Secrets of the mastering of seducing

Here we share the secrets of the successful seduction. Starting with the approach and finishing with the seduction itself.

  1. Set before the approach

“We were playing worse, but won. Because we knew that we’re the best.”

There is one pretty common mistake for both – beginners and those who practice seduction for years – they start thinking what are they going to do or to say next. What if it’s not gonna work out?...

So, the approach. You see the girl coming your way or going from you or just standing nearby. Remember: the more you doubt before the approach less chances you'll have. The less time you’ll spend in between moments of you noticing her and approaching her, the higher are your chances for the success. Two seconds are fair enough to make the first move. The less – the better.

The moment you’re walking over to that girl. That’s where the scariest thing begins. “what will I tell her?” “What if she has a boyfriend” “And…..”

What to do – “I know she’ll fall for me. But I don’t know what will I do for it and how she’ll going to do that. I know it’ll happen. And why… that’s a topic for the discussion of theoretics or passers-by.

Just tell her the first phrase and smile. You’ll figure it out later, I know for sure, that’s tested

Usually this thought comes on its own, with an experience. But it’s better to start thinking this way since the very beginning.

  1. The approach moment. The first phrases. Communication with the girl.

Remember one most important rule. Never excuse for a thing you have a right for.

You’re a man and your right for a woman is fully provided to you by nature. The other thing is that you have to become the best for her, thus she will be proving you that she suits you. But you have a right to approach to any lady.

So there should be no “I just thought…” or “ Can I…..”

Decided – do. Can I – of course you can!

But many consider the rule “never make an excuse” as “everything is aloud”. For instance – to come and grab a girl’s arse. Asking with the very firs phrase whether she swallows, etc. there are, of course, girls who fancy such kind of approach, but in most cases the gates of seduction will be closed for you.

To define the “limit” imagine yourself as a guy that has love-to-death girlfriend. Coz you know for sure that she’s not going to dumb or leave you. You even like when guys are trying to approach her, when she flirts.

She’s been approached by a guy to make an acquaintance (now transfer your kind of approach on that man). You hear everything he says and everything he does. If you haven’t faced the desire to traumatize him, but to simply take your girlfriend’s arm and kiss and leave calmly (maybe even fearing that she’ll be picked up now =)…. That's your kind of approach. Congrads.

I general, be a man, not a *******.



  1. Set before the communication.

I’m not going to bore you with explanations on “why and how”. I will just mention that when you approach and communicate with the standard “program”, then girl’s reactions and behavior would be standardly programmed as well. Flowers, ice-cream, sex on the twentieth date or she’ll turn you down.

And if you’ll do things no one have ever done to her or communicate in a way nobody talked to her (yet again remembering the “limit”. Though you can make this limit thinner on the date.), and she will allow you things she have never allowed others.

Sex after an hour of acquaintance. Who she would let herself do it but with you? ;) So act!

Surprise her, confuse her, “blame” in vulgarity, let her know that she can be herself with you. Let her remember you as the best lover and bite her elbows for leaving.

  1. Business is business and body is a body.

You can be smart, interesting and cool but if your attitude doesn’t go down to sex you’ll gain one thing – friendship. Woman doesn’t think, she feels. Don’t lead her to the dialogue

  • “Remember that she’s a woman”

  • “Oh, really. I forgot”

And again, don’t be a *******. Like, “let’s f**ck” “your a*s is awesome” ets.

  1. Jokes aside, nature takes over

Maybe it’s difficult, probably hard, but you have to learn to fall in love with every girl you’re approaching. It doesn’t matter whether the communication with her will continue 5 minutes or 3 years. You’re sincere about everything. Make compliments, praise her. But don’t overpraise. Sniff a little, make a pause in speech, bend over a bit to her… ask “what’s that wonderful smell of yours?” and continue the conversation as if nothing happened. That’s what makes you different.

And then just go for creativity. She smells good, her skin is so soft, nails are sharp and look is cool. But beware of pouring your compliments on her. You make a compliment only if you actually liked something. Be unexpected. Rare but sharp, so your girl would accept it as the dozen of the usual ones. And if you don’t like anything in her, then what are you doing with her?

  1. Get to business!

“We had a wonderful evening together. Everything was awesome. We walked in the park. Then I said that we have much in common and invited her to my place… she suddenly turned and left.”

You are the man! And you handle all the responsibility for making decisions. Accept it.

Remember one simple rule. Solid and for long. On the next day after sex with you girl can confidently say to her girlfriend “it is not my fault, the initiative was his” I understood the very last moment that this can not be avoided… but could’t reject him.

She must be “stolen” from everybody without asking permission. Nether hers nor everyone elses.

Everything mentioned above is good but it wouldn’t make any sense if during the communication you’re not going to take her to your place. As an alternative you can invite yourself to her house.

  1. And so, we’re home!

One polar explorer asks another after an annual expedition:

  • “So how is it getting back home? How’s your wife?”

  • “Oh, great! Got home, we kissed and then passionate night followed!”

  • “And then?”

  • “And then I took of the skiing!”

And so, bringing a girl home do not behave like a sex hungry polar explorer.

Again, confide yourself with the thought that: “Sex will happen, that’s the fact. I’m interested in the “game” before it. I’ll verify just how much the girl wants me.”

Calmly make the promised coffee, constantly looking at the girl, bending over her, “trying to take something”, but reproaching immediately. Casually do few more compliments. And then – gradual “push”, occasional touches that become longer, etc.



Another way:

Interrupt the conversation by putting away your coffee (glass of wine) and look her in the eyes. In a reply to her questions silently take a cup (glass) from her hands and put away as well. And then kiss her passionately. This method requires a lot of confidence and good performance.

There are also many other important details, but I’m sure that we will meet and discuss them amply.

Meanwhile – good luck! Act!

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