Ten Things That Kill Relationships

Love is not only the fairy-tale you see in the movies. It's not about romantic dates and kisses under the moon. Happy relationships demand a lot of efforts and are based on mutual respect and patience. But this hamony is very easy to destroy. We suggest you to look through the 10 things that can kill any relationships.

1. Attempts to change each other.

It's not possible to find an ideal person but don't mix up habits with character traits. There are some things that can not be changed and it's not your beloved one's fault. That's why don't mix up the socks scatted all over the house (habit) and for the fifth time lost umprella (character trait absent-mindedness).

2. Meeting with parents.

It's good when you know her parents and she knows yours. And it's even better when they are friends. But it doesn't always happen. They may not get along with each other but it should not affect your relationships. Do not allow parents to disrespect your choice.

3. Your cell phone.

It's weird how fast our favorite gadgets have turned from friends into enemies. Instead of ejoying a conversation with our beloved ones we're talking over the phone, texting, writing messages in Facebook. Of course we may have some important things to do, but nothing can be as much important as our relationships.

4. Blaming in public.

Try to never sort things out in public. You'll not only embarass your lady, but also all the people around. It doesn't matter how much you want to do that now! Do that only in private!

5. Quarrels.

Disagreements are not easy to avoid in relationships and every couple faces them sooner or later. Moreover it is normal. A quarrel is a part of a serius relationship but do not go the extra mile. Do not offend each other and remember there is no any conflict that can not be resolved by finding a compromise.

6. Silence.

No one can read your thoughts and your lady is not an exception. If you have a problem, tell her about it. If you don't like something, tell about it as well. Expressing your emotions, no matter what, is a guarantee of your emotional health.

7. Unforgivingness.

Everyone makes mistakes so learn how to forgive people around you. Don't keep your offences inside. This will not only save your relationships but also help avoid unnecessary stress.

8. Not that place, not that time.

Important questions and problems should be discussed in covenient time in appropriate atmosphere. You should not initiate a conversation about moving to another city after a hard working day. Curt answers don't mean indifference or apathy. They only mean that your partner is tired and doesn't have any desire to discuss serious things.

9. Finances.

Relationships do not only presume that you take. It's also necessary to give. But don't be cheapish, especially when it comes to money. You should both agree on the most important: how to pay bills, keep house and arrange the budget. But do not allow such phrases as "We're going to the movies on the weekend. You're the one who'll pay for the tickets as I paid them the last weekend".

10. Comparisons.

Forget about your exes. Leave them in the past. Now you have a new love and it's very easy to mess it up by comparing with your ex-girlfriends.




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