Pros and Cons of Dating a Girl Who Travels

There is no better way to know yourself and the world around than traveling. And if a few decades ago trips were available only to people with a large income, today there are almost no barriers if you want to visit another country. There are numerous services using which you can buy cheap air tickets, negotiate with other people about a joint trip or even stay at a place of a completely unknown person and it is absolutely safe and free.

It is so cool to travel with your girlfriend. Few things can compare with this experience. So, a happy day has come: you have a couple of hours till the boarding, bags are packed, and a great joy of waiting for new adventures has filled your heart. But what if there is only one traveler ... your girlfriend? Travel girls dating is not surprising today. Just look who are the main travel bloggers? The beautiful half of mankind has become accustomed to life in constant travels much better than men. We will say more: they have learned to receive a colossal pleasure from it that we can only envy. But what should we, men, do with dating travel girl?

Travel women dating can be compared to love at a distance but in an easier form. When the second half is constantly "somewhere out there," we face certain difficulties. The prospect of such relations is frightening, but what to do? You happened to fall in love with a girl who cannot sit still. If you do not know how to feel about it, we will be happy to help you by considering all the pros and cons of such a non-standard form of relationship.


Pros of Dating a Girl Who Travels

Let's start with the advantages of travel woman dating because you probably think about them in the first place. How can you be happy if your beloved girl is constantly moving from one point on the world map to another and you see her only on Skype or on Instagram? First, stop exaggerating. Get rid of panic and anxious thoughts. Imagine that you do not know anything about such relationships and you have not formed any opinion about them. Start to reason from scratch.

So, here is a list of the advantages that you will earn if you decide to date woman who travels:

  1. Love that does not know monotony. Monotony kills even the best relationships. This is one of the first life revelations that we face when we enter the adult world. Hundreds of specialists from various fields of science and culture struggle with this problem as long as there is love. And they do not always succeed. But you are very lucky. Such dynamic relationships are almost never subject to the routine. This one advantage deserves your attention, does it not?
  2. Space for self-development. If you are often apart with your soul mate, there is a window of opportunities for you. You do not need to radically revise your schedule or lifestyle. You can develop yourself the way you want. Few of the lovers can boast of this because dating ladies imply concessions which we all have to make.
  3. You have a personal guide. Are you going to travel together? Excellent! You do not need to think about how to organize a trip properly and find a guide. Your girl will cope with all this in the best way thanks to her travel experience. It's nice and even profitable to some extent, we are sorry for
  4. You will never be bored. She knows so many amazing stories and facts that you will have enough for life. You can even write a book based on her stories if you want. Evenings with girls who travel cannot be boring. Being in the company of your friends, you can be sure that they will find something to talk about with your better half. Of course, their girlfriends will be a bit jealous but it's even good.
  5. She is ready for anything. Even if you invite her to jump with a parachute from the Empire State Building, you will not catch her unawares. And it's cool! In addition, she is not one of those who will begin to panic at the sight of a broken pipe. Unlike you, buddy. Just imagine how many problems in the relationship can be solved because of her confidence. Scandals arising from trivial household problems will bypass you. Date a girl who travels if you want to avoid such problems for the rest of your life.
  6. She is spontaneous. The one who is obsessed with control will have a hard time with traveling. In order to feel comfortable in a constantly changing unfamiliar environment, you need to be ready at any time to make an important decision without thinking for too long. So, girls who like to travel cannot be called boring. Unlike your ex.
  7. She's smart. Real travel has little to do with the "glamorous" travels you see on TV. A traveler has to face a lot of difficulties and overcome obstacles. Only a person with a clear mind and an extensive set of knowledge will be good at traveling.


Cons of Dating a Girl Who Travels

Of course, there are some shortcomings too. Difficulties are inevitable, as in any worthy undertaking. You do not need to be afraid. You will be surprised at how insignificant they are compared to the advantages that we have already written about. So, here are the shortcomings of such relationships that you may encounter:

  1. It's hard to please her. Of course, she likes joint cinema outing or shopping, but this will unlikely impress her. It will be difficult for you if you are used to winning girls showing off your expensive car or watch. It's of little interest to her. She likes climbing rocks and jumping into the water from the cliffs.
  2. You will be aware of all air tickets sales. This is a significant event for her. Do not be surprised if she wants to spend 100$ on a trip to some little-known country instead of going to a nightclub.
  3. She does not want to hear about your boring job. Most likely, your girlfriend is a freelancer. She earns money thanks to her creative abilities and developed imagination. Therefore, inconsistencies in your annual financial report will be completely uninteresting to her.
  4. She is unpredictable. These girls just hate schedules that most of us create and adjust to. Do not annoy her once again with your long-term and boring plans.
  5. Your intimate life will not be regular. Perhaps you will have less sex with your girlfriend than other couples do. This may seem like a big problem at first, but it's not. You can get used to everything. And who said that quantity means quality?
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