise you at any time of the year. Hotels and restaurants, hot air ballooning and rock climbing are at your disposal. And you can also relax and get pleasure from massages at the SPA that can be followed by a glass of champagne.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

This picturesque southern city fascinates with its history. Do you remember the touching love story in the romantic movie that is called The Notebook? It was filmed in Charleston County. Think of the times when your relationships began, strolling through the historic parts of the city and enjoying the beautiful views. This place is one of the best getaways in the USA.

3. West Glacier, Montana

best weekend getaways in the US

All lovers of nature have to visit Glacier National Park because there are beautiful mountain lakes, surrounded by rocky peaks, 800-meter waterfalls, and glaciers. You can go hiking, ride a boat or a horse, watch wild animals, and then sit by the fire and eat marshmallow. This is the perfect place to combine entertainment and love.

4. Springdale, Utah

You can visit Zion National Park. If romance in your understanding is wilderness, the crackle of a fire, the starry sky over your head, a tent and a sleeping bag, then this park in Utah is the first and main place that can be considered as one of the most romantic getaways in USA for you. Moreover, its Canyon Zion is incredibly beautiful and picturesque.

5. Sedona, Arizona

What could be more romantic than a secluded place in a red desert, breathing magic and ancient mystical energy? You can enjoy all this pristine centuries-old beauty choosing this place among the best weekend getaways in the US. And no one has canceled the delights of hiking on local trails among the majestic crimson rocks. If you have enough time, then visit the SPA. Most of the SPA’s procedures draw inspiration from traditional Indian rituals. Your loved one will definitely like it.

6. Savannah, Georgia

The pearl of the southern states of Savannah is a city in which the past is tightly intertwined with the present. Start from the historical part, breathe in the atmosphere of the south times of powerful wealthy planters and resolute and ruthless generals. Stroll through Forsyth Park, look at the preserved mansions in Telfer Square, and try to count all the districts of this city.

7. Maine, New England

Bar Harbor in Maine is an excellent place for couples who love nature. The town boasts magnificent scenery: it adjoins the stunning Acadia National Park. Admire the granite cliffs, tall, fragrant pines, and many wild animals that live in the park. This 19th-century city was once the summer refuge for the rich New England people. Now instead of their mansions on the shore, there are shops, hotels, restaurants, a pristine beach nearby, and many cycling and hiking routes.

8. Friday Harbor, Washington State

There is another harbor village that is called Friday Harbor. This is a “hot spot” for newlyweds and couples in love. Wooden frame houses of the early twentieth century are the decoration of the fishing village. And on the other side of the village, there is a forest. Dine in one of the restaurants, try delicious seafood dishes, visit the galleries, and take a picture of the beautiful view. Moreover, you can take part in a cruise to watch whales.

9. Montauk, New York

The romantic charm of the city of Montauk will conquer you because it can be your best weekend getaways in the US. And the trip here will be a rest from the bustle of big cities. The main attraction of Montauk is the lighthouse. If you take 200 steps, you will be rewarded with an amazing view – the evening trip will allow you to admire the magnificent Atlantic sunset. From the coast, you can see whales and seals. In addition, water adventures are already waiting for you in Heath Hills State Park – swimming and kayaking are allowed here.

Warm Winter Getaways in USA

Winter is not only about skis and sleds but also about beaches, palm trees, and the sea. Fortunately for us, in the modern world, swimming in the sea and basking in the sun is possible not only in summer. You can fly to warm spots in the USA in winter. Let’s look at the best winter getaways in the US.

1. Miami, Florida

romantic getaways in the US

In the civilized world, it is difficult to find a person who wouldn’t hear about Miami. It is the most populous and beautiful city in the southeastern United States. First of all, the association that arises at the mention of Miami is the sun, beaches, and hot parties. And indeed: with regard to the beach and parties, here you can find everything desired. No wonder this city has won great popularity among couples in love from all over the world. But for the country itself, Miami is of much greater importance – there are a lot of large banks (including foreign ones) of international scale, the head offices of magnate corporations as well as several recording and television studios. So, anyone will be amazed here.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

The fact is that it is not even a city, but simply a huge boulevard in the lifeless desert gives it even more piquancy. On both sides of the city’s boulevard, there are well-built reproductions of famous world buildings: the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Egyptian pyramid. Tourists even have the opportunity to take a boat trip along the canals of Venice. And although all these buildings are only a parody, they are made quite qualitatively and certainly will attract attention. Las Vegas, first of all, attracts gambling people. On its territory, there are many casinos and entertainment venues. The whole city is full of colorful advertising colors.

3. Kauai, Hawaii

If you look at this place on the map, you can see that it is located near the south coast of the country. In narrow circles, it is a well-known place. But foreigners haven’t heard much about it. Mostly Native Americans rest in this place. Even the presidents of America prefer to buy houses here. If you want to be in paradise with lots of mountains, sunny sand, and memorable hikes, then book a trip. This place is a green wonderland all year round. You can take a canoe ride on the river or go to the wild beach of Na Pali. If you and your soulmate are not active tourists, then you can just lie on the beach and sip a cocktail.

4. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

This city is considered the most attractive beach town in this part of California and one of the most romantic getaways in the US. The coastal paradise is full of slender cypress trees and white sand beaches. The city was founded as a colony of artists, so there are curious galleries with works of art. Stay in one of the quaint cottages. It will be very romantic – from here, you can easily reach the picturesque center of the city, surrounded by miniature museums and cafes.

5. Los Angeles, California

The “City of Angels” was almost immortalized with this title. This is the place where a lot of American celebrities of cinema, music, and show business were born. Los Angeles has become beautiful not only because of man-made structures: the city is located on flat terrain, wedged between the ocean coast and the picturesque mountains. The views here are incredibly fascinating.

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