Traveling with a Girl: Advantages and Drawbacks

What is a journey personally for you? You might have been visiting many different countries or cities, getting unforgettable experience and impressions.  

There are people who want to give up everything and move somewhere to the end of the world but they are stopped by their business, obligations, children, modern life, etc. What should you do? What will be better – to wait until things will work out, the situation will go back to normal or just pick up and leave immediately, like a rock thrown into the river?

As usual, there are at least two diametrically opposed opinions to any good question. Somebody will surely say, “Of course, it is better to start traveling later because the most active and productive part of life should be used with maximum benefit for your future. The study, work, career, family, children. If you do not stick to this plan, and let things take their own course, what will you achieve at the age of forty?”

 And here you are. You are just over 40 years old, you have a successful career, your children have grown up enough to live their life, and you still have your vigor. It's high time to go on a trip, taking a charming traveling girl who will not only keep your company but also adorn your life. What advantages and drawbacks have travel girls? Let’s start with pleasant one.


You will get great impressions

The goal of each journey is to learn something new, escape from the daily routine, refresh your emotions. Unknown sights, new activities that you can explore, affect your inner condition. Escape from the usual way of life means to give yourself an endorphin rush and feeling of living a full life. It’s so easy to enjoy your life with one of the travel girls dating with and for common pleasure.

What will be better and give you more impressions – a new big TV, which you will be watching one hour in the evening (if you do not fall asleep) or a big journey with a beauty, which you will remember till the end of your life? New impressions are much more important that items. You need something to remember in old age. One day you'll be glad to think about the times you spent together with a travel girl, visiting a new country or island, dancing at the Eiffel Tower or feeding pigeons in the heart of Milan. You cannot buy all these moments, you can feel them and live out.

You will completely relax

Nowadays, stress is an essential part of the successful man’s life. It helps to leave the comfort zone and start the struggle for a place in the sun. But too much stress is dangerous to health. Everybody needs time to take a break and breathe freely. There are so many reasons for concern: business, relationships, children, health. You need something to reduce this tension and relax. What can help better than new pleasant emotions with one of the girls who travel? What can be better than a new exciting journey with a young beauty? What can help you more than just relaxing and doing things you like? You deserve this.  

Escaping for a while from everybody and everything can help you more than a year with a psychologist. You will surely expand your horizons and look at your life from a new side and maybe then all your problems will seem quite insignificant. And what is a most important – you will restore balance and boost your energy level with such a vivacious girl.

You will get an opportunity to study

Every new day and new people give an opportunity to study and expand horizons. When you date a girl who travels, you get a perfect company to explore the world around you. She is surely smart and inquisitive like you. You will always have something to talk about because she is really well-read. Both of you will have a thirst for new emotions, unfamiliar cultures, different traditions, dishes, and ideas.  You might even have a great opportunity to find out how your business can develop in other country and find some new ideas for solving the problems.

If you are thinking about travel girls for dating, you should be prepared for quite an active pastime, cooking some tasty dishes of the national cuisine of the visited country, trying some new activities and falling in love with the girl. You will improve your time management skills and find out a new one without even a notice. When you need to do much in a short time – you learn to appreciate every minute. Travel can open your eyes on some issues and in ways you have never thought before. You can get a unique opportunity to become a citizen of the world.venice

You will become better

Every new trip with a person who shares your interests and passion will make you a little bit happier. You will keep full control over your life and time, spending in a new country. Nothing but pleasure will manage your day long.  This girl travels for pleasure and will learn you to do the same thing. Doing everything you like, you will open yourself to the world and become better, wiser and tolerant.

You will find some answers to the questions and maybe even change your life priorities. And you will get a holy grail and endless energy source – the girl whose distinguishing feature is an inner drive. Each time when you decide to look through a million photos and videos together with her, you will want to get through this time and emotions once more.

After all what drawbacks does this travel have?

You will forget about social media or online games

If you are one of these hardcore gamers or addicted to social media, it may be difficult for you to have a detox from all the stuff. You will hardly have time to be online all the time when you are with such a beauty. She makes you enjoying time and place. There will be just you and your common desire to spend time together, checking your email and news feed only twice a day, connecting to Wi-fi in a hotel.

You will be eager to do it again

We always want to get through some positive moments one more time, recalling all the days being happy. So, if you go on a travel with a girl, spending together a wonderful time, it will be difficult to get back to daily life without her. You will remember her contagious laugh, irresistible look, fragile figure and sharp mind. You can stop thinking about this smart beauty.

You will surely start looking forward to seeing her again and plan a new trip. This expectation and excitement can swallow you completely.

Of course, you can travel alone, spending all the time with your thoughts and problems but what is a reason? You should relax and take a maximum joy of your vacation. So, think about a traveling girl who will be the best company in such an occasion. 

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