Sex for Over 50: Most Important Tips

Sex is one of the main joys in life, so you need to make every effort to ensure that it remains an integral part of it. A lot of changes happen with age: health no longer allows you to have sex as often as when you were 20, but you probably don’t want it as much as you did. On the other hand, with age, comes experience, and this means that by the age of 50, we know a lot about sexual pleasures. Do not let sex disappear from your life with age. Here are a couple of handy tips for better sex after 50 to help you keep yourself in shape.

Sex for Over 50: Most Important Tips

What you need to know about sex after 50

Everyone knows that male potency depends on age. In their 20’s, men can easily stand a 24-hour sex marathon. After thirty, men’s intimate life becomes a bit more measured. Forty-year-old men still have enough strength and experience in store. After fifty, the body begins to gradually undergo age-related changes: the cells no longer renew as quickly as before, and the production of sex hormones decreases. Male sex drive after 50 is still high, but a passionate night of love takes much more effort. In addition, various problems and occasional failures occur. However, after 50, sexual activity is still important both for men and women, and here’s why.

First, normal sexual relations have a positive effect on social activity. Second, regular sexual contact is an excellent exercise for our heart and blood vessels and keeping prostate diseases (in men) and problems with bladder function (in women) at bay. And finally, people, who are still able to enjoy sex over 50 years of age, are much less prone to depression and other psycho-emotional disorders that older people tend to have. And of course, sex with a loved one brings a lot of joyful emotions and vivid sensations at both 20 and 50. The sexual relationship between two people, regardless of age, brings a whole range of feelings - love, enthusiasm, affection, trust, and the sense of security. But it’s unlikely that sex will be productive if both partners aren’t used to telling each other what they’d like to try in bed.

Possible sex problems after 50

Sex for Over 50: Most Important Tips

Failures and problems in bed depend on many factors, including physiological, psychological, and also purely technical (for instance, not the best time or place). For example, smoking and sedentary lifestyle adversely affect the quality of erection. Here are the main reasons that lead a 50-year-old man to a fiasco in bed:

- Fatigue, troubles at work, or constant discomfort at home (frequent quarrels, family issues, etc.);

- If a man puts too much effort into making a favorable impression on his partner, especially when it comes to sex with senior women, his desire may disappear;

- Strong stress or depression suppress male sexual energy, so they simply have no desire to have sex. Apart from that, failures in bed can also occur when a man hasn’t had sex for a long time;

- Excessive use of alcohol before an intimate contact. Alcohol arouses desire, but limits our opportunities;

- Hidden complexes, uncomfortable position during the sexual act, and so on. These details also affect men’s sexual abilities.

The pros of sex after 50

Like any other age, the 50-year-old mark has its advantages which one must know and be able to use. This rule also applies to sexual relations. Although sexologists say that intimate life of most people at the age of 50 and older somewhat loses its intensity, it becomes more regular than it was at 30 or 40 when persistent stress at work and fatigue are especially harmful. Besides, aging gives a very interesting effect: due to the changes in hormonal background, the sensitivity of male genital organs to testosterone decreases slightly. As a result, a man needs a more intense stimulation to achieve an erection, but at the same time, men get rid of such a delicate problem as premature ejaculation many young guys suffer from. Another nice advantage of age - a man no longer needs to be afraid of the so-called expectation neurosis or a sudden erectile dysfunction that usually happens at the most important moment. Therefore, men over 50 have as many opportunities for a full sex life as their younger competitors. Sexual life after 50 has some more positive sides. The kids have already grown up and left home, so you can concentrate on your loved one and bring back that magic of your first dates, spend some free time together and rediscover each other. And if you’re single, you can enjoy the benefits of senior dating and find yourself a soul mate.

Tips for sex after 50

Over time, sex life becomes dull and boring. These senior sex tips will give you the sense of novelty you haven’t experienced for quite a while.

Take a shower together

Sex for Over 50: Most Important Tips

Perhaps you used to do this often, but now you don’t even see the point in this. But you lose a lot! The sight of a naked body always turns on, even if you see this body every single day for the last 25 years. It’s necessary to save a little extravagance and romance in a relationship; otherwise, the intimate life will die prematurely.

Keep fit

Having an active intimate life after 50 is a bit difficult, but sex can get even harder if you have a couple dozen extra pounds. That’s why you need to take care of your health and figure. Grab your loved one or find yourself company at some senior dating site and take a few yoga classes with your partner. They will bring you closer, and the physical load will have a positive effect on your body.

Try sexual meditations These are techniques that can be called a complex of methods for rehabilitation of intimate life. It includes stimulation of the penis and clitoris in unusual ways (you’ll have to turn on your imagination), talks about sex, stimulating techniques that include sex toys, and many more.

Use lubricants With age, the production of natural lubricant decreases, so the use of lubricants becomes a necessary condition for women over 50 having sex more often than once a month. Remember, the more lubricant, the more pleasant and brighter the sensations, so don’t ignore it.

Light up a few aroma candles

A fragrance in the air can cause sexual arousal in some people: you can create an intimate atmosphere using aroma candles, sticks, or oils. But before you spray the perfume in the room, make sure that your partner likes it.

Try a relaxing massage

Sex for Over 50: Most Important Tips

Your partner can make you a relaxing massage, gradually turning to a sensual and erotic one. She should be delicate, and your erection shouldn’t be the main purpose of the massage. Just ask your partner to tease you a bit. Caressing each other, use a feather instead of fingers.

Do it slowly

The best thing about having sex with women over 50 is that you have nowhere to rush. You no longer need to be afraid that your parents will return from work early and catch you in bed with your classmate, and the children won’t wake up and spoil the fun. In other words, no one keeps you from enjoying sexual caresses anymore, so try to make foreplay as long as possible. Learn to enjoy every minute, and sex will turn into a game you’ll want to play again and again, rather than in the trivial part of your marital duties.

Some additional recommendations

To strengthen the erection after 50, you should include these products in your menu:

- Nuts and seeds – they contain a lot of vitamin E that improves male potency;

- Cereals and porridges – they supply the body with energy, support the normal work of the nervous system, and enhance sexual arousal;

- Blackcurrant berries – they are very effective when it comes to boosting male libido. You should consume black currants at least three or four times a week.

Take a contrast shower before sex: it improves blood circulation, which positively affects the erection. In addition, nutritionists recommend completing a daily menu with a few cubes of bitter chocolate that contains a natural hormone responsible for sexual arousal. In addition, chocolate makes you happier.

Drink a cup of cocoa without sugar once a day. Cocoa contains substances that increase the sensitivity of the entire body, including skin, so you’ll feel even the lightest touch. And the last but not least, complement your ‘sex diet’ with bananas: they stimulate the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

Even if you don’t like meat much, you shouldn’t deny yourself a pleasure of eating a nice, big beef steak. Yes, beef also boosts your sexual arousal. Zinc contained in beef enhances male libido. In addition, beef has another benefit: it increases the content of testosterone in your blood, thereby enhancing potency.

No senior dating tips will help you if you’re in no shape for passionate sex. So try to stay fit and watch what you eat.

Best sex positions for couples after 50

Sex for Over 50: Most Important Tips

Usually, sexologists recommend senior couples to refuse or at least minimize sex in classical positions. They aren’t always convenient from a medical point of view. For example, with such diseases as arthritis, it’s most convenient to have sex while lying on your side. When you have difficulties keeping an erection, then it's best for you to lie on your partner, wrapping her legs around yours. When it comes to sex positions after 50, it’s better to pick the one in which the activity of one of the partners is minimal. It’s important for people who have cardiovascular diseases or some serious illnesses. For men, in this case, the best positions are those where a woman is on top. Positions that allow both partners to sit are convenient for changing the depth of penetration; they also provide additional support. Remember that with age, it gets more and more difficult to achieve orgasm. You have to put more effort into frictions. Therefore, you should choose easier positions that don’t require much effort from the partners. You can also switch between positions if one of you gets tired. There are a lot of exotic positions that you can try. Try this: your partner lies on her back, and you enter her while standing on your knees. Then you raise your partner's legs and put them on your shoulders. Sex in this position will give special sensations to both of you and speed up orgasm.

Of course, there are no special sex positions after 50, but there are ones that are most suitable for seniors. Every couple should choose the position that fits them best.

It often happens that after 20 or more years of married life, the couple's mutual attraction begins to fade. It’s important to look at each other from a new angle from time to time instead of taking each other for granted. Sometimes, to do this, it's enough just to go on a short trip or to add some variety to your sex life. Perhaps it’s time to try new sex spots so that you get brighter sensations. Your bedroom isn’t the most romantic place for sex. The sense of novelty can do miracles to your intimate life. And even if you’re single, you shouldn’t be afraid of ending up alone – there are dozens of senior sex dating sites out there.

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